So the next time there's a war would you feel save if we drafted an all Mormon force?

bob 2012/08/17 18:06:48
Well with Drones and robots maybe we’ll be ok with an army of zero
I would not feel safe when all the Mormons suddenly become missionaries and ship to Europe to party
While parting in Europe, the Mormon Missionaries will protest in support of the war…..
The war would be over with out losing a single Mormon Missionary
I would feel save with Drones and robots and a Mormon army of zero
For being a draft dodger, Mitt Romney is quite the war monger
All of the above
None of the above
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  • Scott 2012/08/17 18:27:48
    None of the above
    Nawh - Next time, let's just send bob.

    1- He's more pissed off than anybody else I know.
    2- He doesn't fight fair, which is OK against the enemy.
    3- If the bad guys get him, ... Uhhm, oh yeah, bob, we'll let all three of the people that liked him take a day off of work.

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  • Bob P. Clarkson 2012/09/13 01:53:47 (edited)
    None of the above
    Bob P. Clarkson
    We might, indeed, need to draft a force of Mormons. Based on what I've read recently, 54% of college students don't feel any responsibility for fighting in any kind of war - not even if it was on our own soil.

    Where do you find the information you've made up about Romney being a draft-dodger. I've searched his history and found nothing to indicate he married to escape the draft nor went to Canada to escape the Draft.

    bob, made up "facts" are primarily the domain of the leftist, semi-educated brain dead.

    Did you sign up three or four times?
  • bob Bob P. ... 2012/09/13 16:52:06
    the facts are that Romney is a draft dodger
  • Bob P. ... bob 2012/09/13 16:58:38 (edited)
    Bob P. Clarkson
    The fact is that you can provide no evidence - that makes YOU a fact dodger.

    Every "Fact dodger" I've had any sort of interaction with has turned out to be a liberal who simply reacts with his/her feelings and keeps saying what they wish was the truth over and over and over ..........
  • Mark Twain 2012/08/20 03:03:15
    None of the above
    Mark Twain
    Boob, What do you call a person who ridicules or belittles another persons religion? Are you a Bigot or just a hater of someone with a moral compass which you don't seem to possess?
  • Bill 2012/08/18 13:44:23
    None of the above
    I would feel safer drafting a Mormon than depending on bob to cover my six.
  • 2sly 2012/08/18 09:37:54
    None of the above
    Man talk about a far left Liberal. Bob your so far left that the right side of your body has disapeared. And you only have half a brain left.
    NOBAMA 2012
  • HillaryLover 2012/08/18 08:01:49
    None of the above
    I don't doubt that Mitt Romney, as commander-in-chief, would exercise his duties and responsibilities to protect and defend the USA. I feel the same way about Barack Obama. But I would feel safer if Hillary Clinton was President of the United States of America.
  • Bob P. ... Hillary... 2012/09/13 01:57:07
    Bob P. Clarkson
    So far, Barak Hussein Obama has failed to live up to his oath "to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic".

    He has violated the Constitution so many times he should be tried for treason and high crimes.
  • Hillary... Bob P. ... 2012/09/13 08:14:21
    Typical Republican mindset: If we can't beat at the polls, impeach 'em and hang 'em high.
  • Bob P. ... Hillary... 2012/09/13 16:50:23
    Bob P. Clarkson
    I notice you used the usually liberal "pull something out of your ask" ploy and didn't bother to refute what I wrote.

    I'll gie you just one example - MATBE you can find others. Hussein ordered his DOJ to NOT enforce DOMA, he was in violation of the separation of powers and his oath to "protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic". His actions prove that he is a enemy of the Constitution.
  • Hillary... Bob P. ... 2012/09/13 22:59:57
    Bob, Republican's have already demonstrated that they could impeach apple pie if they had a mind to.
  • Irish little 2012/08/18 03:37:32
    None of the above
    Irish little
    Where do you come up with some of these pipedreame questions??????????????????
  • EdVenture 2012/08/18 03:34:38
    For being a draft dodger, Mitt Romney is quite the war monger
    Not really, the real patriots will step up.
  • mikeeonly 2012/08/17 23:22:11
    None of the above
    ridiculous question dude
  • Franklin 2012/08/17 22:50:07
    None of the above
    little minds - insert a race and change the name to Obama - same mentality. you are so progressive and open-minded.
  • BK 2012/08/17 21:36:35
    None of the above
  • AlexTheDrummer 2012/08/17 21:29:14
    What difference would it make, Mormon, Christian, Atheist......
  • KingdomNow 2012/08/17 21:24:01
    None of the above
    President Nixon's committee on the Draft concluded that compulsory service was the equivalent of slavery.

    Yes, it was Nixon and Milton Friedman who ended the Draft, not a handful of leftist pantywaist cowards and protesters.

    I would say that an all volunteer force of Mormons wouldn't commit atrocities and would leave a battlefield cleaner than how they found it.
  • handeman 2012/08/17 21:17:59
    None of the above
    Sheeple please stop asking such slanted questions
  • YYCDad 2012/08/17 20:50:03
    None of the above
    They reproduce like rabbits, so the US should have a superior force of crackers. Though, they might be waiting for their magical space ship and might be killed right away. No matter! They can produce more!

    Mormons are the best for war! With their white shirts and black ties, all they have to do is knock at doors in Iraq and no one will be the wise. UNTIL they pull out their AR-15 and send them all to Joseph Smith!
  • Bob P. ... YYCDad 2012/09/13 02:00:13
    Bob P. Clarkson
    You are obviously dis-informed, or uninformed, about Mormons and their religion. I'm a Methodist, but know they don't believe in things that the Church of Scientology believes in.
  • YYCDad Bob P. ... 2012/09/13 08:03:59
    I was joking about the space ship and Smith. The point was that their "religion" is not unlike each other. Then again, isn't believing in any fairy tale and a fantastical being kind of childish?

    Believe in yourself. You are your own God!
  • Bob P. ... YYCDad 2012/09/13 16:52:26
    Bob P. Clarkson
    Funny you should say that - it's much closer to Mormon beliefs than any of the other things I've read here.
  • Keith 2012/08/17 20:40:38
    None of the above
    I like the idea of sending Bob.
  • Fredrick House 2012/08/17 20:22:40
    Fredrick House
    When was the last time you had a vacation, got laid, had a few beers with friends?
  • bob Fredric... 2012/08/17 20:47:17
    tonight, after work
  • SW 2012/08/17 20:21:21
    For being a draft dodger, Mitt Romney is quite the war monger
    Chickenhawks. They always suck.
  • JimTheGeek 2012/08/17 19:34:42
    None of the above
    I'm afraid that the next time we have a war, no one will volunteer. We'll have to draft, and of course only the poor and uneducated will have to go.
  • Tedster JimTheGeek 2012/08/18 01:14:05
    Yeah and the politicians will call them "the best and the brightest". Funny thing is "the best and the brightest" never fight the wars anymore.
  • Bob P. ... Tedster 2012/09/13 02:10:06
    Bob P. Clarkson
    Our voluntary forces of today are the best and brightest. The privileged and the non-patriots are exactly the type of people I wouldn't want in our military. They don't have the drive, the honor or the courage to do any more than set in the mud alongside a rode leading to a battle zone, crying for their mommy and messing in their pants.
  • Tedster Bob P. ... 2012/09/15 02:25:50
    Sorry but at least the brightest are in college, not the infantry as unfanciful a notion as that may be. It's the truth.
  • Bob P. ... JimTheGeek 2012/09/13 02:06:02
    Bob P. Clarkson
    Poor, maybe. Uneducated, no. If you have the opportunity to see a military demonstration you will be totally awestruck looking into the pilot's seat of an airplane, the gunners seat of a tank, or the drivers seat of a self-propelled howitzer. In the maintenance section of most Battalions, they can take apart and put back together everything but the armor plating. The Meteorologists are as good as anyone on the Weather Channel.
    The uneducated would never make it in today's military.
  • rdyjoe 2012/08/17 19:14:24
    None of the above
  • saturdayschild 2012/08/17 19:13:46
    None of the above
    This is proof that there is such a thing as a stupid question. Would we be safe with an army of Mormons? Probably not, but not because they're Mormons. Mormons are a small percentage of the population, so we probably wouldn't have enough soldiers to defend us.

    I tell you; you progressives seem to get more and more coocoo.

    Another thing, aren't progressives pretty much anti-military? So what if Romney is a draft dodger! What about Obama? Besides that, that's an archaic way of thinking concerning the military. Since the fascist feminists want equality, why aren't women required to register with the draft like males have to? Also, fat ass Hillary never joined the military. Maybe she should have been questioned on the military subject when she ran for president. Thank God that sow lost. Better to have Obama than that man-hating shrew.

    Don't argue that it's because she's a woman, because you illogical progressives are supposed to be gender unaware.
  • bob saturda... 2012/08/17 19:39:38
    Well I've had an mormon army come to my neighborhood
  • saturda... bob 2012/08/18 00:19:00
    If they were a fighting army, they would have kicked your sorry ass.
  • whitewulf--the unruly mobster 2012/08/17 19:06:12
  • j zano ☮ R ☮ P ☮ 2012 ☮ 2012/08/17 19:05:43
    For being a draft dodger, Mitt Romney is quite the war monger
    j zano ☮ R ☮ P ☮ 2012 ☮
    I will feel safer if the people who start it step right up get your ticket and grab your armor...I bet they would think twice if they have to go to war and fight their own wars. I wish "the people" where more organized.
  • Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥ 2012/08/17 19:02:55
    None of the above
    Dave Sawyer ♥ Child of God ♥
    Your Question makes no sense. In what imaginary world would we draft only Mormon soldiers?
  • bob Dave Sa... 2012/08/17 19:08:36
    to get them out of the country on missionary parties

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