South Carolina Republican Calls President And Gov Candidate 'Ragheads'

South Carolina Republican and Tea Party favorite Nikki Haley, who has been battling so-far unfounded cheating allegations, and Democratic President Barack Obama, who has been battling, uhm, everything else, now have something in common.

both 'ragheads.'

At least that's what South Carolina state Sen. Jake Knotts believes. On an internet live-streaming show about South Carolina politics, Pub Politics, Knotts known for his sometimes outlandish language let loose on Haley who is running for governor. Knotts is supporting another candidate.

"We got a raghead in Washington; we don’t need one in South Carolina,” Knotts said, according to CNN. “She’s a raghead that’s ashamed of her religion trying to hid it behind being Methodist for political reasons." (Pub Politics editors refused to post the video on Friday.)

Haley was raised in a Sikh family but is now a practicing Methodist. President Obama’s father is from Africa. His mother is a white woman from Kansas. He
is a practicing Christian.
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  • NYC Firedog 2010/06/05 13:55:48
    NYC Firedog
    I think it's a shame that the Sikhs are mistaken for Muslims. There's is truly a "Religion of Peace" as opposed to Islam. Unless you come from a cosmopolitan area like NYC, La, Chicago etc, most Americans are ignorant of what these religions teach. And our schools don't even teach our own history let alone the World's religions.
    The Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists share very different faiths, but I welcome them with open arms to our nation. We can learn much from their wisdom. Islam, although it has many beautiful people, come from a barbaric faith that has murdered many people of the other faiths mentioned.
    That Tea Party guy, S.C. Senator....is an ignorant idiot. And I'm a Tea Party guy.

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  • ScottCleaves 2011/08/16 20:09:15
    How do people like this guy Knotts get elected into positions of power and authority in the first place? Perhaps it says something about the electorate.
  • undiebee 2010/06/11 13:59:37
  • Weepingwillow 2010/06/08 00:03:37
    Lighten up it was a joke! People are to thin skinned today!
  • Zoderi 2010/06/07 23:53:31
    Totally uncalled for. And it just like the wingers to be insultive
  • undiebee Zoderi 2010/06/11 14:01:33
    Insulting? What about how the left has handled Palin? That is not insultive? You speak with forked toung
  • Zoderi undiebee 2010/06/11 14:07:21
    And what about the way the right has handled Obama. That's not insultive? You speak with a forked tongue
  • undiebee Zoderi 2010/06/11 14:08:57
    No because I haven't heard any un truths yet! Have you
  • Zoderi undiebee 2010/06/11 14:50:34 (edited)
    Yes-quite a lot of unfounded accusations. As far as Palin; e.g. Q: Do you have any foreign experience you can tell us about? A: I can see Putin from Alaska.
  • gribb Zoderi 2010/06/25 18:55:21
    To be fair, "I can see Russia from my house" came from Tina Fey's SNL impression, not from Palin. However, her claim that being governor of Alaska gave her foreign policy experience is equally ridiculous.
  • Loctia undiebee 2010/07/01 16:54:35
    Hey, Palin seems to be milking it for everything it's worth. She has her own celebrity reality show now. On the environment of all things. If anything, she's PUT HERSELF in situations where she could be made fun of by going from politician to celebrity in the span of a year.
  • undiebee Loctia 2010/07/04 12:57:05
    To be made fun of I wish and you probably do too! Pretty good I would say give credit where credit is due. Situations where you can be made fun of? Kinda like Poloskie and unemployment being jobs?LOL Now there is a swift one LOL
  • Caroline - fan of Audubon 2010/06/07 23:33:02
    Caroline - fan of Audubon
    Jake Knotts opens mouth, inserts foot. He lost a lot of cookie points for that one.
  • Informed Voter 2010/06/07 13:41:56
    Informed Voter
    Wow! Once again, feigned outrage as Dems are 'aghast' at Republicans yet they can get away with ANY racially-charged comments with impunity as the LSM have their backs!

    Enough! Both sides need to wake up! It's far too easy to defeat the Progressive Socialist Agenda on its (ahem) merits without having to resort to Hard-Leftist Alinsky-style tactics!

    Hey Democrats! Republicans! and all others in between: Alinsky's Rule 5 does NOT work on thinking Americans!

    Argue the validity of your ideas from points of fact... and not perceived stereotypical observations... or LOSE!
  • gribb Informe... 2010/06/25 19:23:33
    Well said.. actual debate based on real facts is rare here in the United States and even rarer on the internet.

    I think it has been proven by both sides though that ridicule is in fact a powerful tactic. It appears that free thinkers and skeptics are a dying breed.

    I have to disagree with the statement that Democrats have carte blanche for racial comments; There were calls for Senate majority leader Harry Reid to resign over comments that were much tamer than this.
  • Loctia Informe... 2010/07/01 16:56:34
    Once again a person who thinks they're somehow not a Republican but then talks exactly like one. If it's easy to defeat on it's own merits, then why do you sound just like the typical Republican just trying to push the scare factor? Probably because you know about as much about socialism as the rest of your little conservative friends - that is nothing.
  • Informe... Loctia 2010/07/02 13:16:57
    Informed Voter
    Once again, another clueless lib who thinks the average American citizen doesn't know what's going on!

    Here you go my dear, since YOU obviously don't know jack about how to engage in a a frank discussion; this is the easiest way to describe the difference between Socialism, Communism, and Captialism--and this from a Democrat! It's so easy even YOU can get it!

    “Socialism is when you own two cows and have to give one to your neighbor. Communism is when the government owns both the cows and gives you a little of the milk. Capitalism is when you own two cows, sell one, and buy a bull.”
    ref: Zell Miller, A National Party No More, (Atlanta, GA: Stroud & Hall Publishing. 2003), p. 30.
  • Loctia Informe... 2010/07/02 17:38:35
    What frank discussion? You quoted a biased source and have spent your entire last two posts insulting liberals. Because obviously that quote summarizes the complexity entirely. Doesn't even go into all the DANGERS of capitalism or why there is not a single successful pure capitalist economy in history. I bet you're one of those idiots who refuses to believe we aren't and never have been a capitalist economy.
  • Informe... Loctia 2010/07/02 19:01:58
    Informed Voter
    I quoted an ACCURATE source! Here you go again! You can't stand the truth, so you attack the messenger! ONCE MORE, for effect:

    Alinsky does NOT work on freedom-loving citizens! Liberals can't handle the truth and since this regime has been all about liberal policies (failed liberal policies at that) you wish to deflect the damaging course set by true socialist values you seem to espouse!

    "DANGERS of capitalism" indeed! I tell you what. If you really believe that diatribe you're spewing, then I suggest you dump your 401K immediately (or be considered a hypocrite), sell your car (fossil-fuel-burning), cease using all of your electricity that is generated by oil, quit your job and let the government pay for your miserable existence.... and then let me know how that works for you!
  • Loctia Informe... 2010/07/02 21:56:46
    Well of course it's accurate to YOU since it reaffirms everything you believe. You loyalists weren't born with critical thinking but still think every source that automatically agrees with everything you think is obviously correct. What you quoted is biased. It's so obviously biased it's not even funny. 401K is a socialist concept.

    Did I ever say any OTHER economic style is perfect? No. But you silly Republicans seem to think capitalism is the best thing ever. Which it's not. It has just as many problems as any other system.

    Also, I could say the same thing to you. Before you complain about socialism, stop driving your car or walk on publicly owned roads, stop using public transit, never call any emergency numbers ever nor benefit from them, create EVERYTHING on you plan to own. YOU benefit plenty from socialism my friend.
  • Informe... Loctia 2010/07/03 14:45:17
    Informed Voter
    ... oh, and it not only reaffirms what I believe... it's also TRUE!
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