Should Victims Receive Compensation for 'Surprise STDs'?

News 2012/06/07 18:57:51
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A 49-year-old Oregon woman found a little bit of respite this week when the court awarded her a whopping $900,000 as compensation for contracting herpes from a 69-year-old man on their fourth date. According to the L.A. Times, the jury decided the woman was only "25% responsible" for contracting the STD because the man failed to tell her that he had it before they had sex.

Randall Vogt, attorney for the plaintiff, explained, "He was 69, my client was a very attractive 49. My argument to the jury was he just wanted to sink his hooks into her." There were also suggestions of battery ("aggressive consummation"), which made it impossible for her to put a condom on him, and she was able to give evidence that she had not had the STD prior to the encounter. They met on eHarmony. Do you think it's fair to grant the unknowning recipient of an STD legal compensation?

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  • Common ... TKramar 2012/06/08 16:56:09
    Common Sense Conservative
    Obviously not.
  • TKramar Common ... 2012/06/09 09:38:25
    It's all free money coming from the U.S. government. Living on his Social Security.
  • Common ... TKramar 2012/06/10 19:59:08
    Common Sense Conservative
    It's not FREE money.
  • TKramar Common ... 2012/06/11 03:22:26
    Yeah it is. It's not money you worked for, it's money the rest of us worked for.
  • Common ... TKramar 2012/06/11 03:32:18
    Common Sense Conservative
    I hope you;re not serious. Of course it's money you worked for.
  • TKramar Common ... 2012/06/11 03:38:22
    The money you worked for and taken out as taxes, went out to pay prior recipients of government handouts. Social Security is a HANDOUT.
  • Common ... TKramar 2012/06/11 03:56:05
    Common Sense Conservative
    You have no idea what you're talking about. So let me ask, the 1st person that paid into SS, where did that money go to?
  • smitty Common ... 2012/06/11 18:43:42
    First Base.
  • Common ... smitty 2012/06/11 21:02:08
    Common Sense Conservative
  • TKramar Common ... 2012/06/12 15:30:44
    It went to the politicians' pockets.
  • Common ... TKramar 2012/06/12 21:29:19
    Common Sense Conservative
    Any proof?
  • Vitalani Common ... 2012/06/08 02:33:08
    Or she's just stupid, pissed, and has a good lawyer.
  • Common ... Vitalani 2012/06/08 03:58:52
    Common Sense Conservative
    Now that's the best answer yet
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/08 04:38:53
    Really? Good for you that you were "smart" enough, not to get raped. WTF??
  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/08 04:48:42
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 00:29:36
    No. I'm not. At all. Read this and then ask me that again.
  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/09 01:07:23
    I've read the article already. I don't know what that think is but I can't go to it.
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 01:24:06
    http://www.sodahead.com/unite... That think is my comment on page 12.
  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/09 01:53:44
    Are you kidding me? Posting this to me TWICE isn't going to do anything. I already told you I've read the article and I CAN'T open your damn link. Christ.
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 02:24:48
    No. http://www.sodahead.com/unite...

    However, it;s on page 12. Or you could just go to my profile and look at my recent history.

    Funny thing is how much you've raved me recently.
  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/09 02:41:06
    Seriously? You posted it AGAIN after I've told you numerous times I can't open it. WOW.

    What does me raving you on other things have to do with me disagreeing with you on this? Lmfao. Sorry but just because I agree with some of what a person says doesn't mean I'm going to kiss their ass when I disagree. That's not me. That's fake.
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 02:55:46
  • VICTORIA VICTORIA 2012/06/09 02:55:54
    Thanks so much old lady- Less than a handful of people in real life know about it-
    When the Sandusky/pedophilia story broke- Goldie Taylor confessed on TV that she'd been the victim of a similar abuse by an authority figure- so I went to her website and spoke publicly about it for the first time in 30 years. It destroyed me- ruined my life- and I didn't name a name- but was pressed (or mocked) into doing so- and when I did- it was met with disbelief instead of sympathy or understanding.
    Lynn Swann is a god in my town- and I was terrified of breathing a word about it- even my stepmother called me a liar and was angry at me for "slandering" her hero.

    SO I've never made a whisper- but for some reason- it's been weighing heavily on me lately- maybe because I've finally come home to Pittsburgh- I've been on the run- running away from my home for 30 years- I don't care about the repercussions any more- I guess I'm stronger now.

  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/09 02:57:55
    Wow. You are very condescending... My DEAR. Sorry hun, but you're some random chick from the Internet. I don't believe anything random people say unless the prove it. Which you can't. =]
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 03:02:08
    Condescending to whom exactly?
    You responded in less than 1 minute.
    Read what I took the time and effort to post- THEN you can reject it out of hand based on your bias.
    Really you've been complaining that you cannot access my links- then when I post the content- you still complain?
    Ok then.
  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/09 05:37:56
    Bias? And in which way am I biased? Which pre-existing beliefs do I have (That YOU somehow know about) that have influenced what I have said? None. Exactly. Learn what bias is please.

    WHAT content?? You have NOT used ANY quotations OR references. Sh*t, for all I know what you just posted is about YOURSELF. Which wouldn't be applicable to this story what so ever(I would also call BS). Honestly, you aren't even making any sense as of right now.

    (Condescending to me. I'm not an idiot. When a woman calls another woman "dear" in an altercation it is meant to be belittling and degrading, that's just how it is. Don't play dumb. It makes you look even more stupid.)

    Also, you seem skeptical that the links don't work for some odd reason.
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 14:07:40
    Oh I see, you think I was being condescending by calling you dearheart. I use that as a genuine expression of endearment.
    That's why I didn't understand your calling me condescending= because it wasn't meant that way at all. It's a gentle term- not one of derision.
    Like I said in the text, it's the first time I've spoken in public or even outside of a handful of friends and family in 30 years.
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 14:08:38
    And no, I wasn't skeptical- I even offered a reason why the link wouldn't work that places no blame.
  • CW VICTORIA 2012/06/10 16:02:26
    Meow hisssssssssssss! Catfight! :O
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 02:26:50
    No again,. I've just clicked on the link. It works just fine. Maybe it's just a simple thing like a program that your computer doesn't accept. I always strive to have the assumption of the good intentions in people.
  • Vitalani VICTORIA 2012/06/09 20:44:29
  • VICTORIA Vitalani 2012/06/09 20:54:12
    It's okay! I never presumed any dishonesty on your part in any way.
    That's why I posted what I linked.
    And I really do call people dearheart- a friend of mine who is a priest always calls me that- and it makes me feel so good when he does-
  • Common ... VICTORIA 2012/06/08 05:52:33
    Common Sense Conservative
    Who was raped?
  • Vitalani Common ... 2012/06/08 06:07:18
    She seems to believe that "There were also SUGGESTIONS of battery ("aggressive consummation")" automatically means this woman was raped. which is ridiculous.
  • Common ... Vitalani 2012/06/08 16:56:51
    Common Sense Conservative
    A lot of women want to jump on that band wagon when hearing about other women.
  • Vitalani Common ... 2012/06/08 18:50:57
    I guess so!
  • VICTORIA Common ... 2012/06/09 00:30:00
  • Dan Zel... Vitalani 2012/06/08 15:22:11
    Dan Zellman
    Did you have the benefit of adequate sex education in school? That would make a difference. e Harmony should require full disclosure. By not, they put themselves in the responsible category as well.
  • Vitalani Dan Zel... 2012/06/08 18:55:00
    Yes I did. However I would hope that a woman of her age would have caught on to what I learned in a few years over the span of nearly 5 decades.
  • Charmaine Vitalani 2012/06/08 21:07:20

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