Should parents monitor college kids' Facebook pages for signs of alcohol abuse?

ABC News Health 2011/10/04 16:04:50
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  • coolguy 2012/11/23 18:20:42
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    why is their a bunch of yes
  • mm61675 2012/02/12 05:30:54
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    99% of kids drink A LOT in college.......
  • Zakkary... mm61675 2012/10/10 20:38:46
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    99% of everyone is drinking, has drunken, and will drink again!
  • BillygoldBill 2012/01/17 00:34:18
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    no it is a invasion of privacy because it is their private life even when they are kids parents shouldn't monitor their kids because it is their personal social life
  • kaliyah 2011/10/18 21:19:21
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    hey everyone
  • Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio 2011/10/07 20:02:48
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    Zakkary John Silva-Sampaio
    i don't disagree with the monitoring because it's an invasion of privacy. i disagree with the monitoring because alcohol is not a BIG health risk. sure if you drink too much it can kill you, but if the person was introduced to alcohol in a more tolorated enviorment for alcohol then he or she may not drink it improperly. my parants taught me how to drink and i think i should be more universal in that manner. alcohol has been with apart of humanity's history longer than christ; it's apart of our culture and should be inbraced as such. i disagree with this DEMONIZATION of alcohol.
  • Angi 2011/10/04 18:55:46
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    I think if young people are at college they are older enough for a facebook page. But parents could open a facebook page and they will see what their kids are up to, and don't have to be underhand about it. Kids forget themselves as well, so you can keep a eye on them without them thinking your spying on them.
  • Reichstolz 2011/10/04 16:17:58
    No, that is an invasion of privacy.
    If they are adults it would be an invasion of privacy, but since our government now classifies a 26 year old as a child, who knows.

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