So which is it, Tea Party, trust the Nat'l. Vaccine Injury Compensation Program or the Constitution?

igillum 2011/09/20 14:37:41
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Gardisil and Politics:

Deathly Witches' Brew

Action item


the exchange at the GOP Tea Party Debate in Florida earlier this week,
where Rep. Michelle Bachmann chastised Gov. Rick Perry for his Texas
Executive Order mandating the dangerous Gardisil vaccine for children, there has been a lively debate about vaccines and freedom at Tea Party Patriots.

Counsel Ralph Fucetola has been part of that debate and one of the
moderators set up a special discussion thread to challenge the position
of Vaccine Truthers, since she said she trusted the CDC more than she
trusted us...

The issue is not just embroiling the Tea Party, but has been on TV news, talk radio and even NPR.

The posting excerpts below summarize some arguments against the vax supporters.

This political brouhaha gives us an opportunity to raise No Forced Vaccines as an issue and to educate decision makers while they are paying attention!

Please help us take this issue "viral" by posting links to our Action Item on the social media, linking it to the Gardisil/Perry controversy.


Counsel postings:

I still haven't gotten an answer to my "uninsurable risk" question posed a couple times here...

private sector experts of risk in our society, namely the insurance
industry, refuse to offer insurance to cover vaccine injury risks.

other sorts of risks (sky-diving, spelunking... et al) can be insured
BUT not vaccines. Your health can be insured. Your life can be
insured and we all know we don't leave here alive...

for-profit companies (and that includes drug companies) are not
permitted to invest shareholders' money in uninsurable risks. So, but
for the Act of Congress denying us our common law right to redress for
foreseeable injuries, there would be no vaccination industry. That
Act was passed in response to the First Swine Flu Vaccine Disaster of
the mid '70s when hundreds died. Congress acted fast, to protect Big

My question is: Why
would people who are smart enough to be Tea Partiers and thus, one
would assume, have a healthy sense of disbelief in Govt programs,
accept the govt's propaganda abut safety and efficacy of vaccines
rather than the private risk experts' judgment that vaccines are,
uniquely, an uninsurable risk?

And why should tax funds ever be spent on such risks and why should anyone ever be forced to accept such uninsurable risks?

Where, my further question has been, in Art 1 Sect 8 does Congress have the power to do this to us?

better, how does mandating vaccines -- whether Federally, in Texas,
MN or NJ or wherever -- comport with our Core Values which include
supporting the free market, something that is totally not represented
by the vaccine-pushers?

The answers for anyone not mesmerized by the propaganda should be obvious. It is, ultimately about Liberty and Socialism.

Let's look at the Second Swine Flu Vaccine Fiasco of 2009.

First, the Govt HHS bought
the entire output of 5 drug companies for $6.4 billion, including the
especially dangerous live virus vax, the first to be ready (and
bought about a half billion dollars of Squalene, an unapproved
adjuvant drug, just in case).

Second, the Govt FDA approved
the drugs without safety testing [the CDC, who some trust, said that
the Swine Virus was a "novel" virus with pandemic potential; then the
CDC said, it's just a "change of strain" not needing safety testing...
right, let's trust the CDC, shall we?).

Third, the Govt CDC recommended the mandating of the vaccines, thereby triggering various state mandates that we successfully stopped.

Fourth, the Govt distributed
the vaccines... but almost nobody took them... instead, over 3.5
million Americans emailed their state and federal reps refusing the vax
... and the program collapsed and the pandemic never happened.

We "vaccine truthers" believe that there was no pandemic because it is the vaccines, especially the live virus vaccines, that cause epidemics.

Read Dr. Laibow's http://www.healthfreedomusa.org/docs/Syringe_of_death.pdf

What was the Govt Swine Flu Plan, as set out in the law suits?

was, after the live virus vax triggered the pandemic, to force all
Americans to be vaccinated at 90,000 locations around the country.
Since there was not enough vax to force it on us all, an Emergency was
declared and the CDC scientists who refused to sign off on the use of
the dangerous drug squalene could be ignored. The vax supply was going
to be extended by the use of this substance which is used to kill lab
animals, by admixing it at the 90,000 locations...

you imagine the disaster that would have occurred with non-sterile
drug mixing in school cafeterias, town hall basements and post
offices? I can and I thank God we stopped the insanity.

poster offered the Fed Govt's VICP - Vaccine Injury Compensation
Program - as a type of "public insurance" to show that vaccines are not an uninsurable risk. Counsel's reply below.]

Congress of the USA, violating Art 1, Sect. 8 and legislating away our
common law right to redress against the drug companies for foreseeable
harm is not the same as "insurance."

A socialist scheme such as the VICP is not a proper substitute for the Constitutional provision:

Seventh Amendment

Suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed
twenty dollars, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no
fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise re-examined in any Court of
the United States, than according to the rules of the common law.

Further, the VICP is funded by a special tax
paid not by the drug companies, but by people who choose or are
required to buy vaccines... sort of like the "insurance" mandate of

So which is it, Tea Party, trust the VICP or the Constitution?

Tea Party discussion link: http://teapartypatriots.ning.com/forum/topics/rick-perry-and-gardasil

Action item:

Hold Big Pharma and FDA

Responsible for Vaccine Harms


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  • Sheepdog 2011/09/21 02:47:03
    I prefer Vitamin D and Colloidal Silver, proven better for preventing the Flu
    I’m not a Tea Partier but liked this answer.
  • igillum Sheepdog 2011/09/21 03:41:51
    Yeah, labels are over rated
  • Sheepdog igillum 2011/09/21 04:00:28
    I agree! Being a freethinker is one label I don't mind being called.

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