Sikh temple gunman was ex-soldier linked to racist group

☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2012/08/07 00:34:33

The gunman who killed six worshipers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin was identified as a 40-year-old U.S. Army veteran and authorities said they were investigating possible links to white supremacist groups and his membership in skinhead rock bands.
The assailant, shot dead by police at the scene on Sunday, was identified as Wade Michael Page. He served as a soldier in the Army from 1992 to 1998, said police chief John Edwards in the Milwaukee suburb of Oak Creek where the 400-member temple is located.
Survivors described women and children hiding in the pantry of the temple's community kitchen as the gunman stormed through the building. "Everyone was falling on top of one another," said Parminder Toor, 54, speaking in Punjabi as her daughter-in-law, Jaskiran Kaur, translated.
"It was dark and we were all crammed in." One of the women who made it into the pantry had been shot in the hand, and there was "blood everywhere," said Toor.
Federal authorities said they were treating the attack as a possible act of domestic terrorism.
Sikh temple gunman was ex soldier linked to racist group
According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, Page was a member of two racist bands named End Apathy and Definite Hate, "a band whose album 'Violent Victory' featured a gruesome drawing of a disembodied white arm punching a black man in the face."
A MySpace page for a band that appears to be one of those identified by the SPLC, End Apathy, includes songs with titles such as "Self Destruct," "Submission" and "Insignificant," as well as pictures of three heavily tattooed band members.
"The music is a sad commentary on our sick society and the problems that prevent true progress," the band's profile says.
Sikh temple gunman was ex soldier linked to racist group
Band T-shirts advertized on the page include one with the Roman numeral 14 -- a number the SPLC said was a reference to the 14-word white supremacist slogan "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children."
A YouTube video posted in 2009 of a song by Definite Hate, which appears to have been another Page band, shows a scroll of the lyrics that includes: "Wake Up, White man, For Your Race, And your land," and "Wake Up People Or Your Gonna Die!"
The SPLC pointed to a 2010 interview with white supremacist website Label 56 in which Page said he had played in various bands since 2000, when he left his native Colorado on a motorcycle.
Two years earlier, in 1998, Page had been discharged from the Army for "patterns of misconduct," according to military sources.
Page had served in the military for six years but was never posted overseas. He was a psychological operations specialist and missile repairman who was last stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the sources said.
In June 1998 he was disciplined for being drunk on duty and had his rank reduced to specialist from sergeant. He was not eligible to re-enlist.
In recent months, Page moved to a suburb of Milwaukee called Cudahy. Peter Hoyt, who lives nearby, said he would often see Page sitting on his porch or walking the neighborhood.
Page talked about an ex-girlfriend who had broken up with him or, sometimes, the Green Bay Packers. "He was friendly with me," Hoyt said. "When I found out it was him, I was astounded."
David Brown, a 62-year-old veteran who wears a Navy hat, recalled only perfunctory greetings with Page, who lived in an apartment below him in South Milwaukee with a woman and her five-year-old son before he moved to Cudahy.
He said Page was a delivery driver and drove a plain white van. He also saw him on several occasions with a guitar case.
"He was very inside himself. He didn't talk much," said Brown. "I would say 'Hi' to him and all I would get would be a 'Hi' back. I tolerated him and he tolerated me."

FBI special agent Teresa Carlson said authorities were interviewing Page's family and associates searching for a motive behind the shooting that killed six people and seriously wounded three, including a police officer, at the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin.
A fourth person was wounded less seriously.
The dead were five men and one woman, aged between 39 and 84. Members of the Sikh community said the president of the congregation and a priest were among the victims.
American Sikhs around the country added security to temples, with some saying they have been singled out for harassment since the September 11, 2001, attacks because they are mistaken as Muslims due to their colorful turbans and beards.
Describing how the events unfolded, Chief Edwards told reporters the first officer on the scene found a victim in the temple parking lot and went to render assistance. The officer was then shot eight or nine times at very close range with a handgun, Edwards said.
The gunman then fired on a police car, ignoring officers' commands to drop his weapon, and was shot and killed by police.
The wounded officer was identified as Brian Murphy, 51, a 21-year veteran of the force. Even though he had been hit, Murphy had waved away other officers coming to his aid, urging them to go into the temple to help others, Edwards said.
Edwards said they were confident Page was a "lone gunman. The FBI had said it was searching for a person of interest in the case, but a law enforcement official said the person had been located and cleared.

Wade Michael Page reportedly had ties to white supremacist groups and was alleged to be a member of a heavy metal band that promoted an ultra-right-wing 'white power' agenda.

The picture below, supplied by the Anti-Defamation League, shows Page in front of a Nazi symbol.

ultra-right-wing white power agenda picture supplied anti-defamation league nazi symbol
The Southern Poverty Law Center says that Wade Michael Page, the suspected shooter at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, was a singer in a "skinhead" band called End Apathy


Officials said the weapon Page used was a 9mm handgun that had been legally purchased. Page emptied several magazines and several more unused magazines were found on the scene.
Wisconsin has some of the most permissive gun laws in the country. It passed a law in 2011 allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon.
President Barack Obama said Americans need to do more "soul searching" to find ways to reduce violence.
"All of us recognize that these kinds of terrible, tragic events are happening with too much regularity," Obama said at a White House bill-signing ceremony when asked whether further gun control measures were needed.
The shooting came just over two weeks after a gunman killed 12 people at a theater in Aurora, Colorado, where they were watching a screening of the new Batman movie.
There are 500,000 or more Sikhs in the United States. The Sikh faith is the fifth-largest in the world, with more than 30 million followers. It includes belief in one God and that life's goal is to lead an exemplary existence.
Sikh leaders say the number of incidents of violence against their community in the United States is growing.
At a news conference on Monday, Amardeep Kaleka said his father, Satwant Singh Kaleka, the temple president who was killed, represented the American Dream.
"He came over with $100 in his pocket," the son said. "He worked his behind off, 18 hours a day in some of the worst neighborhoods ... He became a very successful businessman."
Amardeep Singh, program director of the Sikh Coalition, said Sikhs had become "collateral damage" in a 24-hour news machine that uses dark-skinned, bearded, turbaned men as visual shorthand for terrorists.

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Top Opinion

  • Keeping It Real 2012/08/07 03:51:38 (edited)
    Keeping It Real
    I wouldn't be surprised if the Republiconteabaggers and Faux No News are celebrating privately, because they've been stoking hate against Muslims ( although the victims where not) hispanics, the first African American President, poor people, etc. since the election of Obama .

    I believe the hate mongering racists, bigoted rhetoric coming from many on the right, including members of the House and Senate has helped to give the green light to the crazies in this country.

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  • Jorge Enriquez 2012/09/04 22:53:50
    Jorge Enriquez
    Im not surprised
  • Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F 2012/08/11 04:13:01
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    Keeping It Wha??? LOL. You don't even mention that Holmes had ties to OWS. You sure aren't fair and balanced in your reporting, are you?
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Aqua Su... 2012/08/11 16:39:35
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    i reported the Article and what it said and nothing more

    this isnt about Holmes
  • Aqua Su... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/08/16 01:29:26
    Aqua Surf BTO-t-BCRA-F
    It's about Leftist political fingerpointing, right there in the title. White Supremacist associations; I counted at least 8 mentions in one form or another before I got halfway throught the article. No pun intended, but that is journalistic overkill.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... Aqua Su... 2012/08/16 01:39:59
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    would you rather me Title it

    Christian White Supremacist Guns down Sikh Worshipers During Temple Services
  • Stan Kapusta 2012/08/09 07:25:20
    Stan Kapusta
    I wonder how this will be spun into gun control.
  • darwolf 2012/08/09 04:04:10 (edited)
    " We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." That is from the founder of the hate group. David Lane. Who die in prison. This hate group is called the order.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... darwolf 2012/08/09 05:10:49
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    The Order. This hate group is mastered by Bob Mathews, a domestic terrorist which focuses on racism and abortion. He and his cult like to demand that abortion in the United States is "the suicide of the white race" never mind the fact that abortion in the United States is predominately used by blacks and Mexicans.

    New York, NY, ...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today said it was concerned but not surprised by the news that it was a target of an extremist bombing plot by a hate group calling itself the New Order.

    The Anti-Defamation League is concerned but not surprised by the announcement from Federal law enforcement authorities that we were a target of a bombing plot by an extremist hate group. For 85 years ADL has been in the forefront of monitoring and exposing extremists who threaten America's democratic values and institutions. Past threats did not intimidate us nor stop us from confronting extremists. Neither will this threat.
  • darwolf ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/08/09 16:47:26
    Yes but on some stuff you can read about the order. Makes people think David Lane is the founder. Because of the murder of Alan Berg. Lane and eight other men formed a terrorist group Mathews eventually called the Bruder Schweigen (the Silent Brotherhood), which came to be known nationally as The Order.
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/08/09 00:50:45
    This guy was clearly a racist.
  • abycinnamon BN-1 2012/08/08 00:22:36
  • William abycinn... 2012/08/08 03:33:21
    The Patriot Act was to keep YOU in line.
  • SunnyOne 2012/08/07 23:46:06
    He was a right-wing extremist?? Color me shocked.
  • #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT... 2012/08/07 20:42:56
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    I'm almost afraid to read any of the responses from the ideological right. I'm tired of the hatred. I'm tired of the murders. I'm tired of the racism. This American bred terrorist targeted those people because they weren't white & worshipped differently than his white supremacist friends do.

    I could care less about 2nd Amendment rights at this point in time. I don't wanna hear about "law abiding citizens" because every last one of these MASS MURDERERS was a "law abiding citizen" until they decided to become judge, jury & executioner.
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... #Justic... 2012/08/07 20:44:06
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    An "altercation" ensued aboard the 1,800 passenger former gambling boat between the suspect and other individuals, but the tensions hadn't subsided when the boat came into port near Atwater and Civic Center Drive.

    Police say a woman returned as passengers unloaded from the ship and opened fire, striking seven people. Three male victims, ages 31, 25, 29; and four female victims, ages 37, 24, 26, and 33, received gunshot wounds to the bodies.

    The 31-year-old male is critically injured while the remaining victims suffered serious injuries, according to Detroit police
  • #Justic... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/08/07 21:05:40
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    My God, I don't know how much more of this I can take.
  • aneed2know #Justic... 2012/08/08 05:38:03
    you will be seeing a lot more, i am sad to say.
  • aneed2know ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2012/08/08 05:37:26
    like i said born into violence will only get more violence.
  • Guru Casper BN-ZERO 2012/08/07 19:12:20
    Guru Casper BN-ZERO
    clearly a demented racist,terrorist quite likely
  • luvguins 2012/08/07 17:09:17
    This skinhead was probably dumb enough to consider this sect to be Islamic Muslim related. We may never know why. The white supremacists certainly have aligned themselves with the right wing haters though, and the GOP even had the audacity to invite a white nationalist to their 2012 CPAC convention to host a roundtable. CPAC nationalist
  • aherbert 2012/08/07 17:04:11 (edited)
    I bet the tea baggers are so happy about this they are peeing their pants. These RWNJ have been inciting this type of violence for too long ... and there is a trail. I feel for the lost of the victims and I know money will not take the place of their love ones ... but it will hinder the hate mantra of that racist group ... I pray that the group and its affiliation is sued until it is no more ... yes we have our freedoms in America ... but I equate the actions of that hate group to that of a person screaming fire in a crowded movie theater ... stop the violence.

    stop the hate
  • misterz 2012/08/07 14:33:21
    This was an individual who did not represent the U.S. or the armed services.
  • ally 2012/08/07 13:43:23
    There's no talking around, by the right wingers, just who and what this guy was. A white supremecist KKK racist. Not even a very smart one. If the next massive shooting occurs, this time at a large protestant church, just remember- YOU allowed it to happen with your NRA standing behind it.
  • darwolf ally 2012/08/09 04:20:20
    Actually this guy was part of a hate group called The Order. They really don't get along with kkk. Because the klan follows Jesus.
  • ally darwolf 2012/08/09 13:03:37
    No matter what group it is, it's still hate.
  • Contarded Guru Chickenhawk 2012/08/07 13:28:08
  • aherbert Contard... 2012/08/07 17:58:45
    Sad to say I think you are right ... more discussion need to be about prosecuting hate groups.
  • Contard... aherbert 2012/08/07 18:09:24
  • Golanv (Raven) BN0 2012/08/07 13:26:29
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    Not surprised. The KKK came to my home in 2000 and they were a bunch of rwnj's. I support Southern Poverty Law Center and have my name on the 'Wall of Tolerance'. This is just sad beyond words.
  • aherbert Golanv ... 2012/08/07 17:59:15
    Really in 2000?
  • Golanv ... aherbert 2012/08/07 19:48:01
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    Yes. I was living in the foothills then and a coworker brought a black client out to my house to walk at the river. That evening the KKK showed up threatening to burn a cross in my yard. I rarely lose my temper but I did that night and threw them out. They left a card on my coffee table that said, "You have been payed a social call by the KKK. Don't let the next visit be a business one." Bizarre beyond words. But they never came back.
  • #Justic... Golanv ... 2012/08/07 20:47:15
    #Justice4Trayvon 629 BLOCKT CONS
    My God, that is scary my friend.
  • Golanv ... #Justic... 2012/08/07 23:20:06 (edited)
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    The KKK folks were definitely not the brightest bulbs on the tree though, and they took off when I called one of them a dumb assed skint head mf and told them to get out of my house. Not my usual style but they pissed me off. Living down there with all the rednecks and klan around those woods WAS scary. That's one reason why I moved on up into the Smokies.
  • aherbert Golanv ... 2012/08/07 20:53:00
    Wow ... that is too bad that happen ... I don't know I think I would have reported them. That is a very intimidating measure and I did not know those type of tactics are still in effect ... thanks for the feedback.
  • Golanv ... aherbert 2012/08/07 23:24:13
    Golanv (Raven) BN0
    Unfortunately they were good friends with the law in that county. Almost the entire sheriff's dept was busted for drugs right after I moved away. It still happens in places, I guess but I haven't seen any KKK here in the mountains. Thank God!
  • aherbert Golanv ... 2012/08/08 00:11:48
    God is good! Thanks for sharing your story.
  • hayesml47 2012/08/07 12:14:00
    People with "skinheads" must be terrorists! Ignorance is never an excuse! We must improve our public education systems at all levels(from age 3 up to 65 at least). If we fail to teach ourselves about ignorance, racism, bigotry, and such then we will fail as a nation and a race(human one that is)!
  • Contard... hayesml47 2012/08/07 13:20:11
  • hayesml47 Contard... 2012/08/07 15:11:25
    What we are fighting is actually religious extremism! These people are not conservative nor are they truly religious, they are just fanatics trying to control everyone else with their own sick ideas of what is right! We must remove private schools from any public funding, require all private schools to meet public school curriculum requirements, and revamp our public schools to teach kids from as early as 3-4 yrs old to 18-19 with increased subject matter such as why racism/bigotry are wrong, how common sense/logic works, and what knowledge can do for you and our country/race!
  • Contard... hayesml47 2012/08/07 15:16:03

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