So this country is not worth standing your ground and demanding the 4 Trillion in deficit cuts. So much for you standing tall Mr Boehner (Boner)

Patriot Unit 2011/07/10 02:34:49
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I thought you told the people that got you the top job in the house, that you would not give ground on this. Guess your retainer your seat is in question when next you come up for re-election. I am sick and tired of the Republicans caving in to the Democrats. If you can't handle the job and be a conservative then maybe its time you resigned. And we just stop having a Republican Party. Being that it does nothing to help the people that keep you in office. I guess now you will be spending more golf days with the Country Club President.

Boehner to Seek Smaller $2 Trillion Deficit Deal

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  • Racefish 2011/07/10 15:52:19
    If you care to comment please do.
    We didn't kick the Dems out of the House to have the same old tax and spend crap going on. The Republicans are not listening to the taxpayers any more then the Dems if they cave on this.
    It's time for the Speaker and the rest of the Republicans to grow a pair and say enough is enough.
  • 2012 rick 2011/07/10 13:27:21
  • templer003 2011/07/10 11:42:44
    If you care to comment please do.
    I sure do wish that there was a way to fire his ass right now!!! he and Sherry Brown are a disgrace to Ohio..
  • Radlad 2011/07/10 11:16:21
    None of the above, and here's why.
    Did he compromise? Last I heard on Friday he was standing firm. Considering it's boehner and what it's worth. If there is a compromise a repugnantcan cave. Will anyone be surprised? If you're a betting man that would be the way to bet. When has the gop not caved? I didn't think it looked good for America when this crybaby boner became speaker. They couldn't find somebody with a pair to take the gavel from what's its face? If this bovine excrement goes through I see that giving obummer 4 more years and the dimocraps retaking of the house. Then again with this leadership in the gop they may as well still be in control.........
  • S. Gompers 2011/07/10 09:00:33
    If you care to comment please do.
    S. Gompers
    The only thing Boehner has stood for is campaign contributions he is my Congress critter. He has no interest in America, only the big checks from lobbyists.

    He won't even see you unless you have a big check for him. I think that is why he crys all the time, he learned fundraising by watching religious shows on tv.

    He has even been so brazen to pass out checks to others before a vote to influence the vote.


    Now he just makes sure no one sees him when passing out checks... His District is not tobacco country by the way.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/07/10 05:59:57
    If you care to comment please do.
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    I was willing to allow the man some leeway since our president goes bonkers when its time for him to use his power and boehner had to work around that BUT not this time. He really needs to pull his but out of his ass and get on with it. Healthcare needs to go and so does he ..so when is that going to happen?
  • Edmund Jenks 2011/07/10 04:55:02
    If you care to comment please do.
    Good! Boehner did such a lousy deal just after the November elections (just a few million) that if he doesn't hold the line here, he can go play golf as often as Obama until 2012 ... then both will be handed their rear ends on the way out. Rick Santelli said it best (paraphrased) ... the "mid-terms will become just child's play" compared to the revolt that will come if taxes are raised along with a wimpy spending cut in order to raise the debt ceiling.
  • Farnsworth 2011/07/10 04:42:00
    If you care to comment please do.
    He needs to go, time for him to get Tea Partied out of office.
  • Farnsworth Farnsworth 2011/07/10 04:46:26
    2 trillion over 10 years is a popcorn fart. Thats no deal, thats Bull$h!t.

    That crappy deal will put the republican majority in play in 2012. Once again, Republicans cave to the minority party. Wimps and cowards
  • wtw 2011/07/10 04:34:23
    If you care to comment please do.
    Wimpy boy Boehner.
  • If you care to comment please do.
    ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    I have told you Conservatives with little success that these people we have put in are basically the same NWO puppets we replaced..We need Bachmanns, Pauls, Demints to change this nation! We needs some people with brass balls who will challenge the shadow government that is plaguing this nation!
  • TruBluTopaz 2011/07/10 03:29:56
    If you care to comment please do.
    While this may make for a deal for Obama to approve, I doubt it will pass the House. Boenher still has to convince them.
  • ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2011/07/10 03:15:21
    None of the above, and here's why.
    Cantor is the one who only wants $2.5 trillion cut
    "Cantor outlined potentially "historic" budget reductions of $2.5 trillion over the next decade, an amount the GOP has said would be the minimum necessary for a comparable increase in the nation's borrowing capacity through 2012." http://lat.ms/qWGmET

    The Tangerine Man is talking $4 trillion along with Obama for a deal that is longer period of time than the one with $2.5 trillion.
  • Patriot... ὤTṻnde΄ӂ 2011/07/10 03:54:44
    Patriot Unit
    That may very well be, but by the time it goes for a vote, It will be less than that, and taxes will be going up one way or another. Its so damn funny to watch these to so called independent parties, lying through there teeth about everything, and enjoying the fact that all the liberal statists in this country are buying it. And that is in any of the political affiliations.
    Liberalism and Conservatism will never mix, neither will Socialism, Marxism, Progressiveness, They are not comparable, with a Republic. which we are.
  • tomas 2011/07/10 03:15:20
    If you care to comment please do.
    Everyone predicted this was going to be the case. Make a lot of noise, thump your chest and then put on a show for the people. Seems Obama & Boehner are taking turns at who grinds the organ and who tips their hat for the money.
  • cutter's falls 2011/07/10 02:48:17
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2011/07/10 02:37:41
    If you care to comment please do.
    Boehner should tell the President to go pound sand (or jungle dirt) and let the debt ceiling stay exactly where it is.

  • dubbie Temlako... 2011/07/10 02:45:13
    without shedding a tear

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