Soldier's E-mail Changes House Defense Chair's Position on Afghanistan - Yahoo!: Agree?

Captain Foxhound BN0 2012/09/22 13:40:24
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GMA.YAHOO.COM reports:
From Yahoo!: Army Staff Sgt. Matthew Sitton knew there was the threat of casualties when he deployed to Afghanistan for his third tour of duty, but he said he was “totally on board with sacrifice for [his] country.” What he didn’t agree with, though, was his chain...

casualties deployed afghanistan tour duty totally board sacrifice country chain

Read More: http://gma.yahoo.com/soldiers-e-mail-changes-house...

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  • mikeeonly 2012/09/23 17:40:15
    how can it not?
  • irish 2012/09/22 14:32:10
    perhaps,but why would it take so long?? but then guilt has a way of doing that doesn't it?
  • Gravitas 2012/09/22 14:21:02
    I disagree with the fact that the article completely ignores WHY we have troops put at unnecessary risks.
    Back in 2009, Barry Soetoro called it the 'necessary war' and ordered, then Commander, General McChrystal to give him a report on what he needed in theater to achieve the objective.
    The General complied, yet the report sat on Barry's desk for well over three months while he was out hitting the links and our troops had no clear-cut goal and were being picked off by insurgents, one by one.
    The Rules of Engagement were changed, such that they weren't there on offense, rather having to wait until they were shot at or attacked to engage.
    When out on patrols, they lacked the enough personnel to secure an area already swept for mines and had to re-sweep the same area upon their return.
    I will assume that Staff Sgt. Sitton was talking about the current situation which seems to not have changed at all in the 3-1/2 years Barry Soetoro has been busy out assassinating his competition for Caliph and not too concerned with wehat is going on in Afghanistan.

    Which poses the question....... why did he call it the necessary war? Was it to keep our troops there to later ravage the Rare-Earth metals that are known to be in the hills of Afghanistan while catering to his Muzzie Buddies and sending them billions of taxpayer dollars?

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