Should we boycott all Bill Maher's advertisers, sponsors and broadcasters?

Scalded Eagle 2010/04/21 18:03:34
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  • THE LIB HATER 2010/04/21 19:18:49
    The noodle is starting to go limp for that little squirmy creep. Bill Maher isn’t a comedian. He’s just some talentless a--hole who gets paid to act like a smarmy tool on television. You have to understand Liberals and they have been dishing it since the 60’s. They first start with the name calling and then character assassinations, and if that don’t work they start wishing that you die either in a fire or of cancer.

    liberals dishing 60s calling character assassinations work die fire cancer

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  • mal 2010/04/22 19:36:26
    pond scum is he.
  • Scalded... mal 2010/04/23 02:30:02
    Scalded Eagle
    Sewer pond scum!!!
  • TopShel... Scalded... 2010/04/23 16:36:32
    TopShelf® (oyo)

    at least the supremacists have the
    balls to say the reason the despise obama.
    people like you cower behind your
    spoon-fed assertions.

    lemmie guess,you have many black friends,right?
  • menopausin~Praying For America 2010/04/22 19:11:57
    menopausin~Praying For America
    Boycott anything that has to do with the useless, has been POS.
  • Scalded... menopau... 2010/04/23 02:31:50
    Scalded Eagle
    Obama, must be running out of money, if Mayer is the best he can do!!!
  • Faydora Frighty 2010/04/22 18:56:01
    Faydora Frighty
    I say YES! I don't understand why he is still on tv. He is so foul. understand tv foul
  • Scalded... Faydora... 2010/04/23 02:33:22
    Scalded Eagle
    He is a cheap date and works for cheap!!!
  • MQ-Amer... Scalded... 2010/04/23 03:51:48
    MQ-American Values Again (AVA)
    Hollywood gossip has it that he rarely gets a date because he has foul body odor.... that on top of his foul mouth is not a good combination for a 2nd date
  • ☆ c61☆ 2010/04/22 17:58:19
  • Chaz 2010/04/22 17:50:24
    i am i drop HBO from my cable because i can't stand that ........> drop hbo cable
  • Scalded... Chaz 2010/04/23 02:34:56
    Scalded Eagle
    You got that right!!!
  • jdriver 2010/04/22 17:30:25
    I find the man, very offensive,obtrusive, and downright illiterate, about the founding of America, the reasons we were the youngest nation, the most successful,and richest land of opportunity, for all who came here fleeing from oppression,of big government, kings, elitists, or regimes, that would suppress an individuals right to lead his own life, choose his own religion, freedom of speech and choice, own his land, start a business, keep the monies he earned etc... this wothless jackass seems to approve and is only to happy to help, see us set back into history, where once again, we all become serfs, to the overlords, of big government,run by the global elitists of the socialist progressive movement,who have lied,cheated, and wormed their way into power and control, as the heads of our country,who are now in the process of permanently transforming America, collapsing our economy,breaking down our defense system, orchestrating the biggest racial division in decades, on purpose ,redistribution of what wealth we have left, to see us a broken, weakened people,on our knees,with America, everything she has stood for, or against destroyed forever. So this digusting excuse for a so called man,is a traitor to his own country, that gave him the freedom of speech, to spew his hatred and socialist rhetoric, he is one of the true authentic sock puppets, for this smoke and mirrors, destructive administration!
  • ☆ c61☆ jdriver 2010/04/22 17:59:59
  • MARCY jdriver 2010/04/22 21:55:47
    Very well said,this piece of s****t is not worth our time,this idiot thinks his S***t doesn't stink,is another Elitist prick who benefited himself of Capitalism,freedom of speech,all the things he despises about America.
  • jdriver MARCY 2010/04/22 23:10:20
    thanks Marcy, I do get carried away, but it's the truth... :-)
  • Scalded... jdriver 2010/04/23 02:39:54
    Scalded Eagle
    He is a good example of how they use our freedom of speech to overthrow our hard earned freedom!!! They all do it!!!
  • ☆The Rock☆ * AFCL* The Sheriff!!
    All these leftist loons need to be boycotted!
  • Scalded... ☆The Ro... 2010/04/23 02:43:02
    Scalded Eagle
    Right again, Rock!!! Lets get started with rock
  • Carol 2010/04/22 16:46:57
    Bill Maher ROCKS
  • jdriver Carol 2010/04/22 17:36:56
    yeah,the only thing he knows how to rock is the socialist cradle, full of entitlement starved, hungry, do nothing commie babies,
  • Carol jdriver 2010/04/22 19:14:42
    I think you have a strange perspective and do not know the folks that enjoy Bill Maher humor. FYI I have a job.
  • Vic Carol 2010/04/22 23:28:35
    We DO know the folks who enjoy Bill Maher humor.

    folks enjoy maher humor
  • janet Vic 2010/04/23 14:30:56
    Seriously? people like this believe in religion, hence the cross. Intelligent person the Bill is, he does not believe in fairy tales.
  • Vic janet 2010/04/23 16:00:29
    O.K, atheist - whatever you say. LOL
  • Carol Vic 2010/04/23 14:44:48 (edited)
    Are you sure, did you speak to them??????? Or do you just like to post pictures.
  • Vic Carol 2010/04/23 15:59:36
    They look like dorks. Only a dork would like Maher.
  • Carol Vic 2010/04/23 18:51:06
    Thats your sad opinion.
  • Jay0Byrd Vic 2010/04/24 08:47:30
    What's wrong with these two, look like a couple prison guards to me, and I bet they didn't get those redish faces from a Tanning salon-booth!
  • Scalded... Carol 2010/04/23 02:44:42
    Scalded Eagle
    There is nothing funny about America Haters!!!
  • Carol Scalded... 2010/04/23 14:46:57
    That is correct, but Bill Maher does not hate America, far from it.
  • \V/ 2010/04/22 16:13:25
  • Cloudburst 2010/04/22 16:03:06
    Bill Maher, to me, is much more of a patriotic American than Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck. I don't have to agree with him, however, he asks the hard questions...he doesn't settle for close-minded retro politics. He is on the other side of the spectrum keeping a balance in American media and entertainment...along with Jon Stewart. He still has the balls to question our current president. He has the balls to think outside the box. Bill Maher is a necessary opposition to the radical insanity of the Becks and Limbaughs of American.
  • Chris -... Cloudburst 2010/04/22 17:56:55
  • Rich Cloudburst 2010/04/22 20:05:29
    Balance? you mean like MSNBC, CNN, CNBC VS.FOX? That's balance?
  • Dee Cloudburst 2010/04/23 05:39:56
    Bill Maher is on the same side of the spectrum that all of the other America and Patriot haters are on spewing their hateful anti-american propaganda. MSNBC, CNN, ABC, ETC. Rush, Beck, O'Reily, Hannety and others on fox are the only ones on the other side of the spectrum willing to discuss both sides.
  • Cloudburst Dee 2010/04/23 15:34:59 (edited)
  • WGN 2010/04/22 15:54:43
    Of course not.
    What? The TBer's can't take it as they dish it out?
    Why boycott the sponsors of the truth.
    Now if the question was to boycott, Rush or Glenn or Bill, then I'd say Yes.
    Just get those liars off the air.
  • Chris -... WGN 2010/04/23 14:50:08
  • WGN Chris -... 2010/04/23 20:37:48
    Thanks, but I'm not as funny as Glen, Bill, or Rush.
  • mustangluver 2010/04/22 15:51:19
    He is an asswipe from way back. His assinine show was canceled. He holds no weight in anything..He grew up just a few towns away from me in Jersey. He got a break as a comedian because his father was a news editor and a radio broadcaster. Bill should have been politician as he thought he was above everyone else and knew more then everyone else. He is nothing but an asswipe. There is only one cult in existence right now and that is the zombies that support BO.

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