Should the U.S. government debt ceiling be raised, kept the same, or lowered?

Starchild 2011/07/25 12:39:37
The U.S. federal debt ceiling limit should be RAISED -- government isn't spending enough money!
The U.S. federal debt ceiling limit should STAY THE SAME -- government spending is about what it should be.
The U.S. federal debt ceiling limit should be LOWERED -- government is spending too much money!
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The United States federal government's debt ceiling -- the amount of money Congress allows the government to borrow -- has been much in the news recently.

Many members of the American political establishment argue that they must be allowed to incur additional debt beyond the $14.3 trillion or more the U.S. government already owes, or otherwise financial markets could suffer and cause an economic downturn.

Many other people say that Washington is simply addicted to living beyond its means, and looking for any rationalization to keep the gravy train going, and that more government spending will just make economic problems worse.

Ultimately, the question of what to do about the debt ceiling is a question of what should be done with regard to government spending.

Is it more of a risk to freeze spending, reduce spending, or keep going deeper into debt? Are the Feds spending about the right amount of money? Too much? Too little? What do YOU think?
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  • Wahvlvke 2011/07/25 14:06:12
    The U.S. federal debt ceiling limit should be LOWERED -- government is spendi...
    Not only lowered but eliminated all together...pay off the debt and never incurr any again without 100% support of the entire electorate.
  • Tuna 2011/07/25 13:34:48
    The U.S. federal debt ceiling limit should be LOWERED -- government is spendi...
    The USA does NOT owe anybody $14T; most of that is the money the corrupt politicians STOLE from S.S., Medicare, Medicaid along with another huge $$ total they STOLE from Federal Employee Retirement. One HUGE problem, we have the exact same leaders, Obama/Reid/Pelosi/Boehner/McC... that caused the meltdown in charge of fixing it. retirement huge exact leaders obamareidpelosiboehnermcc caused meltdown charge fixing corrupt politicians
  • Dale 2011/07/25 13:27:29
    Under the current mess we have in this country, the debt ceiling should be raised. But, spending must be cut, and cut by more than moving monies from one block of ten years to another. Or the phantom money of requesting a 10 percent increase in a governmental budget and lowering it to six percent and calling it a decrease in spending. And doing something about the "Waste and Fraud" in government that folks in Washington are so fond of talking about. If there is fraud, it is a crime. It does not take Congressional action(s) to to do something about it. Just have to do it. That's one of the reasons we have DOJ. And the waste, start firing some folks starting from the top and working down. And the list goes on and on. And Congress and Administration just goes on and on. And their accomplishments..? Well, that should be a question for another poll.
  • Daniel 2011/07/25 13:09:48
    The U.S. federal debt ceiling limit should be LOWERED -- government is spendi...

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