Should the media continue to give Pastor Terry Jones ink or headlines?

cate 2012/06/09 12:24:15
Is it time to ignore his stunts for publicity?

Read More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/08/obama-eff...

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  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2012/06/09 14:49:52 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    Yes, giving folks like he attention gives them creds they do not deserve - what is it that some religious groups do - I remember - Shun him, with none paying even the smallest attention, he can talk to himself
  • Raymond Allamby 2012/06/09 13:52:40
    Raymond Allamby
    oh yes, lot's of press. i need toilet paper.
  • FAWKES' NOOSE ~ ΔTX 2012/06/09 13:15:12
    Political activity by a church in opposition to a candidate? Its time to give him as much press as possible so the IRS has no choice but to remove his tax-exempt status.

    "Currently, the law prohibits political campaign activity by charities and churches by defining a 501(c)(3) organization as one "which does not participate in, or intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements), any political campaign on behalf of (or in opposition to) any candidate for public office."

  • BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET) 2012/06/09 12:25:50
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    Give him a slap round the chops with a salmon.
  • cate BattleB... 2012/06/09 12:27:40
  • BattleB... cate 2012/06/09 12:32:54
    BattleBattlerBenji (PHAET)
    Yes, although if its done from a moving vehicle, it heightens the impact.
  • cate BattleB... 2012/06/09 12:44:04
    I like how your mind works.
  • FAWKES'... cate 2012/06/09 13:16:06

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