SODAHEAD SLIDESHOW: Which Gay Marriages Will Last?

SLIDESHOW: Will They Last Or Not?

Jane Lynch and Lara Embry
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Jane Lynch and Lara Embry

WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: The "Glee" star went to Mass. in June and married her girlfriend, a doctor from Florida. Lynch told the NY Times of their union, “It’s not like she’s marrying out of her species or anything."
  1. Jane Lynch and Lara Embry

    Jane Lynch and Lara Embry

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: The "Glee" star went to Mass. in June and married her girlfriend, a doctor from Florida. Lynch told the NY Times of their union, “It’s not like she’s marrying out of her species or anything."

  2. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Di Rossi

    Ellen DeGeneres and Portia Di Rossi

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: After dating for four years Ellen and Portia took their vows during the very brief window in 2008 when gay marriage was legal in California.

  3. George Takei and Brad Altman

    George Takei and Brad Altman

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: "Star Trek's" George Takei and Brad Altman were together for 21 years before being able to make their union legal. Seems like they will live long and prosper in their marriage.

  4. Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels

    Melissa Etheridge and Tammy Lynn Michaels

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: They seemed happy, then came news of their split. Though not officially married, their legal domestic partnership has come to a bitter end with fights over money and custody of the twins.

  5. Elton John and David Furnish

    Elton John and David Furnish

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: On the first day that same-sex civil partnerships became legal in England, Elton wed his beau of twelve years, David Furnish. The pair have been married since 2005.

  6. Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer

    Alan Cumming and Grant Shaffer

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: In 2005, the actor married his partner in London and released a statement that although he's a U.S. resident, England is "a country that properly recognizes the rights of same-sex couples."

  7. Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter

    Rosie O'Donnell and Kelli Carpenter

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: They seemed like a solid couple after marrying in '04 in San Francisco, when the mayor of that city allowed non-state recognized marriages. But four years and four kids later they split.

  8. Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

    Cynthia Nixon and Christine Marinoni

    WILL THEY LAST OR NOT: The "Sex and the City" star has been dating her girlfriend for six years and been engaged for one. They say they'll marry when it's legal in New York. Wonder how long they'll have to wait?

Related Topics: Gay Marriage, Supreme Court, Marriage, Civil Rights

Gay couples -- famous and non -- rejoiced on Wednesday when a judge struck down Proposition 8, California's voter-approved same-sex marriage ban, as an unconstitutional violation of their civil rights.

But rather than celebrating in the streets, celebrities largely took to Twitter to express their happiness.

"This just in: Equality Won!" Ellen DeGeneres tweeted.

Added her wife, Portia de Rossi: "I am ecstatic that proposition 8 has been overturned in the state of California. This is an incredibly exciting and historical day and a big step towards equal rights for all."

"YEAHHHHH!!!!! #prop8unconstitutional Moving Forward!!!!!!!!" Ricky Martin wrote.

Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson also weighed in, tweeting, "Song Of The Day: Let's Get Married- Jagged Edge."

"Star Trek" icon George Takei told E! Online that he and his husband were "overjoyed."

The decision will likely be appealed and could go all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, which may put California's gay weddings on hold. But by now, many same-sex couples have already taken advantage of the six states where these unions are legal.

Just like traditional marriages, some of these couples have been together for decades and others are young lovebirds.

We always assumed that gay unions would somehow be more solid and last longer since they fought so hard as a group to have that right. But in reality, relationships are frail no matter what the sex of the partners. Some same-sex couples we thought would last forever have already split, while others are still going strong. So we wonder, of all the famous gay couples, who will last and who won't?
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Top Opinion

  • White Rabbit 2010/07/12 14:03:31
    White Rabbit
    A marrige is a marrige. does not matter if gay or straight. Celebs seem to have a higher rate of divorce it depends on compatbilty of the 2. I am divorced but not acelebrety and the reason was greed and meaness on the other side. Marrige issuppossed to be about love, caring, trust, give and take on both sides not just one. One sided unions are domed.

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  • bug 2010/07/19 15:48:25
    NO 1 shuld b judged on ther way of life if ther gay so wat!!! It aint other ppls lives so idk y ppl make such a big scene about it cuz it snt any of ther buisness...
  • bug 2010/07/19 15:46:47
    Melissa looks little 2 old 4 Tammy!!
  • so done... bug 2010/08/26 04:31:13
    so done with bigots
    Look closer
  • girly 2010/07/18 15:28:14
    People seem to make a big deal out of gay people. Especially celebrities. I think they should live a happy marraige gay or not. With out anyone caring what there doing.
  • Nightowl 2010/07/17 23:55:59
    gay people have had relationships for ages...now just recently they want to kick it up a notch. Im sorry to all you pro-gay marriage people out there, but true marriage really should be between a man an a woman. Besides being historically and biologically correct, its ethically correct also. If gay people wish to take the additional perverse step in binding more than their ties, I wont step in their way. Just as long as they don't throw it in my face and stay in their own space. Because they are definitely in the minority. Opposites attract.
  • Lemur35 Nightowl 2010/07/19 18:13:09
    and by stay in their own space, you of course mean posting your stilted close-mindedness on other people's pages.
    Here's one for you, if you don't approve/agree/understand GAY marriage, you probably don't understand marriage.
    And one more thing. Why, if it is such an affront to your belief system are you even looking a compilation of gay celebrity marriages that may or may not last?
    Riddle me that smarty pants.
  • Nightowl Lemur35 2010/09/23 07:09:34
    Lol... "smarty pants" huh? Gee, haven't heard that one in a while...nice vocabulary. I apologize this isn't about your limited use of the English language as well as intellect. I'm here being factual by again saying if gay "people" wish to "do" whatever they "do" behind closed doors or curtains to keep it there and don't throw it in my face on the front of my home page of yahoo.com or the other well known news sources. Gay marriage is a perverse joke that isn't funny anymore, and the attempt to normalize such a hanius act is just as awkward and backward as the idea of gay marriage itself. History has shown and proven that the majority of the human population has done well without the (cough-cough) perverse thought of gay marriage.... Again, opposites attract ....better. Always have. Always will. Enough said.
  • Gabby 2010/07/17 15:24:06
    ellen and portia
  • don 2010/07/17 14:35:21
    Sure, about as long as any marriage does. Stupid question.
  • CancerSchmancer 2010/07/17 07:33:25
    Love = Love ... thats all - i mean look a ellens (and the others) face, what there are tyrn to tell!? maybe, that she is in love, and the happiest person in the world?
    im sure, she is - and maybe barack obama and his wife, gonna feel the same way -
    so hows the diffrent? its love ... so come on,
  • Gabby CancerS... 2010/07/17 15:28:48
    Great answer!!!
  • nabeel.adbn 2010/07/16 23:51:29
    the gay marrige is wrong in my opinion
  • Lemur35 nabeel.... 2010/07/19 18:13:49
    key word being YOUR, not marriage, gay or opinion
  • pookie 2010/07/16 23:13:35
    star trek
  • sports_babe26 2010/07/16 20:20:19
    i don't care...
  • luiz 2010/07/16 19:58:22
    locos viados os iluminatis
  • Genice 2010/07/16 19:26:05
  • Genice 2010/07/16 19:22:35
    Maybe in Hell, but God said no.
  • noodle Genice 2010/07/17 01:44:24
    Well Said !!!
  • so done... Genice 2010/08/26 04:32:32
    so done with bigots
    When did he say that?

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