Slap to Obama: GOP House votes to kill health law

Teri- Oregon 2012/07/11 21:44:00
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Please Rave so we can push this good news to the top of the polls

By By DAVID ESPO – 38 minutes ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Pressing an election-year point, Republicans pushed yet another bill through the House on Wednesday to repeal the nation's two-year-old health care law, a maneuver that forced Democrats to choose between President Barack Obama's signature domestic achievement and a public that is persistently skeptical of its value.

The vote was 244-185, with five Democrats defectors siding with Republicans.

By Republican count, the vote marked the 33rd time in 18 months that the tea party-infused GOP majority has tried to eliminate, defund or otherwise scale back the program — opponents scornfully call it "Obamacare" — since the GOP took control of the House.

Repeal this year by Congress is doomed, since the Democratic-controlled Senate will never agree.

But Illinois Rep. Peter Roskam said before joining other Republicans in Wednesday's House vote: "Here's the good news. The voters get the last word in November. Stay tuned."

Nor was the vote in the House the only act of political theater during the day as campaign concerns increasingly crowded out bipartisan attempts at law-making in the Capitol.

One day after a campaigning Obama called on Congress to pass his proposal to extend tax cuts on all but the highest wage earners, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky offered to allow an immediate vote. "I can't see why Democrats wouldn't want to give him the chance" to sign the bill, he said.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., countered by blocking an immediate vote. "We'll get to the tax issues. That way we'll be able to talk in more detail about Governor Romney's taxes," he said in a reference to Democratic campaign attacks on the GOP presidential candidate's overseas investment, the relatively low rate of income tax he is required to pay and his refusal thus far to release personal tax returns dating before 2010.

The health care debate roiled the campaign for the White House as well as Congress.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney drew boos from his largely black audience at the NAACP convention when he vowed to wipe out Obama's overhaul.

In the House, Republicans assailed the law as a job-killing threat to the economic recovery, but Democrats said repeal would eliminate consumer protections that already have affected millions.

"The intent of the president's health care law was to lower costs and to help create jobs. ... Instead, it is making our economy worse, driving up costs and making it harder for small businesses to hire," said House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio. He cited a study by a business group that estimated that one of the bill's taxes would cost up to 249,000 jobs, and a different estimate that a second tax would "put as many as 47,100 in jeopardy."

But House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said repeal would take away provisions that guarantee coverage for children with pre-existing medical conditions, reduce prescription drug costs for some seniors, provide for protective checks for patients of all ages and ensure rebates totaling more than $1 billion this summer for policy holders.

"What a Valentine to the health insurance industry," Pelosi said scornfully of the repeal measure. The party leader was a driving force behind the overhaul when she was speaker and Democrats held a majority.

At its core, the law will require nearly all Americans to purchase insurance beginning in 2014, a so-called individual mandate that Republicans seized on to make their case that the program amounted to a government takeover of health care. The law's constitutionality was upheld two weeks ago in a 5-4 Supreme Court opinion written by Chief Justice John Roberts.

There was never any doubt that Republicans had the votes to pass the repeal in the House on Wednesday — or that it would die in the Senate, where Democrats possessed more than enough strength to block it.

That's what happened in January 2011, when the newly installed Republican majority first voted to repeal the law a few days after taking office.

In the months since, the GOP has taken repeated further swipes at the law, including votes to deny salaries to any government officials who enforce it, to abolish a board of officials charged with holding down Medicare costs in the future and to repeal a tax on medical devices.

With the exception of a few relatively modest changes accepted by the White House, all the rest have died in the Senate.

Some Democrats sought something of a middle ground.

Rep. Ron Barber, D-Ariz., elected to his seat a few weeks ago, said the GOP-inspired repeal legislation was a charade and showed the House "cares more about political grandstanding than in getting things done." At the same time, he said, "We must work to improve the legislation," a bow to those who are less than enthusiastic about it, and a point he made during his recent campaign.

The five Democrats who sided with Republicans in the house vote were Reps. Larry Kissell and Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, Jim Matheson of Utah, Mike Ross of Arkansas and Dan Boren of Oklahoma.

All five voted against the law's passage in 2010. Boren, Ross and McIntyre voted to repeal the law in January 2011, while the other two lawmakers voted to keep it in place.

In a statement issued after the vote, Matheson said, "We must scrap this flawed effort once and for all, start over, and do it right." Kissell's office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Boehner said Republicans wanted to give Democrats who had previously voted to sustain the law a chance to reconsider, contending that "most Americans not only oppose this health care law — they support fully repealing it."

In a statement issued moments after the vote, McConnell said he would press for a vote in the Senate, as well.

Public reaction to the law has been consistently negative, but apart from conservative Republicans, it is less clear what support exists for repeal.

In a Washington Post/ABC News poll this month, 47 percent of those surveyed said they opposed the law, 47 percent said they supported it and 6 percent expressed no opinion.

Among those who said they were opposed or had no opinion, 33 percent said they wanted it all repealed, 30 percent said they wanted parts repealed and 34 percent said they wanted to wait and see what happens without repeal.


Read More: http://www.c-span.org/

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  • crossboy56 2012/07/16 15:27:01
    No way!
    This is a slap to the face of the Middle-Class who are forced to pay for health Insurance at work before Obama care. O'bama care give middle-class workers the power to decide the amount that they will pay for health insurance. With Obama care you will have the same powers that you have with your home and auto insurance.
  • Teri- O... crossboy56 2012/07/18 00:16:18
    Teri- Oregon
    don't spread lies
  • ruthannhausman 2012/07/12 20:07:23
    Recognizing the need for good healthcare policy in the U.S., Obamacare is loaded with way, way, way too many hidden power grabbing items.
  • mich52 2012/07/12 14:34:44
  • AL 2012/07/12 07:17:08 (edited)
    Its really going to expose ALL the Congress members that are PRO Obama care-when they run for office again!
  • TheTruth1313 2012/07/12 07:02:14
    It's a good start, but, there is still much work to do.
  • kevjon 2012/07/12 04:06:39
    The more liberals defend this the deeper the hole they dig and in 2012 they will get their answer.
    People are sick and tired of being told things will be better with only more debt, more blame and excuses to show for the empty promises. Since when did anything the government control work out?
  • Jeff Smith 2012/07/12 03:26:32
    Jeff Smith
    I pay enough in taxes already
  • The Duke 2012/07/12 03:06:50
    The Duke
    It is great news! Now, if we vote enough Demoncrats out of the Senate in Nov., this piece of government takeover trash will be repealed. Along with the Zer0-bama being gone as well.
  • Technotrucker_exposingthetruth 2012/07/12 01:58:23
    Yank the funding, put BO and his cronies behind bars. Problem solved.
  • Mr. T 2012/07/12 01:39:37
    Mr. T
    Bitch-slapping Obama ought to be an olympic sport.
  • Beagle Mom 2012/07/12 01:32:46
    Beagle Mom
    I am againt Obamacare, have been from day 1. This vote sends a message that there is much work to do for conservatives to get control of the Senate and White House while keeping control of the House. But hardly the slap we would hope for. I'm sure the five dems that voted with the republicans received special dispensation to do so.
  • lee 2012/07/12 00:55:42
    a pointless and partisan exercise to distract from the Republicans REAL agenda...

    ...widening the income inequality gap and shrinking the middle class.
  • AL lee 2012/07/12 07:20:09
    LOL! Not if you"re a democrate running for office again-it isn't pointless!
  • ConLibFraud 2012/07/12 00:38:55
    No way!
    The Senate will not pass it. Even they did, Ofraud would decline. This is all show to continue the belief that someone still cares. There is only one way this gets repealed ... and that's when We The People do it.

    Here is how ...

    It's time for We The People to take matters into our own hands starting with a nationwide tax revolt, stop paying all bank loans and implement a national plea for our military to come home and rescue their country and put up a fence around DC and call it the National Penitentiary. Then put all of them (politicians and judges) and their bankers on trial and punish them for treason. And a note to the media ... we have special plans for you!
  • jazzpast ConLibF... 2012/07/12 03:35:32
    I agree 100%! Republicans are doing this for show. Republicans won't get rid of Obama care. Barack Hussein Obama better build more prisons. A lot of us won't be paying his mandated Obamacare tax. Guess that's why the IRS is hiring 16,000 new IRS agents.
  • ConLibF... jazzpast 2012/07/12 09:01:52
    16,000 vs 60 million armed citizens? What seems to be the problem?
  • DeeB ConLibF... 2012/07/12 11:35:28
    You should be top comment, couldn't agree more. LET'S ROLL!
  • ConLibF... DeeB 2012/07/12 16:02:02
    Thanks! If only America wasn't so programmed and dumbed down we could put an end to this.
  • DeeB ConLibF... 2012/07/12 18:31:55
    You're welcome, when you're right, you're right!
  • ConLibF... DeeB 2012/07/12 18:37:11
  • heirsoftheking 2012/07/12 00:07:46
    The majority of Americans don't want Obama-care, and Obama's not the only one who's gonna get it.

    Sen. Bill Nelson (D) of Florida voted for Obama-care. Prior to the Supreme Court Ruling, Nelson was tied or ahead of challenger Connie Mack (R) in November's race for the U.S. Senate. But today Rasmussen came out with a poll that showed Mack leading Nelson 46-37 percent. Here's the weblink to prove it:
  • MsTLynne 2012/07/11 23:37:50
  • heirsof... MsTLynne 2012/07/12 00:17:37
    Slap to Bill Nelson, and possibly other Democratic Senators.

    Of the 33 Senate seats up for election this November, the Democrats have to defend 23 of them, which includes Sen. Bill Nelson (D) of Florida. Prior to the Supreme Court ruling, Nelson was tied or leading challenger Connie Mack (R) for November's Election. However, today Rasmussen came out with a poll that said Mack now leads Nelson 46-37 percent. Here is the weblink:
  • MsTLynne heirsof... 2012/07/12 01:12:30
  • heirsof... MsTLynne 2012/07/12 01:22:51
    If it doesn't, Blood Bath 2012 on the Election Map on Election Night, guaranteed. Because all polls show the majority of Americans hate Obama-care, and the Democrats in the Senate aren't listening to us.
  • MsTLynne heirsof... 2012/07/12 03:48:37
  • AL MsTLynne 2012/07/12 07:26:04 (edited)
    Oh yes THEY will come re-election time alright!
  • AL MsTLynne 2012/07/12 07:23:19
    Thats not the point! Now they will be forced to run on their vote for or against Obama care itself!How do you think the voters will feel about that?
  • dubbie 2012/07/11 23:33:20
    Every Americans dream, Repeal this all the way thru, by having control of the White House Senate and the House , Not only will we have the tax burden off our backs ,We can also see the firing of 16 Thousand I.R.S. agents as well . How bout that for payback
  • ed 2012/07/11 23:27:49
    I'm pretty sure he knew the house was gonna kill the healthcare bill.
  • Ken 2012/07/11 23:21:40
    Time to take over the Senate.
  • heirsof... Ken 2012/07/12 01:24:33
    It's beginning to look more and more like that will happen on Election Night 2012.
  • DDogbreath 2012/07/11 23:18:19
    Great news they side with the people for once.

    Romney Care isn't much better. Such near-universal insurance has not come without a cost. The price of premiums in Massachusetts increased nearly twice as rapidly as the national average in 2009.

    Mitt Romney drew boos from his largely black audience at the NAACP convention when he vowed to wipe out Obama's overhaul.

    So do you still want to replace one hypocrite with another?

    Lets get the rest of our "Liberty Back" in 2012

    convention vowed wipe obamas overhaul replace hypocrite rest liberty 2012
  • My butt DDogbreath 2012/07/12 00:04:28
    My butt
    I agree but do you really think these cons are going to nominate the guy that scares th hell out of them ? The way it looks they would rather have Obama then nominate a guy who stands a good chance to win .
  • DDogbreath My butt 2012/07/12 00:36:52
    They claim to be conservative, but support Romney a douche with a more liberal voting record than Barack Obama. The dumb asses haven't learned from their mistake of 2008.

    “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results.” Albert Einstein
    obama dumb asses learned mistake 2008 insanity expecting albert einstein

    It's good to see younger people like yourself actually have a better grasp on reality than the neo-con'd and RINO' ho's have.

    expecting albert einstein younger people grasp reality neo-cond rino hos
  • My butt DDogbreath 2012/07/12 01:59:51
    My butt
    Yeah I think there is a certain age group that got bad milk as kids laced with some sort of delusional drug in certain arias of this country
  • AL DDogbreath 2012/07/12 07:35:52
    I love it! The Republicans just set the trap on this one, and all of obamas useful little idiots just fell into it! Now they're all going to have to defend their unpopular votes come election time as well!
  • DDogbreath AL 2012/07/12 07:44:00
  • AL DDogbreath 2012/07/12 08:00:55 (edited)
    Seems the jokes on you this time around partner!Funny how all you liberals are never half as smart as you think you are!

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