Should Terminally Ill Man Be Allowed to Televise His Assisted Suicide?

News 2011/07/28 21:34:05
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Reality television is about to get a lot more real.

Nikolai Ivanisovich, a 62-year-old Russian man suffering from a terminal brain tumor, is not only requesting he be allowed to die, he's requesting he be allowed to die in front of a live audience.

Although, at this point it's sounding like less of a request and more of a guarantee.

Alki David, the chairman of FilmOn and BattleCam, has reportedly purchased the rights to stream Ivanisovich's assisted suicide, and a clinic in Switzerland has agreed to oblige the dying man his last request via lethal injection.

BattleCam Operations Vice President Claude Haraser explained, "This is a breakthrough in consciousness on what we watch and how we watch it."

But why does Ivanisovich want to air his death on the Internet?

He told Russia Today, "I am grateful to Mr. David and his team for making this possible. My family will be able to live in prosperity after I pass. May God bless Mr. David for his kindness and generosity."

He continued, "Projecting the moral questions that will arise from this event, I would like to add that I find nothing wrong with this at all. Death is a fact of life... many governments throughout the western world, including Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg, recognize the importance the right to each individual's right to end their life, free of terminal pain."

So far there are no details about when the suicide will take place, or what level of production will go into the filming of it.

Read More: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2011/07/suic...

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  • Mary-Jo... MangoLuve 2011/08/12 09:21:52
    Mary-Joe meaganasfree2rhyme00
    agreed gone are the days of popularity amongst the Simpsons or young and the restless today its all about the beauty pagents
  • MangoLuve Mary-Jo... 2011/08/16 22:32:37
    Agree completely.
  • Lilymoon 2011/07/30 02:47:57
    Ok so what's next? Lets see, televised executions? You get to see someone on death row finally get put to death, all in the comfort of your living room. Popcorn anyone?
  • joseph r 2011/07/30 02:45:49
    joseph r
    snuff films have always been illegal and should stay that way
  • Kerymi 2011/07/30 02:37:23
    I'm just confused. Why would anyone even want to watch that...?
  • Constitution Believer 2011/07/30 02:35:31
  • mod pod Constit... 2011/07/30 10:46:22
    mod pod
    you don't have to watch it, you know.
  • Constit... mod pod 2011/07/31 03:35:36
  • euphoriabuzz 2011/07/30 01:22:53
    This was nothing more than a sick joke by some sick individuals, undermining a very sensitive topic.
  • Viper Two Six 2011/07/30 01:20:18
    Viper Two Six
    It's a scam anyway, haven't you kept updated?
  • mary E Viper T... 2011/07/30 04:22:43
    mary E
    No, I'm not updated; This is the first I've heard of it. Can you post a link?
  • Viper T... mary E 2011/07/30 04:36:16
  • mary E Viper T... 2011/07/30 05:09:37
    mary E
    Thank you. I wasted my energy getting upset. SodaHead doesn't try very hard to present their items in a clear and truthful way. Please see my new posting above.
  • Charles Braley 2011/07/30 00:58:57
    Charles Braley
    Sounds like someone looking for their 15 minutes of fame - the hard, and controversial way
  • Colin Rose 2011/07/30 00:57:38
    Colin Rose
    It's his death and his body and he should be able to do what he wants with it. I haven;t scanned the comments yet but I am willing to bet that the god-botherers are out in force today.
  • mary E Colin Rose 2011/07/30 04:24:26
    mary E
    What is a "god-botherer?"
  • LuridLolita 2011/07/30 00:34:41
    That sounds awesome.
  • mary E LuridLo... 2011/07/30 04:27:15
    mary E
    I heard there are some videos of women in high spike heels stomping little baby kittens to death--just for fun. Would you consider that "awesome?"
  • LuridLo... mary E 2011/07/30 09:53:59
    No, I would consider it disgusting and slightly interesting. But, there are profound differences between a man ending his own life and people murdering kittens. The fact that you fail to see this shows incredibly poor cognitive ability on your end.
  • mary E LuridLo... 2011/08/01 02:06:49
    mary E
    My cognitive ability rests not on my "end." Is that where yours is? Mine is in my intellect.

    There is no "profound" difference in wanting to watch a person die, and little kittens stomped.

    This has been labeled a scam anyway, why are we even discussing it?
  • HigurashiFreak 2011/07/30 00:14:12
    People don't want to see other people die.
  • Amateal Higuras... 2011/07/30 04:00:29
    Think about all the violent movies and video games where people die.
    Death is already entertainment.
  • Higuras... Amateal 2011/07/30 04:02:33
    true but in real life that is sad.
  • mary E Higuras... 2011/07/30 04:28:13
    mary E
    No? Look at the voting numbers above.
  • heirsoftheking 2011/07/30 00:12:55
    You shall not kill. Mr. Ivanisovich wants to be assisted in killing himself. Once he's dead, how can he ask God to forgive him?

    And he wants to broadcast this to the world?
  • KB heirsof... 2011/07/30 01:26:25
    and heaven forbid you be opposed to it, because all the pro-assisted suicide jerks while complain
  • bornath... heirsof... 2011/07/30 03:25:04
    God does not exist.
  • mary E bornath... 2011/07/30 04:30:46
    mary E
    Just wait and see.
  • KB bornath... 2011/07/30 17:47:08
    What does that have to do with the question at hand?
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/07/29 23:58:01
    Jack's Pearl
    Why not?
  • Alec Lestrud 2011/07/29 23:44:19
    Alec Lestrud
    Of course! It doesn't matter how many people will watch it, he should have his death wish granted
  • Nicklover 2011/07/29 23:43:55
    If he wants to, then go ahead. He has his reasons and that's enough for me. But I will definitely not watch.
  • Sketch 2011/07/29 23:06:46
    If it is what he wants then that is his choice however is this really something people should be able to see.
  • Christina 2011/07/29 23:01:12
    It is a bit morbid but I guess he has the right to stream anything he wants. I myself would not want to watch it. Sad to say I know a couple of people that would watch it.
  • Jivey 2011/07/29 22:44:53
    My question would be why, would someone want too...He must be possessed
    Who would watch such a thing Still better then watching OBAMA
  • sarah 2011/07/29 22:38:42
    I am surprised that such a large percentage of you don't think this man should be aloud to do what he obviously desperately wants to do. in this day in age where so many post videos on YouTube of fights, violent pranks, and other sickly things, why shouldn't this man have his dying request obliged? He will be able to go in peace knowing his family will be taken care of with the money provided by those who bought the rights to air his demise. Why should he not be aloud this freedom? In a day and age where bloody horror films such as Saw attract millions of fans, why are so many offended by a man who can pass in peace and contentment knowing those he loves are going to be able to live decently?
  • JDHARTLV 2011/07/29 22:29:26
    Public execution of someone like the guy that chopped up the little boy, YES.
  • Maria 2011/07/29 22:20:04
    it is like watching mental retard to kill themselves is pitsful sick.. it is like concept help evil to collect this poor soul to go Hell...
  • halfmiletrack 2011/07/29 22:16:06
    Our society condons killing so why are we so squeamish about observing a suicide? Not for me, I've seen my share of death. But if it makes one person more mindful of the value of life it will have served a useful purpose.
  • james turner 2011/07/29 22:04:37
    james turner
    Hell we have seen it all,toughens the skin.

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