So is Obama doing his job cleaning up the gulf oil spill or are the workers just running around like chickens with their heads off?

Beccy 2010/06/28 00:21:24
Taylor views oil, calls response ‘an effort in futility’
By KAREN NELSON - klnelson@sunherald.com

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tool goes here GULFPORT — A morning flight out of Gulfport into the Mississippi Sound showed long, wide ribbons of orange-colored oil and acres of heavy and light sheen moving further into the Sound between the barrier islands, but no measurable skimming occurring from Horn Island to Pass Christian. U.S. Rep. Gene Taylor was on the flight and got out of the military helicopter angry.

“It was an effort in futility,” Taylor said, within minutes of returning from the flight. “It’s criminal what’s going on out there. This doesn’t have to happen.”

A scientist onboard, Mike Carron with the Northern Gulf Institute, said that with this scenario, there will be oil on the beaches of the mainland.

Link: Read more coverage of the Gulf oil spill from the Biloxi Sun Herald

“There’s oil in the Sound and there was no skimming,” Carron said. “No coordinated effort.”

Taylor said it was a good thing he didn’t have a mic in the helicopter, because he might have said some things he didn’t want his children to hear.

“They’re paying all these boats to run around like headless chickens,” Taylor said, as reporters gathered to hear his assessment of the Sound, between the barrier islands and the mainland.

There has been hope among state officials that the islands would help stop the oil if skimmers took care of the breaks between the islands.

Horn Island was doing its part, observers pointed out. The wiggly lines of sheen were coming straight at it from the south, headed for the islands southern beaches. And the island had boom in place to protect the inlets to sensitive wetlands along its norther shore.

Event the Pascagoula River was doing her part.

Carron pointed out just north of Horn the line where the river’s freshwater meets saltwater. All along the line was the orange oil caught between the two types of water and trapped.

But where the failure came was in the human effort.

There were dozens of boats of all sizes running around, some leaving trails through the sheen. Two boats among a group near Ship Island were pulling boom in a line, but not using it to round up oil. That was at 10 a.m.

Taylor slipped a note to a fellow passenger.

It said: “I’m having a Katrina flashback. I haven’t seen this much stupidity, wasted effort, money and wasted resources, since then.”

Back on land in Gulfport, Taylor let loose.

“A lot of people are getting paid to say, ‘look there’s oil’ and not doing anything about it,” Taylor said. “There shouldn’t be a drop of oil in the Sound. There are enough boats running around.

“If the president can’t find anyone who can do this job,” he said, “let me do it.”

Read more: http://www.sunherald.com/2010/06/25/2290037/taylor-views-oil-...
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  • Lynn 2010/07/02 06:14:51
    Obama's is a rudderless ship....
  • Beccy Lynn 2010/07/03 01:53:15
    Hope he gets some oil on his hands trying to get out of this mess.
  • Diane Spraggs Yates 2010/06/29 19:10:52
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    They need to wave the Jones act and skim thousand barrel of oil and get the job over and protect the coast. It should of been done 60 days ago !!! Obama is sitting on his thumbs !!!!
  • Beccy Diane S... 2010/06/30 00:04:46
    I totally agree with you
  • Rodney 2010/06/29 02:53:03
    Somebody with true organizational skills needs to step up. Our Community Organizer in Chief doesn't seem to possess the necessary skils to organize or lead.
  • Beccy Rodney 2010/06/30 00:05:34
    And some how I don't think the VP or speaker of the house are any better
  • Rodney Beccy 2010/06/30 00:14:24
    No, Bush was not a prize, but at least he knew how to get the people into a disaster that did know and gave them carte blanche to get it done. If you listened to Huckabee this weekend when he had the FEMA director under Bush at the time of 9/11 attested to.
  • Beccy Rodney 2010/06/30 00:35:42
    And he only stayed on vacation 3 days. Obama has taken 2 after the disaster happened.
  • Rodney Beccy 2010/06/30 00:51:28
    Just plain irritating and very suspicious. Skimmers not being allow in to skim because the only get 99% of the oil and not 99.85%. The Jones Act not being waived yet. It is all just INSANE how inept this clown is!
  • Beccy Rodney 2010/07/01 01:18:03
    The most important thing right now should be to keep those toxicans away from the land.
  • Rodney Beccy 2010/07/01 01:32:52
    Did you see the posting of the lady from there in the Gulf who managed to get inside and told some horrific stories of what the toxins are doing to children and adults, not to mention the effects of the oil it's self.
  • Beccy Rodney 2010/07/02 00:09:23
    What is it day 73 and they aren't even trying to stop it until they can get the oil.
  • Rodney Beccy 2010/07/02 01:05:46 (edited)
    It is not just insanity now, but criminal. They do have foreign ships out there now, I understand, but the Jones Act has yet to be waived. As I heard it, foreign companies had to outfit US ships had to be outfitted with the equipment and workers trained by the foreign companies to do the job. Union workers of course. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid.
  • Beccy Rodney 2010/07/03 01:55:54
    Stupid is an understatement. 17 countries offered to help, Do you realize that if they had been allowed to help maybe the oil would not have hit land and killed all the animals.
  • Rodney Beccy 2010/07/03 02:38:46
    Whow, my 'puter just freaked out? At any rate, exactly, it is WAY beyond stupid at this point. BO's inaction or slow action and allowing this to happen should definitely be impeachable.
  • Beccy Rodney 2010/07/03 17:07:25
    I called my representatives and the white house and asked for Berry to resign
  • Sugarbear 2010/06/29 00:46:31
    Obama should be busting his balls & offering himself as a symbol of fighting this ecologic disaster by being the first one out on that oil soaked beach with buckets bailing oil out as fast as he can, & shouting orders to the U.S. Navy, or who ever, for suggestions that may be useful in at least slowing this thing down! Instead, he's practicing his golf game.
  • Beccy Sugarbear 2010/06/29 01:09:02
  • gary-da fuz 2010/06/28 18:32:48
    gary-da fuz
    He,s cleaning UP all right, ---He is cleaning out our pocket books http://phillips.blogs.com/.a/...
  • Beccy gary-da... 2010/06/29 01:10:19
    Yes now he's going to cut off the unemployment and when he gets done with social security and our pensions we will all be living off the streets.
  • Dora Rachael 2010/06/28 15:30:01
    Dora Rachael
    Obama is not doing a darn thing but focusing on his agenda. He will not let anybody do the job as he wants it to fail! Otherwise, he would have accepted help from other countries. The dictator in chief is using this crisis to pass cap and tax! He does not care about the suffering states. He makes me sick!
  • Beccy Dora Ra... 2010/06/29 01:10:57
    me too
  • mwg0735 2010/06/28 15:01:34
  • Beccy mwg0735 2010/06/29 01:11:32
    I guess I expect for him to do his job or resign
  • laureenf 2010/06/28 14:53:37
    Have to say that much of the confusion is due to wondering if folks can just go ahead or wait for a 'cost-effectiveness study'. The eco-crowd is down there filing injuctions on what sand to use and if the boats out on the water have life-vests and permits...permission and meddlers, is the hold up...in my opinion. All I can add is...we are adults, we are the boss and we don't need 'permission' to act on this most urgent problem.
  • Beccy laureenf 2010/06/29 01:12:24
    Yes the job just needs to be done.
  • Dora Ra... laureenf 2010/06/29 13:51:37
    Dora Rachael
    Absolutely. Just get the job done and to heck with the environmentalists!
  • Beccy Dora Ra... 2010/06/30 00:06:40
    I agree,. the wild life is dieing and how long before people start dieing. I am afraid to eat seafood right now.
  • kmay 2010/06/28 14:46:14
    Obama is doing nothing. Afterall, can't let a good crises go to waste. Control of the people is his goal.
  • Beccy kmay 2010/06/29 01:13:15
    I think it's to distroy the country. There just is something not right about this man.
  • Dora Ra... Beccy 2010/06/30 03:04:56
    Dora Rachael
    He's pure evil!
  • Beccy Dora Ra... 2010/07/01 01:18:23
  • DanaR 2010/06/28 14:42:50
  • Beccy DanaR 2010/06/29 01:14:13
    But under bush we said george did not clean it up because it was a blue state?
  • Diane S... Beccy 2010/06/29 19:14:43 (edited)
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    Who was Gov under time Bush was in office of La[ Blanco] Dem and who is Gov of LA under Obama ?[republican] Bobby Jindal. Great question.
  • Beccy Diane S... 2010/06/30 00:09:45
    But the president is sappose to be there for all Americans not just the one's in his party.
  • Diane S... Beccy 2010/06/30 00:14:33
    Diane Spraggs Yates
    So true !!
  • EM1-SS 2010/06/28 01:53:52
  • Beccy EM1-SS 2010/06/29 01:14:31
    Thanks great picture
  • EM1-SS Beccy 2010/06/29 01:17:59
    it is not my chicken

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