Should Quran Book-Burning Be Banned?

News 2011/04/06 22:00:00
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Florida preacher Terry Jones has overstayed his 15 minutes of fame. But should his latest provocation encroach on the First Amendment?

Jones a few months ago threatened to burn the Quran, Islam's holiest book. He relented after a national firestorm. But two weeks ago, the preacher held a "trial" of the Muslim scriptures and burned it.

After news of the book-burning spread around the world, and anger swelled, fanned by religious leaders and politicians, Muslims in Afghanistan rioted and murdered 11 United Nations workers. Leaders around the world condemned the violence and said that something most be done about stopping the book-burning.

Democratic Sen. Harry Reid said Congress should look into condemning the Quran burning, and Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said that freedom of speech is not absolute in times of war.

"I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable," he told "Face the Nation." "Freedom of speech is a great idea, but we're at war. During World War II you had limits on what you could say if it would inspire the enemy."

While free speech advocates said as deplorable as the book burning was, it's protected under the First Amendment. But at least Graham had one group's backing. The Taliban released a message saying that free speech does not condone such a disrespectful act.

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  • Twiligh... The Gov... 2011/04/08 13:16:03
    No that is an opinion. That is shamefully fueled by the hatred that you believe lives within them.
  • The Gov... Twiligh... 2011/04/08 13:20:32
  • Twiligh... Twiligh... 2011/04/08 13:26:13
    Yeah because every single person that reads the Quran is on the news for terrible acts. You can't just make a generalization on their whole society based on maybe a 1/2 if that of the society who acts this way. O'Reilly made a really credible point the other day on his program. You never hear about the "Good" muslims. People would rather hear of the bombings the burnings the killings because it's more eventful, more "newsworthy" rather than speak or hear of progress. A progress that is happening, slowly, but it's still there...hidden, cast off because some idiot misinterprets something and things that this is the proper course of action.
  • PDCinAUG Twiligh... 2011/04/08 13:38:38
    Because inside every "good" muslim is a terrorist waiting to happen. Don't think for a minute that any one of them wouldn't kill you if you spoke against Mohammad or Allah. I lived among these people for 5 years. I know how they think.
  • Twiligh... PDCinAUG 2011/04/15 12:39:00
    That's a really wide accusation to make, based on people's religions.
  • 4867439027 2011/04/07 13:00:15 (edited)
  • Soundstorm 4867439027 2011/04/07 20:57:48
  • babaji5150~solo 2011/04/07 12:59:36
  • Tasine babaji5... 2011/04/07 13:21:44
    Whoo-hoo!! Since when has the Taliban become experts on American freedoms that the Taliban doesn't believe in?! This guy's a comic! And who cares what the Taliban condones? LOLO, watch out, Letterman and Leno - there's a Taliban guy who may get your comedy gigs.
  • Kino 2011/04/07 12:51:33
    As disgusting an act as it may be it's still considered free speech.
  • Juanb 2011/04/07 12:51:03 (edited)
    No because it Makes Their Stupid people angry at our Stupid people. and then the smarter people see the opportunity to cash in by forcing us to defend them.
    We should be above them and not care.

    angry stupid people smarter people opportunity cash forcing defend
  • santa6642 2011/04/07 12:44:55
    They burn the bible our flag , and I see the Quran is no different.
  • Charge 2011/04/07 12:44:52
    It's and in sensitive and stupid thing to do, but, this still is America; isn't it? Or maybe the 1st amendment only now applies to everyone 'except' those that disagree with the Progressive Liberal Democrats.
  • dave b 2011/04/07 12:41:56
    dave b
    Harry Reid wants to ban Quran burning, but not bible burning?
    Harry Reid is typical of the idiot politicians that are in office today. He isnt for Americans, he is for himself and those who would harm us. Harry would take our free speech away in a pick and choose manner.
    Reid needs to finish shriveling up and blow away.
  • Poet003 2011/04/07 12:40:42
    Its a dumb deed to do but no.
  • New Jersey Mom 2011/04/07 12:40:30
    New Jersey Mom
    Burning the BIBLE isn't banned, and it SHOULD be.

    Let's keep PRIORITIES straight, people.

    Ban the burning of the book of GOD long before ever considering a ban on a book of MYTH!!
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW... New Jer... 2011/04/07 12:58:14
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
    Burn this book too then
    burn book burn the bible
  • New Jer... ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2011/04/07 13:09:02
    New Jersey Mom
    Massachusetts. It figures. What the HELL is wrong with you morons up there?

    Why don't YOU douse yourself with lighter fluid and jump RIGHT INTO THAT PICTURE?!!

    You are an utter and worthless disgrace to have the AUDACITY to post a picture showing the book of GOD burning. I PRAY that GOD holds YOU to account for that.

    You are a disgrace to the human race and are BLOCKED for being a REPROBATE!!!

    That's a LIBERAL for you!!
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 13:24:27
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 13:28:26
    New Jersey Mom
    The BIBLE is only a "book"? That's like saying GOD is "only a deity."

    You have a problem with the fact that this true BLASPHEMY angered me, and that I RIGHTFULLY came back at this guy with both barrels? Come on!

    Does the ENEMY of the 21st Century quote from the BIBLE, the book of GOD, or the KORAN, the book of SATAN?

    There's your answer right there! Flames engulfing the book of Satan = JUSTICE.

  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 13:33:45
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 13:43:33
    New Jersey Mom
    No, I'm not playing into the game. You have to look to the intent of the act. When the Pastor burned the book, his intent was to INCINERATE the symbol of RADICAL ISLAM. Twisted words that Muslim extremists claim is a "call" from the FICTITIOUS "ALLAH" to kill creations of the ONE TRUE GOD.

    We should have bombed Afghanistan when the UN workers were killed, just like Reagan CORRECTLY bombed Libya after Lockerbie. That sure shut Ghadaffi up for some time!!

    NO ONE and I repeat NO ONE has the right to burn THE HOLY BIBLE.

    Mark my words here: Those who burn GOD'S BOOK will surely themselves be BURNED.

    There is but ONE BOOK of ONE GOD. The Holy Bible.

  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 13:48:34
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 14:57:50
    New Jersey Mom
    Don't you think that every bible burned is SOMEBODY'S bible? Even if purchased from a store for that particular purpose, it's the symbolism of the burning of the word of GOD that is offensive.

    As I said earlier, there is but ONE GOD. That God is NOT "Allah."

    There is no such thing as Allah.
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 15:14:25
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 15:43:24
    New Jersey Mom
    I get your point, but the point IS that the INTENT is to burn all that the book symbolizes. To incite Catholics and Christians, as followers of the ONE TRUE GOD.

    Inciting someone like me is never something I would advise. There are certain people and certain things that are best NOT to mess with.

    Catholics and Christians firm in their faith would TOP that list.

    That is the point. Someone burns the symbol of MY faith, they you call ME out. When I come back at them, it's a message they'll NEVER FORGET.
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 15:59:28
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 18:43:01
    New Jersey Mom
    No. The bottom line here is that it's long past time that all Christians unite and send a CLEAR message to the Muslims that America will NEVER be an ISLAMIC NATION, there will NEVER be SHARIA LAW here and that ultimately, it will be CHRISTIANITY THAT TRIUMPHS OVER ISLAM.

    Just because they act like assholes does not mean they should not be held to ACCOUNT for their actions. I am all about holding people accountable.

    Burn a bible? You answer on Earth to CHRISTIANS and to a greater degree when time on Earth is done, you answer to GOD.
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 19:56:17
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 20:20:23
    New Jersey Mom
    I'd like to see bible burning criminalized, with a mandatory ten year prison sentence. I'll bet that would make fools think twice before trying it.
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 20:23:22
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 20:25:06
    New Jersey Mom
    . I'd rather just see all those who would abide by that book rounded up and put on the magic carpet express back to the Middle East.
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 20:28:36
  • New Jer... The Gov... 2011/04/07 20:32:12
    New Jersey Mom
    We can't. We have a real weakling in office who won't respond to the killing of Americans in response to a Pastor burning a Koran to send Muslims a message about ever trying to threaten Christianity. Reagan would have launched a tactical airstrike on Al Qaida strongholds and wiped them out.

    This guy? Nada. Pissing off Islamic extremists isn't worth putting the safety of Americans in jeopardy. These people are clearly insane to react so violently.
  • The Gov... New Jer... 2011/04/07 21:16:29
  • JakobZa... New Jer... 2011/04/10 15:02:56
    People like you are what ruins America you know.
    You preach about religious freedom and how you want the world to be a better place yet you openly desecrate a religion far more peaceful to your own. Then when some one does the same thing to you then it is suddenly evil and terrible to do.
  • New Jer... JakobZa... 2011/04/11 01:30:28
    New Jersey Mom
    Peaceful? Is that so? Why don't you tell me when Roman Catholics commandeered planes and piloted them into previously targeted buildings, killing thousands of innocent people in the name of their "peace-loving" deity?

    Where was the outcry from all of the "peaceful" Muslims in the aftermath of 9/11? The only cry-out has been "Allahu akbar!" as more "peaceful" Muslims continue to kill innocent Americans.

    While there may be facets of the myth that is Islam that are "peaceful," these are drastically overpowered by th evil facets.
  • JakobZa... New Jer... 2011/04/11 01:42:33
    How about the Muslim soldiers I served along with who did more to fight the terrorists then you? Or how about the Muslims I met morning for their families on 9/11?

    Also, Christian fanatics, much like Muslim fanatics, have killed innocents with bombs or other means.



  • kiwimac New Jer... 2012/03/12 03:36:38
    There have been thousands of Muslims who have spoken out against the 11th September attacks, indeed a number of Muslims died in those buildings. Islam is no more inherently war-like than is Christianity.
  • New Jer... 2012/03/19 02:56:44
    How about 800 years of the "Inquisition" by the catholic church? How about the catholic church burning people with different ideas that don't coincide with bible dogma? I could write a whole book of the atrocities of your religious dogma. Your religion is just as big a MYTH as the muslims.

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