Should McDonald's reach out to Cleveland's Charles Ramsey and offer him some kind of reward?

ABC News Money 2013/05/09 19:21:02
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  • Alacrity 2013/05/10 01:05:09
    Yes, he acted nobly and should get some kind of compensation.
    What if we could sue the NRA for all the accidental and criminal deaths by firearms in this country? Just like the TOBACCO COMPANIES were sued for damaging health of millions & millions of people.
  • OPen Mi... Alacrity 2013/05/10 04:33:57
    OPen Minded
    ... and what caused YOUR brain damage, old friend?
  • Alacrity OPen Mi... 2013/05/10 04:52:09 (edited)
    If Tobacco companies can be sued for deaths and health damage, why not the NRA for gun deaths and injuries
  • OPen Mi... Alacrity 2013/05/10 04:57:11
    OPen Minded
    And general motors for drunk driving deaths. And McDonalds for making me fat.

    Seriously, anyone smoking today does not know smoking leads to cancer and heart disease?

    How about blaming the person responsible?

    Blaming the object takes the responsibility away from the person.
  • Alacrity OPen Mi... 2013/05/10 05:06:32 (edited)
    Perhaps you could sue McDonald's and GM .. you cancerous fat ass
  • OPen Mi... Alacrity 2013/05/10 05:08:20
    OPen Minded
    Or just take responsibility for myself and not blame others.
  • Alacrity OPen Mi... 2013/05/10 05:12:19
    right on with that responsibility
    I was just joking about suing McDonalds and GM .. you cancerous fat ass, so I hope you are laughing as I am.
  • Cal 2013/05/09 20:38:54
    None of the above
    For what purpose ABC? Why??
  • Max 2013/05/09 20:28:18
    None of the above
    It should be determined who the real hero is first. The real hero should receive an award or reward.

    "As Charles Ramsey was finding every TV camera crew in the Cleveland area to tell his story about the rescue of the three women held captive in a house for almost a decade, another man was quietly saying that he was first on the scene and the real hero."

    "Angel Cordero lived across the street from Ramsey and the house that held the three women. Local news reports are saying that this 32-year-old man — who does not speak English — is claiming to be the first person to respond to Amanda Berry’s screams for help." Cordero told NewChannel 5 reporter Stephanie Ramirez (in Spanish): See video at the link below:


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