Should United States Senator Tim Johnson resign?

Boopie 2007/03/15 05:09:13
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In December 2006, U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (of South Dakota) suffered a life-threatening brain hemorrhage, and underwent emergency brain surgery. He was upgraded from critical to fair condition in January 2007.

Senator Johnson has been recovering at a private rehabilitation facility since leaving the hospital last month. He issued his first public statement (through his office) on March 13.

Senator Johnson's office stated that recovery is expected to last several additional months, and claimed that the senator is doing some (unspecified) work from his bed. He is currently undergoing physical, occupational, and speech therapy.

No indication has been given as to the amount of permanent mental and/or physical impairment, if any, Senator Johnson has sustained, or when he can actually return to his senatorial duties.

Senator Johnson is up for re-election in 2008.

Should Senator Johnson resign from the United States Senate?
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  • richgrec 2008/01/12 06:26:29
    I'm from South Dakota and I have heard him talk recently. He is fully capable of fulfilling his duties of office. Besides, we are parasitized by an ignorant Republican governor and he would just appoint a fellow Republican to replace Sen. Johnson
  • dras 2007/09/08 00:27:55
    I voted no and I have to question why this is even a poll question. At half speed this man will do more for every American then some of the closeted homosexual sickos that fill the ranks of the republican Party. FDR was in worst physical shape then Johnson is and he was a great President. I'll even give Reagan to you, he had dementia, didn't remember some of his cabinet members and a lot of people believed he did a wonderful job.
  • Sara 2007/06/21 22:18:21
    i worked with these types of patients for years. he may look ok in pictures, but, unless they're releasing video, doubt he's working too well. most likely, his staff is taking care of most of his responsibilities. obvious in pics he's experienced pretty good stroke b/c his R arm is paralyzed, meaning his L brain is affected. he needs to retire.
  • Lori 2007/03/29 14:01:08
    His job requires much more of him than he can physically and mentally take on right now. He needs to focus on himself right now not helping to run our country!
  • Al 2007/03/27 23:31:40
    The process is in place for how such things are handled within the rules of Senate and the Constitution and the people can vote him out in the next election. He should resign if he feels he won't return or doesn't want to but it is his Senate term to serve out. The only ones really hurt by this are Party leadership on votes that come down along party lines and if the vote were that close then maybe the positions aren't very clear and there's a lack of consensus.
  • SocialCred 2007/03/22 05:31:55
    Amazing that they keep in a truly incapacitated man in a critical position with potential national security implications. He is not fit for duty nor will he be in the foreseeable future....
  • Warren 2007/03/16 04:07:20
    Strom Thurmond kept his job in the Senate from his hospital bed as well. As long as he's still mentally there I think its fine.
  • Boopie Warren 2007/03/22 05:44:08
    As far as I can tell, his office has been mum on his mental condition. This is important, because he sustained a significant brain trauma. If his injuries were instead, God forbid, paralysis from the waist down, resignation would be a non-issue to me.
  • Warren Boopie 2007/03/22 05:56:13
    A press release from his office said he is alert and has been reviewing work
  • Michael 2007/03/15 18:31:21
    Health conditions take the priority and to the extent he needs extra time to recover, give it to him. If you were in his situation I can't image you would feel any different.
  • yosefa 2007/03/15 13:41:47
    Senators are entited to medical leave. Time will tell when could be back and perform his senatorial duties.
  • Fef 2007/03/15 07:16:58
    Don't let politics get in the way of your health, and don't let your health get in the way of politics. He should step aside so he can recover and our country can have a conscious senator. We wish Sen. Johnson a healthy recovery.
  • Boopie 2007/03/15 06:10:58
    His constituents deserve a fully-functioning voice in the Senate.
  • Curious E 2007/03/15 05:27:37
    Curious E
    We need a fully functioning legislator.

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