Sign the No Pork Pledge!

Welshtaff 2011/12/22 00:10:43

Tell Congress: Sign the No Pork Pledge!

Since 1991, Citizens Against Government Waste’s Congressional Pig Book has documented more than 100,000 pork-barrel projects costing taxpayers $290 billion. The proliferation of pork-barrel earmarks over the past 20 years has corresponded with the debasement of the federal budgetary process and Americans’ growing mistrust of their elected officials. As lobbyist Jack Abramoff and former Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-Calif.) have illustrated, lawmakers and lobbyists trade in earmarks as their “currency of corruption,” undermining our democratic system of government.

Congress has enacted several reform measures since 2007 to reduce pork barreling and increase earmark accountability and transparency, yet earmarks continue to figure prominently in one scandal after another on Capitol Hill. In an effort to encourage more members of Congress and candidates for office to kick the earmarking habit, the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste (CCAGW) has created the No Pork Pledge (House version/Senate version).

As signatories to CCAGW’s No Pork Pledge, incumbents and candidates vow not to request any pork-barrel earmark, which is defined as meeting one of the following criteria:

Read More: http://www.cagw.org/get-involved/advocacy-pages/te...

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  • dvines1951 2011/12/23 02:05:26
    Done and thanks for the link. The only pork I want to see is on my breakfast plate.
  • Striker 2011/12/22 22:16:59
    It's all about 'you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours', the way all kinds of crazy bills become "law".
  • STU~PWCM~JLA~POTL~AFCL 2011/12/22 15:26:12
  • A Founding Father 2011/12/22 08:38:57
    A Founding Father
    If these "anti-porkers" have been doing anything constructive since 1991, why are we now having this discussion about "pork"? Tell us of any successes these "petitions" have had. Has the Party of No received any of the petitions? What is Speaker Boehner"s response to these? Will the House of Reps remove these projects from the budget this year?
  • FeedFwd... A Found... 2011/12/24 03:30:15
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    A more palatable alternative might be to require a sunset clause on all legislation, although some pork comes in the form of a one-shot deal ad might not be affected by a sunset clause. I would just like to see all legislation have to pass future scrutiny or die. It would make it a lot easier to correct bad legislation.
  • A Found... FeedFwd... 2011/12/24 07:24:55
    A Founding Father
    Indeed, good ideas, but not easily workable. Consider that if all legislation had to pass "future scrutiny", Government would surely grind to a halt as the politicans would
    have repeated chances to bicker, repeat, argue, postpone, delay, again and again over the same bills. Congress has proven to be so gridlocked by those intent on destroying the very government that employs them, as in the present session, that they can't deal even with the most compelling present circumstances. Can you imagine what would be the results if we allowed them to begin again to "debate" the origins of Social Security, Civil Rights, Women's Sufferage, or the "War Powers Act"? And, I don't even want to think on how the "protesters" would occupy the Capital if Congress were again debating if women could vote or black children needed to be educated in Arkansas.
  • FeedFwd... A Found... 2011/12/24 16:38:37
    FeedFwd ~POTL
    Perhaps we would be better off if the Federal government wasn't deliberating such weighty issues and turning them into political footballs. Until we start electing anti-statists (not anarchists) and hold them accountable, things are not going to change. Unfortunately, I think we have reached a point where more people are happy in their dependency on government than actually want to go out and become a success on their own merits.
  • Spider20 2011/12/22 08:23:56
    NO PORK....I agree...
  • U-Dog 2011/12/22 06:03:58
  • 56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA... 2011/12/22 05:40:47
    56lady☆POTL JLA BTO-t- BCRA-F's
    Thank you for posting !!
    I did sign this earlier today in an email I received.
  • Stoney 2011/12/22 05:23:27
    A pig with lipstick is still a pig....................... Still a Pig
  • KingdomNow 2011/12/22 03:24:55
    My reps won't ever sign such a pledge -And I won't vote for them.
  • jgh57 2011/12/22 02:59:31
    I'm thinking there are 535 porkers in the House and Senate that need roasting come election time. Lets fire up the BBQ.

  • Welshtaff jgh57 2011/12/22 04:25:51
    Well if all fail's we can have a Donkey roast ! everyone will get a piece of Ass.

  • Pedro Doller ~Inc. 2011/12/22 02:53:44
    Pedro Doller ~Inc.
    Based on how everyone voted on NDAA the only petition they need is the pink slip in the next election.
  • Walt Pedro D... 2011/12/22 03:26:05
    What they really need is a good bitch slapping.
  • CUDDLY ... Walt 2011/12/22 04:20:35
    Don't hold back. Tell us how you REALLY feel Walt. LOL
  • Stoney Walt 2011/12/22 05:16:44
    ........that too!
  • tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA 2011/12/22 02:36:41
    tommyg - POTL- PWCM-JLA
    Can do.
  • SK-pro impeachment 2011/12/22 02:23:44
  • Joves the Instigator 2011/12/22 02:23:43
    Joves the Instigator
    I already signed that. I have been anti0earmark for years.
  • keeper 2011/12/22 02:19:41 (edited)
    The only Pork we want is the kind that you eat!!!
  • abubincrazy 2011/12/22 00:21:33
    IIIII am the other white meat.
  • Welshtaff 2011/12/22 00:13:39
    Note the Porkers parties all begin with "D"

    Sign the no pork pledge
  • Charu ∞... Welshtaff 2011/12/22 02:21:21
    Charu ∞ijm♥∞
    Imagine that! *chuckles*
  • Joves t... Welshtaff 2011/12/22 02:26:56
    Joves the Instigator
    While yes they do it far more, the other side is just as guilty. Now they arent Earmarking it but putting them in at the last minute as riders in a bill, or non-controversial amendments.
  • Welshtaff Joves t... 2011/12/22 02:43:46
    I agree.
  • Joves t... Welshtaff 2011/12/22 02:47:27
    Joves the Instigator
    Our current problem is that both parties are progressives and both see government as the answer to all problems in the nation, when in fact they are the problem with the nation.
  • Stoney Joves t... 2011/12/22 05:20:15
    The Illusion of choice...................... Illusion
  • The Thi... Welshtaff 2011/12/22 03:07:48
    The Thinking Woman
    You are showing one state, a Democratic state, show the same chart for the nation. It will be much different
  • Welshtaff The Thi... 2011/12/22 04:26:51
    I agree.

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