Should President Barack Obama Be Filling Out an NCAA Tournament Bracket at This Time of Crisis?

News 2011/03/17 20:00:00
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This isn’t helping.

The world is facing a potentially deadly crisis in Japan’s melting down nuclear power plants. Libya is on the verge of its own possibly lethal breakdown as dictator Moammar Gaddafi clings to power by use of brutal force. Oh, and the U.S. government continues to operate (but just barely) thanks to a series of awkward continuing resolutions that are keeping the lights on, for now.

And, as if House leader John Boehner and his ilk didn’t have enough complaints about the job President Obama is doing, the National Review Online reported this week that as Japan burns, the commander-in-chief was busy taping his NCAA picks on Tuesday, for a big reveal on ESPN on Wednesday.

That was not, of course, all he was doing that day. He also taped an interview on education reform with a number of media outlets about the need to fix former President Bush’s disastrous No Child Left Behind program.

Neocon website Commentary Magazine went all in on Obama’s political airball.

“It’s hard to overstate how poorly Barack Obama is doing in the face of these crises — and I don’t even mean how he’s doing substantively, which is a scandal in itself,” the magazine wrote. “I mean how he’s doing politically. Recall how much hay Michael Moore made of the fact that George W. Bush read ‘My Pet Goat’ for nine minutes in that Florida classroom on 9/11 after being informed that the first plane had struck … We’re going on four weeks now, or more, that Barack Obama has been reading ‘My Pet Goat.’"

The mag called out Obama for being virtually invisible in the face of these multiple major crises and questioned his decision to spend time on a college basketball bracket. But the questions many were asking was this: did he really pick Kansas over Ohio State?


Should Obama be filling out an NCAA bracket at this time of crisis?
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  • Dano 2011/03/17 21:09:29
    He cannot find the time to defend our border.

    He cannot find the time to prosecute Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

    Yet he has plenty of time to play around with NCAA pics and Golf.

    Total Lack of Leadship - This man has No Shame.

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  • Rob 2011/10/07 01:07:55
    Maybe this country needs to borrow some more money from China so Obama can take afew more Vacations while this country is over it's head in debt. Yeah that's a good idea..
  • zekke 2011/03/20 22:43:56
    Since foreign policy doesn't seem to interest him, with all that's going on in the world I guess he needs to do something
  • UncleKenC 2011/03/19 06:30:57
    I guess he had the time between his Golf game and lunch.
  • Theresa 2011/03/18 22:35:06
    Oh just let them eat cake...
  • Kigan 2011/03/18 16:25:55 (edited)
    For all the things he can't find time to do, he finds time for this?
  • SharkKiller 2011/03/18 16:22:41
    Sure. Why not?
  • dispatcher 2011/03/18 16:21:43
    If he want's to pick the Bracket fine, but do it later right now there are other issues more important to tend to. A crisis in JAPAN, LIBYA, and the economy here in the U.S like a Budget, but NOOOOOO where going on vacation AGAIN ! Start packing Mr. Pres. come 2012 YOUR GONE !!
  • Tresa 2011/03/18 16:21:39
    Damned if you do and damned if you don't....and probably by the same group of people. If he didn't fill it out he'd be called unAmerican so he's in a no win situation.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2011/03/18 16:05:33
    Lerro DeHazel
    But it looks like he could be doing THAT in his Birth Certificate State's Golf Course Clubhouse/Lounge . . . He shouldn't be afraid of Gadaffi . . . Gadaffi already said that he's not going to hurt him. Gadaffi has spoken outright that his personal beef is NOT with his own blood but more against the people (Christian Infidels) of the United States. So, I don't know what BH is afraid of . . .
  • josada 2011/03/18 16:03:08
    Hey, he is Mr. Teflon President and so loved by the mainstream press that put him in the White House so he can use our tax dollars to play golf, vacation all over the world on Air Force One and party at the white house while the nation burns up in trillions of dollars in debt. Thanks to those who where decieved in voting for this clown. But again, it was all planned that way by the wall street bankers and globalists who run the media pitting right and against left to keep polarized while they control the game.
  • keeper 2011/03/18 16:02:01
    I really don't care what the bumbling golfer does as long as his blunders don't affect me too bad...
  • zekke keeper 2011/03/20 22:45:14
    unfortunately about the only one of his blunders that won't affect you is his bracket picks
  • keeper zekke 2011/03/20 22:54:20
    good point..
  • Plantgypc 2011/03/18 16:01:22
    Only if he makes everything graded on a curve.

    graded curve grading on a curve
  • t.eliot, topbard 2011/03/18 16:01:19
    t.eliot, topbard
    Why on earth not? Previous presidents have spent a lot less time on their duties ( like Bush asleep at the switch before 9/11 when the threat of attack was in his daily briefing and he played Nero, or when he sat reading children's books while the attacks were going on). We all need a bit of down time to function at our best, and if he chooses to use his to fill out NCAA brackets, that's his business. That said, I am appalled at what Obama is doing to support the out of control national security state, his unwillingness to stand with workers in the Wisconsin situation, and much, much more.
  • Not_Holy 2011/03/18 16:00:56
    While I might not agree with obama, I think the guys got some serious swagger.
  • Alexander 2011/03/18 15:51:40
    He should resign then he play all the basketball he wants
  • hobo 2011/03/18 15:51:28
    Obama has been AWOL. Ordinarily this would be terrible, but with his level of incompetence, maybe I should have voted yes...
  • cin 2011/03/18 15:50:18
    He's not gonna be on crisis-mode 24/7 now is he? Jeez
  • Politically disgusted 2011/03/18 15:40:43
    Politically disgusted
    Should Obama be filling out an NCAA bracket at this time of crisis? Yes he should! What the hell else is he good for? While he's "busy" doing that maybe the adults can get some real work done. Damn, this is SUCH a waste of time.
  • Arclight 2011/03/18 15:33:54
    Really, what can we expect of this man at this point? Maybe it's better he is focused on the NCAA. Everything he touches has been screwed up in a major way. Let him focus on BBall and stay away from big decisions. We'll be better off for it.
  • Woolite 2011/03/18 15:28:26
    Yes, because doing the NCAA bracket takes him away from screwing up important national and international situations. I encourage golf, basketball, vacations...all of it. Keeps this naive, idealistic, "Ready-Fire-Aim", amateur out of dangerous places.
  • aro 2011/03/18 15:19:06
    Nice job, SH. The tone of this piece is still left biased. And as for calling "No Child Left Behind" a disaster, as I remember it when that little piece of legislation was passed it had support from all sides. You might even mention that "Race to the Top" has also been a stinker, but I guess since that belongs to Barrack H. Obama you don't want to make him look any worse. No, lets be more upset at him for picking Kansas over Ohio State. Japan, Libya, and the rest of the world will just have to burn until April.
  • freethinker 2011/03/18 15:11:37 (edited)
    It fits right into his thinking of "What is Most Important" to him!!

    (Me being snarky!! :) )
  • missmags 2011/03/18 14:57:15
    He should be writing his resignation. He can take his useless VP with him, too. What I don't understand is why people are surprised with his lax attitude and approach. Obviously, no one noticed his lack of experience and poor work ethic prior to being elected president. Maybe people will be less likely to listen to Oprah in the next election or get caught up in some crazy notion that they were a part of history.
  • freethi... missmags 2011/03/18 15:12:27
    Oh I Like your way of thinking!! lol!
  • jigglespuff 2011/03/18 14:57:12
    People are suffering and dying in Japan where there is a pending nuclear crisis, Libyans are being killed by their government in droves, gas is 4 dollars a gallon and our president is filling out his bracket and flying off to Rio? WTF?
  • Steel Town jiggles... 2011/03/18 15:47:18
  • Donny 2011/03/18 14:52:07
    Leave him alone, and supply him with free dope. As long a he´s not trying to ruin, er, run the country, who cares what he´s up to?
  • missmags Donny 2011/03/18 14:59:01
    Excellent point. Can I change my no to a yes?
  • Kam 2011/03/18 14:39:47
    isn't he due for another vacation?
  • Craig 2011/03/18 14:33:18
    As long as he has enough of his voters fooled into looking like he has done some work (or at least enough to golf and vacation more than any other president in their first two years of office; especially during times of crisis).
  • UnusualSuspect 2011/03/18 14:33:14 (edited)
    All Presidents have done such things...Dubya with his golf during part of the Iraq war, etc. Even Boehner, Speaker of the House, was seen playing golf last week.

    And when Dan Quayle said it's OK for Obama to take a break from work once in a while, you know it's sanctioned by the right!

    It's always easy for arm-chair, wannabe presidents to say what they would do, but when it comes down to it, most people couldn't handle 10% of the stress of a President's job.
  • BillFisher 2011/03/18 14:32:31
    I am not a fan of the Obamanator. But life goes on and I think it's ridiculous that we harangue over this.
  • dhellew2 2011/03/18 14:29:28
    Just a cover-up for a coward that cannot make a rational decision. Obama, the man with a black brain and a white heart.
  • bruce banner 2011/03/18 14:28:09
    bruce banner
    why not? it's perfectly o k.
  • story101 2011/03/18 14:23:11
    My guess is if you like him you like it and if you don't you don't.

    I just hope he didn't bet, like a trillion dollars, on being right. ;-)
  • 81sp 2011/03/18 14:23:10
    what do you all think the president cannot take a few minutes out of his day to have some fun with filling out brackets. do you think he is a simpeltin like the last president who could not walk and chew gum at the same time. does the magazine think he should put on his superman costume and fly over to japan
    and put out those fires and stop the reactors from melting down all by his lonesome.
    the crtique is stupid and nonsensical, on the other hand i would expect nothing else from the right
  • Diane 2011/03/18 14:22:30
    What's the difference?
  • Leonard Henderson 2011/03/18 14:21:27
    Leonard Henderson
    Heck yes he should. That IS "in his pay grade" and possibly within his competence level.

    While he is doing that, golfing, and vacationing, America may be a little safer without him mucking around in anything that matters.
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