Six Flags under water in Georgia floods [PICS]

The torrential rains that are battering Georgia is causing flooding that has claimed seven lives so far. To see the extent of the flooding, one just has to look at the state of Georgia's Six Flags amusement park. Six Flags is submerged in brown water. There were similar sights in Louisiana's Six Flags theme park during Hurricane Katrina.

submerged brown water sights louisianas flags theme park hurricane katrina
Roller coaster tracks are practically underwater, with only the peaks of the ride poking out of the surface like the arch of a mythical sea serpent. The sight of Six Flags underwater is unsettling and unforgettable.

surface arch mythical sea serpent sight flags underwater unsettling unforgettable
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  • Rebecka 2009/09/23 03:01:06
    I was waiting just two miles from Six Flags to go ALL DAY long and didn't even realise it was so bad until i got home and saw the news. My entire road is filled with nothing but water, but my house is the only one that didn't get hit! It's crazy how fast this happened, too...

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  • The toy soldgier 2009/10/28 21:56:17
    The toy soldgier
    damn where in georgia was this atlanta georgia?? i hope not my aunt lives there
  • Toobz (=^.-=) 2009/10/27 01:42:09
    Toobz (=^.-=)
    thts y CANADAS WONDERLAND ROCKS cause its not underwater and we can still go on it and omg haloween haunt is like the funnest thing ever they like fog up the place and make it look all creepy and it just awesome =]
  • rockstr2515 2009/10/16 23:58:08
    i scared my head this is the first time i've heard about this wen did this happen omg tht sucks like wat happin did it rain wat? ive heard wen omg tht sucks wat happin rain wat
  • lidia.amiga 2009/09/28 18:57:36
    I'm so sorry!
  • jdawgrea 2009/09/28 00:26:43
    Cedar Point is way better, anyway.
  • Emma 2009/09/26 23:33:26
    thats some crap man. EVERYONE absolutely loves six flags. i gotta question for the workers at six flags.... DON'T YALL HAVE DRAINS TO DRAIN OUT ALL THAT WATER!!!!! geez people don't have brains these days.
  • Squirrel 2009/09/26 14:28:27
    That is just sad I live in Cobb and I used to go there every year as a family tradition. My house also did not get hit luckily. Dont forget school for me got out early on monday and stayed out for two days. There was also a school ther was completely flooded to the roof.
  • mustangluver 2009/09/25 07:53:36
    I hope there's no quick sand there....
  • pitstop 2009/09/25 02:35:39
  • jessy 2009/09/25 01:58:55
    id like to ride a coster underwater it sound fun dosent it?!:)
  • Squirrel jessy 2009/09/26 14:30:10
    That sounds more then fun. Just wear a scuba diving outfit and there ya go. I would soooooooo do that
  • jessy Squirrel 2009/09/26 15:08:21
    me too! someone should invent that!
  • miranda 2009/09/24 21:32:10
    i bet all the people with all the negative thoughts will be at six flags when it opens. Yes it dose flood every 5 to 6 years but that i love it there and it is a great place to spend all day out with my family cheap land or not...
  • devildave 2009/09/24 16:47:17
  • u812 2009/09/24 16:03:04
    This is nothing new it floods every five years, last time was in 2005. They knew it was going to flood when they built it. The land purchase was cheap.
    They will get 100 illegals out there cleaning up and have the park open this Saturday
    Not a biggie just business as usual.
    Its all a media game to get money from the government.
    Believe me Six Flags will profit from it.
  • Sweet1Kimberly 2009/09/24 14:59:22
    I am from Kennesaw but livein Texas for grad school. I know I am not hearing about the damage and loss on any media source....I have to google it and hear from family and friends. It is sad that there are so many unaware of the heartache and death. If America, the people, are not behind metro Atlanta then the American government is not going to do anything.

    I mean, I was told the solution people are being given is that they should bleach anything that was flooded....SERIOUSLY it isn't a basement here and there...whole buildings were/are under water. There needs to be a clean up effort so health sake.
  • Peggy 2009/09/24 03:32:34
    I just left that area last week. Incredible!
  • mic.mech,#1 2009/09/24 02:52:23
    i hope they open up fast, and not do like new orleans la. they closed far good, i think they wanted a way out ,so came katrina.
  • Pfauxmeh 2009/09/23 23:36:35
    Man, I Iive in Powder Springs. Thankfully, my particular road didn't get hit as hard as others. We're all sitting ducks here...nobody can get past the blockades to different counties and major brudges (especially Thornton road). I can't BELIEVE Six Flags is just gone like that. It's surreal to see so much pain and suffering around me and we were not affected. I count myself lucky and hope for the best...my friends were not as fortunate. =\
  • JadedTLC Pfauxmeh 2009/09/23 23:42:47
    I'm so sorry for you guys! Keep us informed here on SodaHead what's going on.. I can show you how.

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