Should we be allowed to fly the Mexican Flag overs the State Capital in the Southwestern States?

johnny2bad 2008/12/06 17:16:29
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I recently got into a debate with other Soda Heads over the legitimacy of displaying the Confederate Flag. To a lot of people that flag represents their southern pride an heritage, and I'm not going to try and change their minds. If thats their mindset and belief system then so be it. But the Confederate Battle flag still flies on the South Carolina State Capital and the Confederate design was incorporated into the design of the state flags of Arkansas, Mississippi, and Georgia. This is all because of the pride and rich heritage of the residents of those noble states. Given that logic shouldn't hispanic residents the Southwestern states of the US which were once Mexican Territory, but siezed at the end of the Mexican American War be given the option to display their rich heritage on the state capital as well? The states in question would be California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of southern Colorado.
Also, for the record before you start throwing insults I'm third generation natural born US citizen, so going back to Mexico isn't really an option.
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  • Heptarch 2008/12/06 17:56:15
    None of the above
    No, because the Mexican flag is the flag of another sovereign nation. If you display that flag over US territory, even if it is subordinate to the US flag, it implies that the other nation has some level of sovereignty or control.

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  • SK-pro impeachment 2013/05/20 04:07:09
    None of the above
    SK-pro impeachment
    Easy to see why the poster is no longer with us on SH.
  • 2012/09/04 03:37:05
  • Terry Ann 2010/02/26 17:05:29
    No, and just to prove a point we'll take down the Confederate flag.
    Terry Ann
    The American flag already represents everything it needs to: all the people that live here and work here and all the people and stories that go into making up this nation, including the Mexican people. Nothing about the American flag excludes anyone...in fact it is the very symbol of the conglomeration of people and heritages that make up this country. No.
  • Thor 2010/02/26 05:09:46
    None of the above
    we conquered those states and own them so NO !!

    No Mexican Flags in the USA
  • jer 2009/06/10 00:30:00
    can't argue the logic of that angle yet, since the confed. flag is illigit. (they lost) thier agument is shot so, if you want to use thier logic, your flag isn't legit either-but as a source of PERSONAL heritage, I'd have no grief-you would'nt care anyway. (p.s. I'm Irish and I fly mine on Paddy's day-I bet you you dress in a little grn. yourselves)
  • Miss Texas 2009/03/15 19:04:47 (edited)
    None of the above
    Miss Texas
    Well first of all we are the united States of America , I am a proud citizen of 16 years and no way is it right to fly the mexican flag ... fly that back home in mexico. We fought for our America , we fought for our rights . so answer this .... how could mexican walk in and plant there nation flag on the soil we fought for ? OH to the comment about America being a shithole ... go back to where you came from and dont down my country .
  • pat 2009/03/10 20:19:22
    None of the above
    no. plain and simple reasoning 1. when the confederate flag was first created the states flying it were still considered american. 2. after the civil war those states which had flown it were still considered american. 3. we dont fly and other countries flags why start with mexico? 4. before hispanics try to get the flag hung maybe most should- subcategory- 1. learn english 2. become a citizen 3. start paying your bills and taxes 4. stop going to hot spots late at night with your 12 children to wistle at girls 5. act like responsible members of society.
  • proudmexicanamerican 2009/02/12 03:35:40
    Yes, and there's a few others that we should display as well.
    hey all you racist mother F@#$%rs theres more of us in your country then you, we work harder then you we dont bitch as much as you we keep our cars and houses cleaner then you we fight your wars for you.... im a us soldier half mexican born in america i love this country and i love my mexican heritage you can talk and talk and point fingers all you want but you wouldnt be here either if it wasnt for immigration you wanna call someone ignorant look in the mirror you skinhead pussys
  • Tu Madre proudme... 2009/09/25 07:14:32
    Tu Madre
    don't listen to those assholes
  • BLACK PARIS 2009/02/04 01:10:51
    No, and just to prove a point we'll take down the Confederate flag.
    Fly the Mexican flag in Mexico.
  • cynthia martinez 2009/02/03 12:23:22
    Yes, and there's a few others that we should display as well.
    cynthia martinez
    the way people answered to this
    with all their hate
    sooo much hate in their blood.
    they do think they are the shit.
    and yes
    dont worry
    ill move out of your precious country once i free load of all your education
    cuz afterall
    i am a poor mexican
    with illegal immigrant parents
    who can't afford to pay it
    but i get grants and scholarships
    because i worked for it.
    So as soon as get my PHD
    either i become an activist to change shit in
    this shithole country
    or leave
    sad, sad, sad,
    materialistic superficial selfish life you al live
    good thing, we have alot of MEXICANS in college becoming more powerful
    because we work hard, its the only way to get there.
    while your "citizens" rot and drop out of college.
  • Miss Texas cynthia... 2009/03/15 22:20:55
    Miss Texas
    Im a proud Texan , I live with ambition and drive to accomplish dreams , just as my forefather did befor me . Im not racist in any way but i do believe that foreign flags should be flown on their land not mine . We have shed blood and won rights to fly the Texas flag in America ... Mexico didn't . This is our soil not Mexico so please dont put down my state or country . It is also illegal to fly Mexico's flag at level or higher then Texas or American flag (Texas flag code sec i) Thank you for your time

    - miss Texas -
  • boriqua queen 2009/02/01 20:22:44
  • turtleedie 2009/02/01 16:56:28
    None of the above
    Why are you trying to make citizens of the USA hate mexicans more than we already do? Those are very inappropriate answers. Why not just have "Hell No" for an answer?
  • kicknass 2009/01/31 02:05:55
    Yes, and there's a few others that we should display as well.
  • shattered 2009/01/30 17:22:28
  • santa6642 2009/01/30 17:15:36
    None of the above
    You are trying to beat a dead horse just to incite raceism into the mix.
  • mardi claw 2009/01/27 00:52:49
    None of the above
    mardi claw
    I think if you want to fly a flag, then fly it... I don't care what flag it is... I'm so tired of this debate... people are proud of their heritage, and I don't see why they can't display it. I've seen mexican flags over mexican restaurants, I've seen french flags in french restaurants... Its just not that black and white for me... I fly an american flag, because my landlady prefers that, if I had my way, I'd fly a jolly roger...
  • JanetHa... mardi claw 2009/03/16 18:24:22
    I'd much rather fly a jolly roger too lol
  • Georgie's Girl 2009/01/06 17:40:33 (edited)
    None of the above
    Georgie's Girl
    The Mexican flag belongs in Mexico, just like the Cuban flag belongs in Cuba. Any flag of the country that is flying it should be the only ones allowed, and that includes the flag of the Confederacy. We don't fly the Brit's flag here! If you want to fly any other country's flag, you are free to go there and fly it. And take all your anchor babies with you!
  • Devilish Thoughts 2009/01/06 17:03:29
    None of the above
    Devilish Thoughts
    Shakes head and walks away in utter disgust that this would even be asked!

    If you loved YOUR country so much why the hell don't you stay there and demand from it all you demand from the US! If you want to harvest the benifits of this nation then RESPECT it first, live by its rules second, and contribute more than your welfare babies, drug runners, criminals and DEMANDS, speak its language and LEARN its history. Become a legal citizen who is proud to be AMERICAN, maybe then flying a mexican flag will not be such an issue for you.
  • DeborahLakeHelen 2009/01/06 01:01:13
    None of the above
    NO! The MEXICAN Flag belongs in MEXICO! The Confederate Flag SHOULD be flying, proudly, because it's PART of AMERICAN HERITAGE!
  • fedupwi... Deborah... 2009/01/10 14:38:30
    In a sense, I agree.
    It is part of a section of this country's history, and should be treated as such.
  • John_Aurora_68 2009/01/02 20:35:58
    No, and just to prove a point we'll take down the Confederate flag.
    First of all Texas was an independent country before it was a state. I think you are doing a disservice saying the states were seized. Back then it was all territory which means wilderness.
  • krayzrick 2008/12/19 00:06:41
    None of the above
    This is the United States of America. Not Mexico.
  • jonny man 2008/12/16 08:21:19
    None of the above
    jonny man
    i agree wit heptarch on this subject, the confederate is part of our history, the mexico is part of it to but its another nation i still think we should just make it the 51 state n then we can stat taxing then for working.
  • êļļĴáŸê 2008/12/15 20:26:19 (edited)
    None of the above
    I live in New Mexico which used to be Mexico. So the majority of people here are Mexican going back many generations long before New Mexico became a state. You see the Mexican Flag everywhere. It is part of the state's history. Some of our government buildings do display a Mexican flag, not on the same pole as the American flag, but as respect to the heritage, and also representing "sister" cities. The Mexican flag has gone up and down at the Capitial, depending on the political climate, and who is Governor at the time. I don't believe it is up right now, but I haven't driven by in awhile so I am not sure.There have been a few incidences where somebody has torn down a Mexican flag in protest, mainly as an argument of it "encouraging" illegals to come here.
    I personally LOVE the country of Mexico. I love the culture, the art, the music, The FOOD! and when I first came to New Mexico and saw that it had retained most of it's old culture, I decided to move here. I have been here 18 years and love it. I find no offense to seeing Mexican flags displayed as they are a celebration of the history of this beautiful state.
    18 years love offense mexican flags displayed celebration history beautiful 18 years love offense mexican flags displayed celebration history beautiful
  • krayzrick êļļĴáŸê 2008/12/19 00:11:12
    fly your flag, but if I see the American flag hanging like a rag under yours as in your first picture, I'll tear yours down and take the American flag. This is America. Love it. Respect it, and call it yours, or go back where you came from.
  • êļļĴáŸê krayzrick 2008/12/19 02:50:07
    Came from here. USA
  • John_Au... êļļĴáŸê 2009/01/02 20:40:35
    Do you see anything wrong with these pictures? Are these just some you picked off the internet? If you are naturalized you know the American flag can't be flown under any other flag. The first picture above is so wrong... its not funny. Showing these pictures do not help your argument.
  • fedupwi... êļļĴáŸê 2009/01/10 14:37:19
    Colorado, California, Arizona, Utah were all Mexican Territory as well...but they don't feel the need to erect the Mexican flag. In fact, the majority in California is Mexican (American and illegal).
    I'm from New Mexico, graduated from UNM, grew up in Silver City. I'm used to being a minority. However, the Mexican americans in New Mexico embraced the English language while I was growin up there. Now, (I've been back a few times over the years), the illegals are increasing in number in that state, and they have been allowed to be lazy about learning it. It's really their choice. Kind of sad.
  • Ang 2008/12/15 18:48:38
    None of the above
    This is not Mexico, so I don't see the point.
  • s 2008/12/14 04:15:54
    None of the above
    NO NO NO THis is America We have a flag.
  • hairdo4me2 2008/12/13 17:20:35
    No, and just to prove a point we'll take down the Confederate flag.
    I don't want to change other sodaheads minds, but to have that happen is kind of like declaring a higher ranking.
  • honeybee 2008/12/13 16:51:25
    None of the above
    NO, This is the United States of American, not Mexico. The Mexican flag needs to be flown in Mexico.
  • blndvmpyr 2008/12/13 16:49:58
    No, and just to prove a point we'll take down the Confederate flag.
    The Stars & Stripes is the one and only flag of the USA. The flag of any other countries should never bee flown over US soil, the only exceptions should be at the United Nations and whenever the USA hosts the Olympic games.
  • Tracy 2008/12/13 14:35:25
    None of the above
    You could probably request citizenship and go back that way...
    request citizenship
  • Mike 2008/12/13 11:46:09
    Yes, and there's a few others that we should display as well.
    In defense of the confederate flag and the "Liberty and Justice" for which our flag REPRESENTS, I feel STATES have the RIGHT to fly whatever flag represents their historical and or cultural identity. If the State of Minnesota wants to fly the Norwegian Flag, my opinion is, if the residents don't care, then why should I. I think that there are too many nationalist whom blaspheme the US Flag in it's own defense. These people just do not understand the concepts of liberty and justice. They hold a symbol of freedom over people and attempt to enforce it's display with tyranny. LoL, ok, now that I have posted this, how many of you are calling for my imprisonment and or execution. Perhaps you will think about it and become enlightened, but I doubt it, damn Yankee's
  • lawoffi... Mike 2009/07/15 20:30:42
    i believe this was about as spot on as my opinion as i have ever encountered, down to the imprisonment and/or execution... lol.
  • JO4USA 2008/12/13 04:05:07
    None of the above
    There's a massive amount of Flag etiquette out there, each nation has it's own and maritime in addition. If we go into Canadian waters, we fly a courtesy Canadian flag as well in addition to our American flag. The courtesy flag is always smaller. Must take the courtesy flag off its post once we are back in American waters.
    As far as this posts question, I would ask why? Then go look up flag etiquette pertaining to that particular flag.
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