Should The Government Require Large Semi-Trailers To Be Transported On Trains?

Samantha 2012/07/09 22:33:37
If we reduce the U.S. military budget by even one-third, and I advocate two-thirds, we could invest in a space program-type project to rebuild a national rail system that would create millions of jobs ranging from laborers to skilled workers. The transportation of goods using such a rail system would greatly reduce fuel consumption because currently there are no fuel consumption standards for tractor-trailers which account for about 26 percent of the transportation fuel used in the U.S.


The damage done to America's, by tractor-trailers, is documented. See:


Large trucks - including tractor-trailers, single-unit trucks, and certain heavy cargo vans with gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds - account for a disproportionate share of traffic deaths based on miles traveled. The fatal crash rate for large trucks is 2.4 deaths per 100 million vehicle miles traveled - more than 50 percent greater than the rate for all vehicles on the roads. People in passenger vehicles are especially vulnerable in collisions with large trucks because of the great difference in weight between cars and large tucks. In two-vehicle crashes involving passenger vehicles and large trucks, 98 percent of the fatalities were occupants of the passenger vehicle.

One legal 80,000 pound GVW tractor-trailer truck does as much damage to road pavement as 9,600 cars. (Highway Research Board, NAS, 1962). Overweight trucks chronically underpay their fair share of taxes and user fees for the repair of U.S. roads and bridges. By damaging roads, large trucks further degrade highway safety. (U.S. DOT, 1997).

I anticipate one argument will be that such an endeavor would result in the unemployment of truck drivers. I disagree because investing in a national rail system can employ former truck drivers; they can 'drive' railroad spikes.

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  • jackolantyrn356 2012/07/10 16:24:13
    No, the trailers are not empty. They either are heavy armaments for shelling towns or ammo and firearms to kill Citizens in the streets. or some sort of quick killing machines.

    To fight this off. Learn "Gorilla" techniques of the old Viet-cong
  • Samantha jackola... 2012/07/10 18:25:08 (edited)
    In what possible way do you think your asinine comment is even remotely relevant to the discussion?

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