South Carolina: Prison Bans All Books ... Except Bible

mrigor 2010/10/12 15:01:04
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has been forced to sue
the Berkeley County jail in Moncks Corner to
end the prison's blatantly illegal policy that bans all reading
material ... except for the Bible. Inmates are allowed to have softback
Bibles, but only if they are sent directly from the publisher. They
can't have Qur'ans, or even Prison Legal News, which carries articles
about prisoner rights and legal news. And I'm sure you can imagine what
the prison warden would say if a prisoner wanted a copy of something
atheist or secular like my book!

I can sort of understand that
the sheriff in a rural South Carolina town might have out-of-date
Christian bigotry. It's a surprising anachronism, but this is a big
country. What I don't understand is why they'd ban all reading
material. It seems to me that a good Sheriff would encourage inmates to
read self-help books, or read just to entertain themselves and become
more literate.

Hats off to the ACLU, which once again has to
fight a battle in a war that should have been over fifty years ago.

Read More: http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/aclu-sues-sc-j...

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  • mrigor 2010/10/12 15:02:32
    This actually violates the Free Exercise clause of the First Amendment. By prohibiting books on spirituality or other religions, they are preventing non Christians from practicing their faiths. I'm glad the ACLU is stepping in on this.

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  • microbust2000 2011/03/21 10:14:51
    No bibles, especially for anyone who has ever killed. Why do we want them to believe that they will be forgiven, believe or not believe. It's sick! Do you want a person that killed children to feel at peace before they are sent to death? Let them read anything that shows truth and not forgiveness.
  • ghostrider 2010/11/11 03:03:22
    ... as I keep saying ... there's no cure for stupid
  • tazzycat 2010/11/08 21:10:52
    by that standard.. then only Christians go to prison.. since only Bibles are allowed.. so.. Only Christians break the law or murder people? or is it that Only Christians deserve to have any form of comfort with their Religion?
  • captkirk999 2010/10/19 00:07:38
    that is not right. ACLU should step in
  • Arizona1950 2010/10/14 00:32:30
    They are criminals ... no rights as far as I'm concerned. Bible is a lot better than some of the garbage many other prisons allow the inmates. Maybe a little education in this area will help some not become repeat offenders. Repeat offenders usually escalate in their crime and brutality, something has to be done. I back this 110% ... the ACLU is the largest growing anti-America, anti-Christian, anti-White organization in America as they show their true nature once again.
  • morris44 Arizona... 2010/10/15 19:29:52
    Anti American because they are fighting FOR the right to read what one wants?

    Limiting what one reads is anti American.
  • Arizona... morris44 2010/10/15 22:26:49
    When you become a prisoner or enemy of the state you give up those rights. As it should be.
  • morris44 Arizona... 2010/10/16 15:07:15
    Enemy of the state, sounds so communist.

    Actually prisoners only give up the right to walk around freely when incarcerated. And maybe a few other rights.

    Unless you want to change the rules we've had for over 100 years.

    And from a release perspective, I would rather have prisoners reintroduced into society that have read a few books, wouldn't you?
  • Arizona... morris44 2010/10/16 15:26:19
    If your perspective was working I would agree. But where it doesn't and hasn't as most in prison are repeat offenders some who now will never come out because of the atrocities they have perpetrated against our society - I disagree with you and stand by my comment.
  • ghostrider Arizona... 2010/11/11 03:02:04
    JAWOHL, Mein Fuhrer!!!!! .... as it SHOULD be .....( ROFLM(F)AO )
  • Arizona... ghostrider 2010/11/11 03:11:16
    Hahah .. oh you give me far too much credit. I'm all for the death penalty for repeat offenders who we know will only offend again. You know the ones ... rapists, child molesters and such.
  • ghostrider Arizona... 2010/11/11 03:24:42
    The death penalty seems to be as useless as tits on a nun ... certainly not a deterrent to a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g .... but, then, that's not the issue with this thread ... it's the availability of reading material to prisoners .... and not all are on death row .... so, to be 'condemned' to reading a fairy tale for the duration of one's stay is truly "cruel and unusual" punishment.
  • Arizona... ghostrider 2010/11/11 03:29:48 (edited)
    That because we allow too many appeals and we don't go back to the old fashioned hanging or death by firing squad. 12 shooters all excellent marksman 6 have bullets six don't ... aim for the heart or the head.

    This way the shooters can all believe that their gun was not the one that killed.
  • ghostrider Arizona... 2010/11/11 03:33:01
    This isn't a discussion .... no further comment. Peace
  • Arizona... ghostrider 2010/11/11 03:34:05
    LOL ... deterred you, eh.
  • Jack Sprat morris44 2010/10/17 04:07:32
    Jack Sprat
    No because they were started by a bunch of communists and have at every turn tried to subvert the Constitution as Written.
  • tazzycat Arizona... 2010/11/08 21:11:53
    I really hope you go to prison. I mean that with EVERY ounce of my being.
  • Arizona... tazzycat 2010/11/09 00:26:27
    How kind of you. LOL ... Bible scares ya. What a hoot!
  • tazzycat Arizona... 2010/11/13 05:23:37
    no Religious extremist scare me
  • Arizona... tazzycat 2010/11/13 05:26:11
    Hehehe ... repeat offenders of rape, child molestations, house invasions, murder and general mayhem scare me a lot worse. But, probably the worse of all is the bleeding heart liberal progressive.
  • tazzycat Arizona... 2010/11/13 05:28:32
    half of those are done by religious extremist
  • Arizona... tazzycat 2010/11/13 05:37:21
    I think history will prove it's the Democrats. They use just about any excuse they can to tax you for something and call it civil rights or cruel and unusual punishment.
  • tazzycat Arizona... 2010/11/13 05:52:13
    *smiles and nods* what ever you say sugar.. you should probably go take your meds now.
  • Arizona... tazzycat 2010/11/13 05:53:54
    Hahaha ... truth will set you free.
  • microbu... Arizona... 2011/03/21 10:17:54
    Uh no, It's religous zealots that make people read only the bible and nothing else.
  • Arizona... microbu... 2011/03/21 13:12:15
    Well we could give them sex magazines ...I'm sure this helps put them on the path to a better life once they get out. How 'bout How to do the Crime without the Time or Get Real lets Steal afterall government has been doing it for years. Best of all, I Don't Want to Work - Prison Ain't so Bad.
  • Liza Jane 2010/10/13 21:15:32
    Liza Jane
    That's a ridiculous policy. I would sue as well... it makes sense that other religious books should be allowed if the bible is allowed.
  • gfreeman BN-0 2010/10/13 19:08:20
    gfreeman BN-0
    I didn't know anyone in South Carolina could read.
  • Andrea 2010/10/13 10:13:42
    Good for them. Prison is supposed to be punishment, not leisure time.
  • Fr Kelsey Graham 2010/10/13 09:39:12
    Fr Kelsey Graham
    Actually it is the bible that should be banned..
  • diaverde08-AmericanKilljoy 2010/10/13 07:58:43
    There's nothing wrong with books. Is he afraid that prisoners are going to hide drugs and knives in them? If so, what's to stop a prisoner from doing the same with a bible? I think you need to be consistent with any policy.
  • JO 2010/10/13 07:12:35
    Well, then I'd never, ever live in South Carolina.
    Banning books, sounds like Facism!!!!!

  • Jack Sprat 2010/10/13 06:15:20
    Jack Sprat
    Gee it beats giving them Viagra and cable tv.
  • GinaMagini 2010/10/13 04:16:26 (edited)
    I don't feel sorry for criminals. Don't care. ACLU is wacko. They support NAMBLA, a group of pedophiles. Yes, they do. Check it out.
  • Jack Sprat GinaMagini 2010/10/13 06:16:40
    Jack Sprat
    Of course they do, they support anything that perverts the Constitution and the Constitional goals of our founding fathers.
  • tazzycat Jack Sprat 2010/11/08 21:14:43
  • Jack Sprat tazzycat 2010/11/09 21:40:34
  • Jack Sprat tazzycat 2010/11/09 22:08:29
    Jack Sprat
    Your "debt graph needs to be up dated ..... what smirkey did in 8 years is nothing compared to 18 months of Barry Blunder.

    debt graph dated smirkey 8 years compared 18 barry blunder
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2010/10/13 02:35:16
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    Stupid sheriff.

    Only being able to read the stupid Bible would be torture! That thing is sooooo boring!

    I love reading, and would miss having good books to read.

    Though, I guess if they were in prison for doing something truely horrible they would deserve the boredom...Haha they should also be required to read Twilight...now THAT would really make them suffer b/c that book is even worse than the Bible :)
  • FumbDuck 2010/10/13 01:52:03
    I must admit I almost typed one word (good) then I read the rest of this and I must agree that it would not hurt most inmates to read self improvement books or educational material. Have you read " Peace of Mind " by Josh Liebman it is one of the best of it's kind available not the best but it ranks up there in the top ten in my opinion.

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