'Sorry, You have To Die' | Couple Try To Return Adopted Son To State

A couple are fighting a battle with the state of Oklahoma after the 11 year old son they adopted two years ago tried to kill them.

Melissa and Tony Wescott were assured by the state that the child they were adopting was well behaved and had a respectful attitude towards authority. They were also told that he was the sort of child who made friends easily. Unfortunately, he did not seem to be overly inclined to make friends with his new parents. When they got their nine year old bundle of joy home the Wescotts discovered that their new son enjoyed killing animals, stashed butchers knives under his bed and attempted to burn the house down with them inside it after leaving a note saying 'Sorry, you have to die.'

The child is currently in psychiatric care but is due for release in a month, and his adoptive parents would like to return him to the care of the state. The state is refusing the request, saying that in spite of assurances given prior to the adoption, the Wescotts were warned that the child was likely to have emotional and behavioral problems. No doubt the Wescotts heard these warnings and were anticipating temper tantrums and wetting the bed, not animal torture and attempted homicide.

From ABC news: "We knew what we could handle and what we couldn't," Melissa Wescott said, adding that they requested a child who wasn't "violent or acting out sexually."

The child in question has been diagnosed with the following laundry list of psychological problems: “Reactive detachment disorder, disruptive behavior disorder, major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and fetal alcohol syndrome.' It's a list that clearly puts his needs beyond the means of the Westcotts, yet the state's position is one of 'no take backsies.'

This is a cautionary tale for other couples considering adoption. Though the term has been danced around by those too scared to touch it, the Westcotts were clearly sent home with a budding sociopath. Early abuse, exposure to drugs, and the killing and torturing of animals are all well known indicators of future criminal and sociopathic behavior. Add to that the fact that he is already trying to kill his parents at the age of 11 and one shudders to think of what might happen down the line when the child gains the additional physical strength that comes with maturity.

Instead of providing a troubled child with the extended supervised psychiatric care he needs, the state of Oklahoma appears to be sentencing the Westcotts to a Russian Roulette style death by adoption.

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  • LVslotdoc 2009/12/27 09:53:45
    Funny that one thing isn't mentioned... GIVING THIS KID THE ASS-WHOOPING OF HIS LIFE. If this couple had done that, the State of OK would probably snatch him away from them in a heartbeat!

    When the kid is released from his "treatment," they'll no doubt have him doped up on so many different drugs, there's no telling what he might do.

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  • JoanLMcgrath 2010/04/26 03:13:56
  • Shay 2010/01/10 20:58:46
    Though it is evident that this youngster is in need of some serious help, not everyone realizes that institutionalizing a child could backfire as well...children tend to learn how to do more damage from others...copycat syndrome...the outcome will greatly depend on whether or not the child is willing to accept the help that hopefully he is offered...Psychotherapy and the right meds would be a great place to start...with meds come side effects...vicious cycle...my heart goes out to the families and children that this has happened to.
  • TruBluTopaz 2009/12/27 19:50:19
    I feel so badly for those parents. Kids who are acting out this violently are psychotic and probably not really ever going to be under control. And with the way mental illness is treated these days, trying to involuntarily admit someone to a psych unit gets harder and harder as they near adulthood. I remember a couple of years back there was a family murdered by just such a son in west Dallas. The family had repeatedly called to have him taken away and put in a mental institution, but the do good lawyers and judges have the mindset that someone who is bipolar or schizophrenic to the point of a break can be trusted to take their meds. Instead families and strangers get hurt. Just recently a family in Ft. Worth was being similarly terrorized by their son and called the police. He was so out of control that they had to taze him and he died. So of course the family is suing. Many of the habitual homeless are mentally ill. It is no coincidence that the uptick in homelessness came right after dogooders eliminated many mental health facilities in the states. But for this family who so wanted a child, this has to be heartbreaking. And it will be harder for them to adopt a second time due to this. Someone had to know this kid was capable of such acts unless the kid is a total sociopath as well in which case he sounds like a young Ted Bundy in the making. Scary.
  • Kelly Kickinassis in Reno 2009/12/27 19:26:08
    Kelly Kickinassis in Reno
    In Nevada, you cannot adopt a ward of the state outright. You must first take him as a foster child, for a minimum of 6 months. Seems like a trial period would have helped these poor people, and the boy, who clearly is unhappy AND has issues. My two adopted foster sons are the bomb... not literally, of course! But yes, they had and have issues. It's part of the package, they are damaged goods. What you do with them is up to you. Clearly these folks aren't up to the challenge of this kid... hopefully someone is. Every kid deserves a healthy, happy, loving home. THERE ARE REASONS HE ACTS THIS WAY!
  • barbaracb Kelly K... 2009/12/28 16:38:37
    I was a foster parent, and fostered my daughter for two years before we adopted her. We knew that something was wrong with her before we adopted her, but thought with love she would get well. No one told us that a healthy, happy, loving home isn't enough when a child is bi polar.
  • oldrwizr 2009/12/27 19:01:55
    This child should be incarcerated for his safety and the safety of others. Good grief, he tried to murder these people! How could they be expected to take him back, regardless if he is adopted or biologically their child, he is dangerous. He is crying out for help, he should be put in an institution where he can not harm anyone and maybe he can be helped.
  • Bigoot 2009/12/27 18:21:52
    An adopted child can be a joy and a naturally born child can be nothing but trouble. Individuals are different. When we adopt we run the same rusks as having a natural child, with a bit of a twist, the adopted child brings baggage into the family, like couples marrying do.

    Sending them back is not the answer. WOuld you find a way to get rid of a naturally born child???

    Adoptee children need love, and some time tough love. They are trained to push buttons to get the attention that they need, and sometimes the attention is not the one we might desire.

    If you do not want challenge in your life, do not bear children or adopt them. We have four and all are different and presented their own challenges. By the grace of God, they all grew up alive and are doing well.
  • TruBluT... Bigoot 2009/12/27 19:51:28
    Actually parents sometimes do give up children they cannot control to foster care. While uncommon, it's not unheard of.
  • undiebee Bigoot 2009/12/28 01:09:22
    This is true But te people should have been told up front and allowed to make the choice. But yes Sometimes a natural child needs help the parents can't get or give! Yet sometimes a childistaken from a family for no good reason other than a report!
  • Jimmy the greek 2009/12/27 17:36:13
    Jimmy the greek
    Drown the little bastard.
  • JoanLMc... Jimmy t... 2010/04/26 03:15:17
    YOU ARE S I C K.
  • Pegasis 2009/12/27 16:35:58
    Boy will this story put a damper on people who are being encouraged to adopt older children.

    The state does have responsibility here and needs to respond appropriately for the safety of both the child and the parents.
  • undiebee Pegasis 2009/12/28 01:10:31
    Now you got it !! There is a diffrence in a child who needs extra work and a child with real mental problems!!
  • keliffa 2009/12/27 15:23:59
    The boy should be placed in a state facility for troubled kids.
  • JoanLMc... keliffa 2010/04/26 03:17:30
  • N.Carolyne 2009/12/27 13:31:02
    Adopting a child is just like having your own children in that you never know what you're going to get. A child is not like a toy that can be returned if it doesn't work right. You couldn't return your own biological children if they turned out bad, why should an adoptive one be different?

    I think the child needs serious psychiatric treatment, maybe in an institution, and the state should pay for it all.
  • Cal ~ Pegleg4570 ~ 2009/12/27 13:10:03
    Cal ~ Pegleg4570 ~
    Death by Adoption. That's a New One !
  • undiebee 2009/12/27 12:46:34
    Good Lord!! Of course the state should take him!! It would be horrible to try and deal with if it were your own flush and blood. but why should these people be stuck with what the state its self cannot handle?
  • mustang 2009/12/27 12:26:58
    send the damaged goods back!!!!
  • laureenf 2009/12/27 11:32:46
    A sad story all the way around. Some people are just nuts and this child seems to have no conscience. By 6 years old, if there is no one to instill a sense of 'others' and respect for them, then this may be a hopeless case. Sociopaths tend to 'act' nicely until the back is turned. These adoptive parents should just refuse as it appears they were lied to in the first place..Geesh! What a quandry...

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