Sodom and Gomorrah

Most people know the story of Sodom and Gomorrah wether they are Christians or not. The story is in Genesis chapters 18-19 in the Bible. Sodom and Gomorrah were very wicked places and because of all of the sin in is of it God wanted to destory it. Abraham pleaded with God not to destroy the city and asked God to spare it if their were a certain number of godly people. Well as it turned out God finally said if their were 10 God fearing people in the city then He would not destroy it. But their wasn't even 10.
Is America the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah? Think about it, we are just as bad if not worse then Sodom and Gomorrah. We have forgotten God and the Bible. We are not the country God intended us to be.

" The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations that forget God" Psalm 9:17

What happened to the America that stood for 'one nation under God' and 'in God we trust'? Where on Sundays no one was home everyone was in church and stores weren't even open. What happened to an America that was proud to say we are a Christian nation and who could read the Bible in public, pray in school and would go soul winning (witnessing) from house to house. A place were prachers would teach from the Bible and not suar-coat any of it. And a place were laws were based on the Bible, not a place were they were trying to destroy God's Word.

We are Sodom and Gomorrah and God can destroy us. Is their even 10 true God fearing people in America? Are you one of them?

sodom gomorrah god destroy 10 true god fearing people america
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  • Astro-Boy 2009/07/20 00:11:16
    No...America is not. Just because people don't believe what you believe or live the way you live does not make them horrible people. Instead of looking for the bad in people, why not look for the good you can do. Quit looking to bash and instead put your energies towards something that could benefit life and love.

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  • Sam momma-o... 2009/07/21 01:50:43
    Thank you for adding this. God bless!
  • FREED Speaks Up 2009/07/20 15:35:24
    FREED Speaks Up
    A good post Sam. I don't think America will be destroyed until the Church is taken up. But indeed how we, as a Nation, are falling away from God. My prayer is post sam america destroyed church nation falling god prayer

    post sam america destroyed church nation falling god prayer
  • Sam FREED S... 2009/07/21 01:52:21
    Thank you so much. God only knows what will happen to America. God bless you my friend!
  • James FREED S... 2009/07/21 02:49:05
    Amen! FREED. God Bless!
  • Ron–Bor... FREED S... 2009/08/24 04:12:41
    Ron–Born from Above
    I believe America is going to get bombed from terrorist from within our country, with multi-bile strikes. There are close to 10 million Muslins living in the US., now that's frightening!
  • Malachi 2009/07/20 14:45:58
    Mene,Mene,Tekel,Parsin this is what these words mean;
    God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end;

    Tekel; You have been weight on the scales and found wanting. ( this is what is happening to The United States)Measured in the light of God's standards.

    Peres; Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes abd Persians..............Daniel 5;25,-28
    Our nation is divided, the God fearing and the godless, and the godless seem to be in control. for now anyway.
  • Sam Malachi 2009/07/21 01:53:39
    Thank you for sharing this!
  • James Malachi 2009/07/21 02:49:34
  • Floe 2009/07/20 14:16:29
    Normal Rockwell anyone??? normal rockwell normal rockwell normal rockwell normal rockwell normal rockwell normal rockwell
  • Malachi Floe 2009/07/20 14:48:00
    Awesome! I love his paintings!
  • QUIS EV... Floe 2009/07/20 16:02:05

    We founded this Nation, without the x-tian cult.
  • Floe QUIS EV... 2009/07/20 16:32:12
    Sorry didn't mean to leave them out!
  • NPC Floe 2009/07/20 20:53:18
    This is funny, however we have not heard Nobama mention the Native American Indian in his rantings and meaningless speeches ?
  • Floe NPC 2009/07/20 22:29:51
    No we have not.
  • NPC Floe 2009/07/20 20:51:59
    NPC was an Eagle Scout in 1962.
  • James NPC 2009/07/21 02:53:23
    My brother was too around the same time. He got all his patches even Order Of The Arrow.
  • Sam Floe 2009/07/21 01:57:59
    Love it!
  • James Floe 2009/07/21 02:50:22
    Hi! Floe. God Bless you sister.
  • howlowcanugo 2009/07/20 13:50:41
    I totally agree with you. I don't think we're as bad YET, but on the track that we're on now, it'll probably get that bad.
  • Sam howlowc... 2009/07/21 02:03:59
    Thank you for your support!

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