Should Obama make his position on gay marriage publicly known?

Mopvyzo USA 2012/05/07 18:40:10
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I think if he supports it he should show some courage and say so. I'm not saying he has to. That is his decision. At least VP Joe Biden stands up and tells it like it is.

Read More: http://www.EqualityNC.org

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  • Jayfeather 2012/05/07 19:57:59
    Yes he should
    But he won't until he's safely in office again.
  • belle 2012/05/07 19:57:29
    Yes he should
    Obama should state his position when asked. He should do nothing on the federal level about it. .
  • olylift 2012/05/07 19:40:36
    Yes he should
    He absolutely should. But make it a state by state thing. Don't make it federal, that was the downfall of the whole abortion debate.
  • rustyshackelford 2012/05/07 19:31:49
  • Mopvyzo... rustysh... 2012/05/07 19:39:06
    Mopvyzo USA
    His views on the issue are evolving. http://www.sodahead.com/unite...
  • rustysh... Mopvyzo... 2012/05/07 19:54:46
  • marcuss... Mopvyzo... 2012/05/07 20:57:11
    Do you mean FLIP FLOPPING?
  • Mopvyzo... marcuss... 2012/05/07 21:26:13
    Mopvyzo USA
    It shouldn't make any difference to you. You don't support him and won't matter what he does.
  • marcuss... Mopvyzo... 2012/05/07 21:47:57
    It does matter because he FLIP FLOPS. You support a Marxist.
  • ProudPr... marcuss... 2012/05/08 11:49:06
    When circumstances change, a wise politician re-evaluates. Only a brainless drone takes a position and never changes no matter what. For instance, it would be nice if the conservatives would stop trying to re-fight the Civil War and would stop trying to repeal the 19th Amendment.

    Or do you think we should still be building "Star Wars" to guard against the Soviet threat?
  • marcuss... ProudPr... 2012/05/08 19:45:53
    Starwars is already equipped on aircraft that flies the skies that shoot missiles down. Where have you been?

    Oh if it is any politician except 0WEbama the TRANSPARENT pResident its called flip flopping.
  • Arel Mopvyzo... 2012/05/07 23:40:21
    Yes, because he will need every vote he can get so saying his view is evolving instead of confirming his civil union belief may get him more votes.
  • Mrkando 2012/05/07 19:21:13
    Yes he should
    While this only makes sense to most of us we really don't have to deal with what a politician does. For a politician to address such a controversial subject is very much like advertising your business but as part of that advertising you tell people that perhaps some of your merchandise is not good. That just doesn't work.

    He would immediately cancel out the possibility that some would give him the benefit of doubt. Is that being evasive simply to avoid losing potential voters? Yes, of course it is, but every politician has become quite adept at that if they want to stay in office. When there are so many people out there that already put words in his mouth there is really no need for him to help them.
  • scbluesman13 2012/05/07 19:17:30
    Yes he should
    And he already has. He talked about his views on gay marriage many times during the 08 campaign, and at least a half-dozen times during his first term. He's personally opposed to gay marriage but as a statesman and a politician would support any legislative effort to grant equal rights for gay & lesbian citizens looking to marry. This is part of the reason why he has placed a moratorium within the WH of not defending DOMA.

    He's been very public about his position so far.
  • Mopvyzo... scblues... 2012/05/07 19:35:00
    Mopvyzo USA
    He should make his position totally clear, whether he supports gay marriage or not. Either he does support it or he does not... it's that simple.
  • scblues... Mopvyzo... 2012/05/07 20:35:01 (edited)
    Actually, it's not that simple, not for a politician. But he's always been clear on both fronts:
    * He personally does not support it for religious reasons
    * He legislatively/politically supports it as an equal rights issue

    For private citizens like us we don't have to put up the second part of this stance. We can always say how we feel about it personally, and are almost never in a position where we would get challenged on it from a public policy perspective. Politicians in the public eye, however, do and should make those distinctions because they are vitally important. That is the difference between someone like Obama and someone like Santorum or Romney. Obama understands that policy should not be driven by personal or religious preference. Santorum and Romney think that points 1 and 2 should be the same. That is the difference between a statesman and a demagogue.
  • johnnyg 2012/05/07 19:16:38 (edited)
    No he shouldn't
    It's none of the governments business who gets married. USGovt are control freaks who will tell gays yes marry same sex, then tell straights hell no them fa**ots ain't gonna get married. Which ever group gives the most donations will win. So gays you better start throwing more money at your punk ass republicrats. Or just vote Libertarian for free.
  • Anonymouse ~superdoge~ 2012/05/07 19:15:23
    No he shouldn't
    Anonymouse ~superdoge~
    Social issues are very dangerous - whatever you say, you're going to piss off half the population.
  • carolynb 2012/05/07 19:12:45
    Yes he should
    He needs to just say he is for gay marriage and be done with it. Yes, he needs to show the courage to do it.
  • Mopvyzo USA 2012/05/07 19:01:45
    Yes he should
    Mopvyzo USA
  • Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru 2012/05/07 18:59:53
    Yes he should
    Assassin~ Badass Buzz Guru
    Yes he should. Absolutely.
  • Yoru 2012/05/07 18:58:59 (edited)
    Yes he should
    I agree that if you support something you should have the courage to stand up and actually SUPPORT it, otherwise just sit back down.

    support courage support
  • POWERSHAKER 2012/05/07 18:55:08
  • Met 2012/05/07 18:53:23
    No he shouldn't
    Not yet. He's playing this like the master politician he is, his record on the issue of gay rights speaks for itself.

    playing master politician record issue gay rights speaks

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