SmittenKitten 2011/08/31 17:48:42
Check out the HOT list.

Out of 13 politically-related questions, 12 are from Conservatives. This is better than most days. Most days there are no questions submitted by Liberals. WHY? Sodahead won't tell us.

Look at this one:


Going into it's 3rd day on the HOT list, it has 506 opinions.

My question, which ran over the weekend, now has over a thousand opinions. Within 20 hours of being published, it had more opinions than the top question listed on Page 1 of the HOT list, on that very same day.


My question, however, never appeared on Page 1 of the HOT list. I did find it on Page 2, for a very brief time, but as it received more activity, it was moved farther back on the HOT list. The last time I saw it, I found it on Page 12, even though it was more active than the top question listed on Page 1 of the HOT list.

And look at this question. It's on the HOT list and has only received 33 opinions . . . after 5 HOURS, less than 7 responses an hour!


This question is averaging less than 6 responses an hour.


This is an embarrassing situation for Sodahead. This is what they claim in their marketing propaganda:

"SodaHead is the premier opinion-based community where visitors discover, debate, and discuss today's hottest issues. They share their unique views on breaking news, hot topics and controversial issues and a diverse panel of staff writers provide original and exclusive content daily.

With that many angles, the discussions on SodaHead will open your eyes to a panoramic view of your world that you won't get anywhere else, allowing you to see the big picture and discuss it."

When you only promote the views of one side, the other sides are not represented. That doesn't equate to, "many angles"; it equates only to one.

Don't you think that Sodahead has a responsibility to live up to its claims?
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  • SodaHead 2011/08/31 20:46:41

    Some members may feel that SodaHead is the site of an epic battle between left and right, where the only important content is political content from the left and right, and every action taken by SodaHead is influenced by some perceived political "bias" that favors one political party over the other.

    When we make decisions about changes to the site, or decisions on what to feature on the rotating "carousel" pages, politics doesn't enter the picture. Why would we want to alienate an entire political party and drive them away from the site? That wouldn't be good for our traffic.

    The questions you are referring to have worked their way to the 'Hot' section because of an algorithm that allows fresh/active stories with the most raves, comments, votes, replies, etc. Users voted them to the top -- SodaHead has no control over this. Questions with time stamps of 3-4 days older may not appear on the first page of the Hot section. Content that violates the Code of Conduct may be removed by SodaHead.

    As always, please continue to produce good content and share your views with everyone -- there's room here for everyone's opinion, as long as we respect each other.

    -SodaHead Support

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