Sister wives was produced to make Mormons seem more acceptable.

dandieselonian 2012/07/26 12:38:42
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The republican national commettee knew that Romney would get the nomination so they commisioned the "Sister wives tv series" so that people would be more accepting of mormans
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  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/26 15:55:26
    Yes sister wives was a good way to make Romney more acceptable.
    For UTAH to be a state it had to get rid ofpoligomy. It did so >NOW SHUT UP
  • Bingo's Faddah 2012/07/26 12:50:04
    No sister wives was not a good way to make Romney more acceptable.
    Bingo's Faddah
    More acceptable than what? Black folks? Gay folks? People with large thumbs? Humans are far more alike than most think. Except of course for the French; we all know how THEY are!
  • dandies... Bingo's... 2012/07/26 12:52:45 (edited)
    More acceptable than the child molesters the mormons have been in the past and to some extent still are .
  • Bingo's... dandies... 2012/07/26 13:10:16
    Bingo's Faddah
    Oh; OK. I didn't know the Mormons help the highest percentage in child molesters. I thought it was the Catholics.
  • dandies... Bingo's... 2012/07/26 13:54:36
    The Catholics have been in business longer .
  • Bingo's... dandies... 2012/07/26 14:10:40
    Bingo's Faddah
    Perhaps they could join forces as their moral fiber is so similar?
  • dandies... Bingo's... 2012/07/26 16:10:41
    That would take some spirtual engineering to merge those two , the catholics mostly liked little boys where as the mormons were into teenage girls .
  • Bingo's... dandies... 2012/07/26 17:30:26
    Bingo's Faddah
    And what do bigots from Maryland like?
  • dandies... Bingo's... 2012/07/26 21:23:26
    I dont know since Im not from maryland . Im from DC area and in DC I like to fly light aircraft and gliders .
  • Bingo's... dandies... 2012/07/27 15:14:43
    Bingo's Faddah
    At least you know you're a bigot and judge any group by the actions of a few, or one.
  • dandies... Bingo's... 2012/07/27 16:52:12
    you act like a zipperhead
  • Bingo's... dandies... 2012/07/28 14:09:47
    Bingo's Faddah
    Although I can't really agree, I do respect your opinion. But you ARE a bigot. Isn't it wonderful that being a bigot is legal where you live? Lucky you.
  • dandies... Bingo's... 2012/07/29 01:49:08
    When in Vietnam a decision was made to call in an airstrike and morters at the same time on a village where no one was sure if the enemy was present . After the airstrike and morter fire a recon to the village revealed everyone was dead with no evidence of the enemy . A friend said to me "my god what have we done" and I replied we made sure we got the last word in.

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