Should State Sheriff's Outrank Federal Officers?

Duff 2010/06/01 23:38:48
Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
No, sheriffs should not outrank federal agents!
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It may sound crazy, but a group of retired law enforcement officers and sheriffs are calling for a the return of the top-dog sheriff. The Oathkeepers, a group that claims to follow a strict reading of the constitution, is calling for the Sheriff to be reinstated as the reigning officer in the state. That would mean that federal officers would have to report to the sheriff when conducting an investigation in their state.

Do you think that Sheriffs should outrank Federal Agents?

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  • Carl Koch 2012/01/17 16:32:08
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    Carl Koch
    Actually, this is a moot discussion. The Supreme Court has already decided that the County Sheriff has the ultimate law enforcement authority. To make it even better, a federal district court in Wyoming said the same thing. The Sheriff is the highest ranking ELECTED law enforcement official. All others are appointed. As such, the Sheriff represents the sovereign people ... period. The Sheriff has the authority to require that federal officials clear all activities with his or her office PRIOR to commencing activities. This is especially important when it comes to the rogue agencies such as the IRS and the BATFE. The Sheriff will become more important to our liberty as the federal government under Obama gets mare agressive and abusive of civil liberties.
  • bill 2010/06/14 20:46:08
    No, sheriffs should not outrank federal agents!
    Local corruption is far worse than national corruption.
  • dallasgoldbug 2010/06/12 14:35:44
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    Absolutely, especially since the Federal government continues its march toward marshal law. We saw them take guns away from Katrina storm survivors. We see them make constant advances on our freedom of speech, And now in the Gulf of Mexico they are usurping the states power to protect is beaches. But what concerns me is the past year almost every Sheriff of every major city has resigned. (google "sheriff resigning across the country") Are they being replaced with more Obama friendly individuals? I don't know but its very strange that they are all being replaced.
  • Carl Koch dallasg... 2012/01/17 16:44:43
    Carl Koch
    Uh, I'm not trying to dis you man but the Sheriff doesn't represent a city. He/she is a county wide authority.
  • SuzanneAblesWilliamson 2010/06/10 17:28:41
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    It just makes sense!
  • Camlin 2010/06/08 04:20:04
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    The founding fathers never intended for the federal government to have any purpose outside of bringing the states together in times of domestic or foreign threat. Each state was meant to be an independent country. Yes, the states should pull rank. What goes on in DC is completely different than what Arizona must deal with.
  • FlushTheLibs.com 2010/06/03 00:41:18
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    We support the Arizona initiative to protect our borders, done by local Sheriff's whereas the Fed's (Homeland Security and INS) have provided no assurance that they will even uphold the Federal Governments laws as now constituted. Sheriff's represent "We the People" at the local level and should hold all the rank within their juridcition as allowed by law. We need to quit being such politically correct pandy asses and protect our borders juridcition allowed law quit politically correct pandy asses protect borders .
  • DavidTe... FlushTh... 2010/06/22 12:31:35
    Idiots such as FulshtheLibs are what got us into the civil war, and what caused the civil rights problems of the late 19th and 20th centuries. STUFF a SOCK IN IT, TURKEY.
  • titansweet 2010/06/02 05:21:06
    No, sheriffs should not outrank federal agents!
    The only reason I would support the federal agents is because they are generally well educated and placed in this role through higher selection standards than are Sheriff's in various states. Another reason is because this is the "United" States of America and each state cannot be a law unto itself and this would happen very easily if the Sheriff were left to be the highest authority. It was once like this and then we became united to be one nation under God. I suppose if a Sheriff wants to be above the federal agents, they should get a job with the federal agencies.
  • Carl Koch titansweet 2012/01/17 16:36:06
    Carl Koch
    Read the Constitution! The states ARE independent under the 10th Amendment. The order of rank (constitutionally speaking) was and is:
    1. The people
    2. The States
    3. The federal government.

    It is sad that they don't teach US history, civics and government any longer. If they did, people like you might have a clue how things are SUPPOSED to work.
  • Jerry Corbitt 2010/06/02 02:04:00
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    Jerry Corbitt
    It is the way that it was laid out in the constitution. The local Sheriff represents his local constituents as an elected official. His only concern is the security and safety of those that he represents. It’s also how the politicians in Washington D.C. were supposed to work before corruption and cronyism stole the power given by the constitution to WE THE PEOPLE and was usurped by the political elite.. It keeps political power where it belongs. It belongs with the PEOPLE on a local level. I say screw the collective, power to the people.....After all, who knows better what is good for us than we do? Vote at election time and take back the power of WE THE PeOPLE...Otherwise we are headed for a nanny state that will control every aspect of even your personal and private life.
  • DavidTe... Jerry C... 2010/06/22 12:35:31
    Read me chapter an verse, Jerry. I don't see it that way.
  • Carl Koch DavidTe... 2012/01/17 16:39:41
    Carl Koch
    Then may you enjoy your slave status and servitude to the federal state. I, like many here, choose differently. Good riddance.

    Both the Supreme Court and at least one Federal District Court have rulled that the County Sheriff is THE HIGHEST RANKING law enforcement official in the county...period.
  • Captain Sticky 2010/06/02 01:42:20
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    Captain Sticky
    Absolutely. The feds are a pain in the ass. BTW, the FBI DOES do a great job.
  • Pete 2010/06/02 00:59:26
    Yes, sheriffs should outrank federal agents!
    I see nothing wrong with it.....Why not!.....Peace be with you.

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