Should UCLA Student Alexandra Wallace Be Punished for Anti-Asian YouTube Video Rant?

News 2011/03/15 15:00:00
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Alexandra Wallace just learned the power of the Internet and that some things are better off not being recorded. A student at UCLA, Wallace recently posted a video on YouTube of her complaining about Asian students in the library who were calling people in Japan after the tsunami.

"I swear they're going through their whole phone book, checking on everybody with this tsunami thing," she says on the video, and then goes on mocking their accents and criticizing them for their lack of "American manners."

After the video went viral, Wallace apologized, according to ABC News.

"Clearly the original video posted by me was inappropriate," she said in a statement. "I cannot explain what possessed me to approach the subject as I did. And if I could undo it, I would. I'd like to offer my apology to the entire UCLA campus. For those who cannot find it within them to accept my apology, I understand."

UCLA school officials are now reviewing if any campus policies were broken and will then decide if any punishment would be appropriate.

A school spokesperson released the following statement:

"We've seen the video and it includes comments that we find offensive. They are contrary to the values of UCLA."

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  • Grrr 2011/03/15 15:37:20 (edited)
    It goes agaisnt her 1st amendment, but not only was this video really offensive, it was really stupid. Just for this video for judging people she will have thousands maybe millions of people judging her for being a idiot. offensive stupid video judging people millions people judging idiot demotivational poster facepalm

    but she really is a moron for posting the rant on youtube. i guess she had a dumb blonde moment.

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  • irish 2012/04/24 13:39:47
    why is it that freedom of speech is so hated in this country?
  • Yoru Azenia 2012/04/24 13:38:34
    Yoru Azenia
    Do I think she was right? No she is a stupid ignorant bitch. Does se deserve punishment? No she didn't commit a hate crime and she was expressing freedom of speech therefore the law says shes done nothing wrong. The video AND her account deserve to be pulled from youtube though.
  • This is W³ 2012/02/05 06:50:52
    This is W³
    If anything, the university should have reprimanded her.
  • donald 2011/08/02 17:12:45
    She needs to train her bain not to let her tongue vent.She should be glad it was not her trying to find out if her loved ones are alive.
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2011/06/23 16:00:36 (edited)
  • gams 2011/06/21 18:11:39
    It's pretty bad that she's complaining about people from a country that went through a tsunami. She's clearly stupid and really insensitive. But she's shot herself in the foot by putting up a rant of herself on youtube. How self centred do you have to be. Unfortunately you can't punish stupid! But hopefully society will put her in her place and maybe people will boo her.
  • Moejj 2011/06/21 04:03:46
    so she's an ass. BUT she didn't break a law, so there's no punishment for being an idiot.
  • SabataniShetu 2011/04/24 21:00:20
    Punished yes. Legally no. She has a right to say it true, but thats doesn't mean she could abuse the right.
  • Arianne 2011/04/10 10:30:35
    Of course she should, it doesn' t mean it has to be by law. Being excluded and talked about, as she is now, is as much a punishment than any sanction the university gives her. She is well within her rights to post the video, and it IS freedom of speech; however society, the people around her, should NOT condone this video. Many who are ethnically asian describe themselves as American, they see themselves as American, and they have grown up in the U.S of A. You say that she's entittled to an opinion, no matter how outdated and racist it may be. I agree, but we, as a society should make sure she owes up to it. If you were an American in Japan and the tsunami hit YOUR home and you were in the library, would you care if you were disturbing people if you're worried about the lives of family and friends? I for one would take any and all calls regardless of the rules, my concern about the lives of those I love would take precedence over your concentration.
  • hyrulien 2011/03/31 12:51:05
    Bounce for me piggy cause I got this stick.
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  • Stephaniee 2011/03/27 07:32:39
    When I Read This I Started Laughing What Blonde Can Get in A University?
  • Shockice Stephaniee 2011/04/06 23:05:22
    A blonde with money.
  • gams Shockice 2011/06/21 18:12:43
  • waynelaboy 2011/03/26 21:25:08 (edited)
    i know what possessed you, the devil in you. when it comes to america as much as the disasters are nowadays you'd be upset if someone were to facebook "america deserves it." have sympathy and stop the racism you ignorant baboon.
  • stevegt... waynelaboy 2011/06/23 16:09:10
  • waynelaboy stevegt... 2011/07/11 15:46:43
    too much but reprimand is in order.
  • JesCruz 2011/03/26 20:52:20
    It seems I'd just post a video of me ranting to get popular.
  • disclaimer 2011/03/25 04:56:14
    With regards to you first amendment people, I can just say this: UCLA can punish her for pretty much anything they want, because I'm sure a lot of Asians now associate UCLA with this airhead. She should definitely be punished. Even if she went on a rant cussing out terrorists, I'd say the same thing.
  • Shockice disclaimer 2011/04/06 23:09:36
    You can sue anyone for any reason, ACLU can spend all day suing you because the sky is blue... doesn't mean the lawsuit holds any legal baring, that's a different story, if the lawsuit is frivolous or unjustly then she could counter prosecute the ACLU for wrongful prosecution. I really don't see any legal grounds to sue her and actually win on.
  • disclaimer Shockice 2011/04/25 03:30:26
    I didn't say UCLA (and it's UCLA, not ACLU. It stands for University of California, Los Angeles.) should sue her. I said she should be punished for her totally inappropriate and racist actions. UCLA no doubt has a code of conduct that the students need to follow that probably bars diatribes like these. She didn't break the law, but she (most likely) broke the rules of her school. I sincerely hope she is disciplined for what she did and said. She abused her right to free speech.
  • Shockice disclaimer 2011/05/13 20:02:58
    Depends on where she was, if she was in school then of course they can suspend her... but if she was not on school property then it is out of their control. You can be racist all you want to on your own property.
  • disclaimer Shockice 2011/05/15 18:17:02
    I think she was posting from the UCLA library, but even if she wasn't, she identified herself with them. That could be grounds for suspension. Hey, that football player from Brigham Young got suspended because it's a Mormon university and someone found out he was having sex with his girlfriend.
  • sylviaplatt 2011/03/24 22:46:38
  • ninja sylviap... 2011/04/28 01:54:56 (edited)
    no kidding!!, i can see where all you nos are coming from
  • cuteri97 2011/03/23 21:49:34
  • gothbride666 2011/03/22 03:07:21
    she's ridiculous
  • gams gothbri... 2011/06/21 18:13:54
  • Sildy 2011/03/21 23:58:29
    I would have voted no - however, once she stated she was a student at UCLA, she violated UCLA's policies, and as a college student, she should know that if you violate policy, you're probably going to be punished.
    As for 1st Amdendment - read the Constitution people - it doesn't say you can say whatever you feel like, whenever you feel like and damn it to hell to everyone else. It was CLEARLY stated and intended to protect POLITICAL speech - not every speech everywhere. Unfortunately it has been twisted to make it appear that way. Everyone has to learn at some point - if you exercise your mouth, there's a good chance it's going to get slapped shut ; )
  • disclaimer Sildy 2011/04/25 03:31:39
    Thank you, thank you for clarifying the first amendment. I don't mean that sarcastically.
  • Sildy disclaimer 2011/04/27 03:35:28
    No problem lol
    I actually have a pocket edition of the Constitution that was given to me, as I am a history buff lol I know, nerdy, but whatever = D
  • fasttony46 2011/03/21 21:35:10
    Sometimes the very ass, you mean to kick today, May turn out to be the same one, you kiss tomorrow!
  • Maculit fasttony46 2012/02/28 18:50:18
    Like Claire Danes badmouthing my country years ago? We haven't kissed her yet. And probably never will.
  • mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA 2011/03/21 20:39:54
    mg's haven~POTL~PWCM~JLA
    There is no doubt in my mind this is foul But if she get her but handed to her there had better be soem other people dealing with their idea of what ok to let spew from their mouth. ( im not a fan of irresponsible use of the freedom of speech no matter who does it. BUT making an example of people just makes it that much worse)
  • Don 2011/03/21 20:24:54
    Freedom of SPEECH.
  • Mitch Don 2011/03/21 23:23:12
    I AGREE!

    The World has gone CRAZY! She was more than polite to what she had to put up with.

    And watch the Movie Blue Hawaii with Elvis Presley, His mother is always calling the Asian Butler ping pong ching chang chong! Get OVER IT!
  • Crystal Don 2011/03/30 06:09:13 (edited)
    Freedom of speech only protects people from being prosecuted. People can and have been expelled from school or fired from their job for making racist comments.
  • stevegt... Crystal 2011/06/23 16:23:35 (edited)
  • flying_without_wings 2011/03/21 17:20:45
    I saw that video way before it went viral and I was annoyed. I don't care if it's the First Amendment, the amendments are there to help GUIDE us to make good choices. Technically, the U.S. is a free country, but every action bears a consequence; if she get suspended for verbally attacking a race (yes, she did, that's called racism) then she deserves. I'm pretty sure the Asians aren't happy with this blonde.

    On the flip side, this could give Asians to break out of the mold that tells them they're supposed to be weak nerds and beat this girl up and rip out her fake boobs. That would be entertaining.
  • stevegt... flying_... 2011/06/23 16:26:40
  • forestinfullbloom 2011/03/21 10:12:36
    Freedom of speech is bigger than this bitch's tits. She can keep ranting as much as she likes.
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