Should Republicans move to Mexico or rename the US Northern Mexico? Is there any difference between Mexico and the way Republicans wants things to run?

Ev Rom 2012/01/13 01:04:51
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I live in both countries. I am starting to see now that what the Republicans want is for the US to run like Mexico by weakening the government and letting the rich and corporations make their own rules and corrupt everything down to government so that they can control what is most important to them, wages and profits. Since its the same idea I thought why don't Republicans just move to Mexico? We could let them run things and then rename the US Northern Mexico. What is the difference between what Republicans want and how Mexico runs? no regulations, discrimination allowed no minimum wage, the rich get richer and the poor stay poor. the rich got control the weakened and corrupted everything all for cheap labor and huge profits, Now I understand why the richest man in the world is from Mexico.
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  • Ev Rom 2012/01/13 04:48:36
    Republicans should move to Mexico
    Ev Rom
    Funny that the ones who voted that there is a difference cant list one.
  • Aurora 2012/01/13 01:45:34 (edited)
    There is a difference between the rich running everything in Mexico and corru...
    None of the above, I see you did not mention the fact that Democrats ran fast and furious and killed an American and many hispanics. It would be nice if the USA would enforce the same immigration stance as Mexico. By the way you don't have to work in our country if you feel your are being ripped off, do you get welfare, food stamps, free healthcare, I am a citizen I don't get that. So whine some more anti American. Biased post and a non issue.
  • Ev Rom Aurora 2012/01/13 01:54:23
    Ev Rom
    What do you know about Mexico? I spent a lot of time in Mexico, lately get into politics. I know they let the rich run the country, they in turn corrupt everything, its that simple. whats the difference between that and what republicans want?
  • Aurora Ev Rom 2012/01/13 02:01:18
    What is keeping you here since you hate us so much. Go Back and stay.
  • Ev Rom Aurora 2012/01/13 02:40:35 (edited)
    Ev Rom
    Who says I hate the US? I hate those who are running it into the ground and turning it into a 3rd world country, Republicans. Why cant you answer the question? In Mexico the rich run the country, they in turn corrupt everything, its that simple. whats the difference between that and what republicans want?
  • Ev Rom Aurora 2012/01/13 02:03:27
    Ev Rom
    The question is what is the difference. Go to Mexico an live the Republican dream, no regulations (age and sex descrmination allowed) 50 dollar work weeks, the few rich control everything. What is the difference? If you believe in what the republicans want for the US you can go experience it in Mexico and see how you like it. And I'm not really complaining, its not that bad.
  • Aurora Ev Rom 2012/01/13 02:05:47
    your just another liberal democrat, who does nothing but bitch about my country, don't like it leave. You seem to forget that the Commie Democrats received more big oil, corporation, bank, wall street money. Hypocrisy. Screw you Mexico is nothing like America. You are anti American go back to mexico.
  • Ev Rom Aurora 2012/01/13 02:42:24
    Ev Rom
    Screw you, I love the US, I dislike hypocrite republicans who want to ruin it. It would be better for you to move to Mexico so you can live your Republican dreams.
  • Aurora Ev Rom 2012/01/13 02:42:58
    I don't care what you like.
  • Ev Rom Aurora 2012/01/13 02:47:10
    Ev Rom
    Cant answer the question, I see. I understand you not caring about what I like, its typical that and walking with blinders. I am offering you the opportunity to experience republican policies without the threat of it affecting "your" country. LOL
  • Ev Rom Aurora 2012/01/13 03:00:59
    Ev Rom
    Your republican dream is just south of the Borders all policies in tact, well most, since they saw it didn't work and all the poor people started to revolt and almost elected a socialist president the rich have let up a little, a few more social programs here and there. Its very interesting to see what is going to happen in the US if republicans take over. The rich become richer, they wipe out the middle class, corrupt government to keep people poor and wages low, become more wealthy, live in Europe or US when crime sprees go up, then once the people protest and get angry, throw them a bone. That is what you want and what you are gonna get.
  • Reichstolz 2012/01/13 01:37:44
    There is a difference between the rich running everything in Mexico and corru...
    But I would sure like for the US to enact and enforce the same immigration stance as Mexico.
  • Ev Rom Reichstolz 2012/01/13 01:52:31
    Ev Rom
    Where do you think they learned it from?
  • Reichstolz Ev Rom 2012/01/13 14:20:50
    It surely wasn't us.
  • Ev Rom Reichstolz 2012/01/13 22:36:16
    Ev Rom
    LOL, sure it wasnt LOL
  • Dark Knight 2012/01/13 01:30:44
    There is a difference between the rich running everything in Mexico and corru...
    Dark Knight
    Why would you want to sell-out your country by naming it Northern Mexico? Maybe a more appropriate name for you haters of America would be Union Destruction; but, then, i don't suppose that you would want to speak the truth as to the reason for the country's demise, would you?
  • Ev Rom Dark Kn... 2012/01/13 01:55:25
    Ev Rom
    republicans are the ones who are selling out to the rich.
  • Ev Rom Ev Rom 2012/01/13 02:13:12
    Ev Rom
    That's how it all got started. I noticed this when a few days ago I was watching old 1950's black and white movies from Mexico. Their infrastructure was very similar and on par with the US. You can see the nice streets parks and buildings. i asked my friend what happened and he basically laid out what is the Republicans plan, let the rich control everything.
  • Dark Kn... Ev Rom 2012/01/13 03:27:36
    Dark Knight
    Our jobs are overseas because the unions have raped the country's business coffers.
  • Ev Rom Dark Kn... 2012/01/13 04:36:36
    Ev Rom
    No because a manufacturing plant can pay one dollar an hour in Mexico and it cant in the US, not yet.
  • Ev Rom Ev Rom 2012/01/13 04:45:00
    Ev Rom
    I'm sure higher profits at your expense and at the expense of poor people is of no concern to them. I have some friends in high places in Mexico, once the republicans get rid of regulations that allow them to hire women instead of men, like they do in Mexico and you cant find a job, I can help you. I know 50 dollars a week isn't much, I might be able to get you 60, you shouldn't mind thought, companies are in it for the profits as you conservatives love to say,right? Your attorney privileges will no longer apply because by then the rich and corporatism will have corrupted the legal system as well, they are people right? They will behave like them once they are drunk in power and money, kinda like you but just a tad bit more.
  • Dark Kn... Ev Rom 2012/01/13 15:44:28
    Dark Knight
    The fact that I have money (if that is the case) does not mean that I am drunk with it. I made my way in life by being self-driven, educated and productive. That's why I'm a Conservative. I didn't have everything handed to me like you Liberals and, in general, union scammers. If there were less people lke you trying to find a way to get rich without effort, more of America would appreciate the ideals of our forefathers. They, as a people, were not looking to the government (or unions) to provide for them. They were a proud, energetic people, not a greedy, slovenly people like the Left of today.

    Have a great weekend!
  • Ev Rom Dark Kn... 2012/01/13 22:42:06
    Ev Rom
    That is why you love giving corporate welfare and don't mind our constitution being stepped on by both Republican and Demo,, well it only bothers you when a Democrat does it. I have a successive business and do very well, never asked and don't condone tax money given to people who scam us out of it including corporations. Don't even bring up our forefathers, I don't think they would appreciate how the Republicans have disregarded the constitution.
  • Dark Kn... Ev Rom 2012/01/13 15:36:51
    Dark Knight
    It's not the one dollar vs. a fair wage comparison thing. It's the one dollar vs. an outrageous wage for a lazy slacker thing. That's why companies move (the disparity in wages got so high that the enormous expense of picking-up an moving became worth it). If the unions hadn't raped the businessman, he wouldn't have uprooted his family and his life to go to MX.
    You claimed to own your own business (I believe, on another poll - correct me if I'm wrong). That being the case, are your employees unionized? I would doubt it!
  • Ev Rom Dark Kn... 2012/01/13 22:57:45
    Ev Rom
    Companies move because they can pay slave type labor, that is the only reason. You think they will stay if they have to pay 8 dollars an hour when they can pay 1? Go ahead get rid minimum wage, you don't have to worry about it affecting you for a while. In the US I work alone and contract the services I don't provide. I do very well and live comfortably.
  • daehados 2012/01/13 01:17:11
    Republicans want the same policies as Mexico
    I was going to suggest Alaska, but... :)

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