Should Marijuana trade on the commodities market? [WEED]

Fef 2012/03/30 17:14:29
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Marijuana has gained virtual legalized status in many states in America. The crop, much like tobacco, has health and public welfare issues.
Definition of Commodities Markets: Commodity markets are markets where raw or primary products are exchanged. These raw commodities are traded on regulated commodities exchanges, in which they are bought and sold in standardized contracts. (Wikipedia)

Trading marijuana today looks more like this:

Than this:
commodities prices
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  • Rubyking 2012/03/31 23:34:59
    Trade Weed
    until it's all gone
  • Steve 2012/03/31 08:34:40
    Trade Weed
    Every 401(k) can benefit from some 420.
  • Andy Fletcher 2012/03/31 01:49:16
    Trade Weed
    Andy Fletcher
    yes...yes...and yes!
  • cut and paste king 2012/03/31 01:31:45
    Never or at least not yet
    cut and paste king
    not yet but it will
  • Gregaj7 2012/03/31 00:10:37
    Never or at least not yet
    You must just LOVE the International Bankers, Fef.
  • santa6642 2012/03/30 23:51:16
    No Weed Trade
  • bob h. 2012/03/30 21:26:42
    No Weed Trade
    bob h.
    Not a bad idea; but who needs it. The DJ is back up where it was during the Clinton admin.
  • thermoguy 2012/03/30 20:44:49
    No Weed Trade
    Pot would be worth more than other markets and will always profit. The 1% doesn't need to own that as well. I want to go to some organic farmer and weigh some out, pay the tax so I can go home but not inhale:)
  • Cal 2012/03/30 20:39:15
    Trade Weed
    If we we're smart we'd legalize Marijuana, Tax, Regulate, and expand into a new market. America is not that smart though...so I don't have much hope. We could literally end the economy woes this season if they'd do it....but, repeating, we're not that smart.
  • bob h. Cal 2012/03/30 21:31:44
    bob h.
    I don't think so. If they taxed a fair amount, fine, but that will never happen. The biggest black market today is cigarettes, and they're legal.
  • Cal bob h. 2012/03/30 21:37:01
    So there's the issue. It's not with legalization...it's with over taxation. One day we'll elect someone who realizes all this. Today's drug war is the exact same as the 1920's prohibition....and we all know that failed. This drug war wastes billions a year and has never succeeded.
  • bob h. Cal 2012/09/26 00:30:09
    bob h.
    It's not supposed to work. It's supposed to fill "Privatized Prisons" so inmates can do the work that rightly belong to the public. One major reason for unemployment.
  • Cal bob h. 2012/09/26 02:21:28
    Bob. That reply was from March. Why revive it??
  • bob h. Cal 2012/09/26 02:28:53
    bob h.
    So it got better then?
  • Cal bob h. 2012/09/26 21:27:48
    Hell if I know. I don't even know what we're debating. I think I'd rather meet you on the field of fresh topics imo.
  • James 2012/03/30 19:56:30
    Trade Weed
    Trade it on the CME!!

    Chicago mercantile exchange

    It's the largest commodities trading system in the world and it is based in Chicago.
  • Lerro DeHazel 2012/03/30 19:42:16
    No Weed Trade
    Lerro DeHazel
    the main prob with Medical Marijuana is it's about to be abandoned for other medical treatments of Glaucoma. What can be more convenient than just swallowing a pill? There is no specific level of elevated eye pressure that definitely leads to glaucoma; conversely, there is no lower level of IOP that will absolutely eliminate a person’s risk of developing glaucoma. That is why early diagnosis and treatment of glaucoma is the key to preventing vision loss. Other than that, there is absolutely no use for Medical Marijuana, other than treating it the same way that Freddi Mac, Fanni Mae, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Maxine Waters, and other political garbage has been successfully treated and handled all throughout the years . . . Who cares!??? Really.
  • Tennessee3501 2012/03/30 19:18:03
    No Weed Trade
    It has been legalized in some states for medicinal purposes only. Hardly enough of a basis to trade it as a commodity.
  • bob 2012/03/30 19:03:10 (edited)
    Trade Weed
    yep and grow your own. Florida produces some fine POT
  • socokid 2012/03/30 18:23:39
    No Weed Trade
    I am all for marijuana legalization. The current laws regarding marijuana do far more harm than any perceived harm from doing the drug itself. Completely asinine.

    With that said, there is a vast array of variation within marijuana offerings...
  • moiraregis 2012/03/30 18:01:23
    Trade Weed
    marijuana is not like tobacco in that it does not cause lung cancer or heart disease, as well as palliating the nausea suffered by cancer and AIDS patients. since known killers like cigarettes are sold over the counter in America, and since we could use the tax revenue, marijuana should not only trade on the commodities market but be legalized, regulated, grown and sold to those over 18 in America. Time to get real, folks. One of the reasons marijuana was made illegal is that it was systematically demonized by some tycoon who was manufacturing dacron or something and didn't want competition from hemp.
  • Ozymandias 2012/03/30 17:53:29 (edited)
    Trade Weed
    There is no legitimate reason for marijuana to be illegal. Although I don't support commodity trading.
  • BrianD3 2012/03/30 17:50:25
    No Weed Trade
    I am not quite ready to see it legalized. I will support efforts to decriminalize it though,
  • Arjuna 2012/03/30 17:38:25
    Never or at least not yet
    Not yet. I don't think I wouldn't like the tobacco companies dropping their primary product and picking up Marijuana, mixing in about ten thousand chemicals and doing more harm than good. Anyone for "THC-lights" or "cannabineeds/nerds/nods" ? I don't *think* so. For now, keep it illegal and catch a few blokes here and there growing it under less dangerous conditions than big companies will if they allowed to do it. At least the product is relatively higher quality for both recreational and medicinal purposes. :)
  • moiraregis Arjuna 2012/03/30 18:05:09
    it should be legalized but not profaned by additives; government regulation could prevent this; think of what growing it hydroponically in states like Michigan could accomplish fiscally. also, the courts and prisons could be cleared of nonsensical pot convictions. and think of the reduction of violent crime resulting from drug kingpins in Mexico and elsewhere. they'd still have heroin and cocaine to ply their evil trade.
  • Arjuna moiraregis 2012/03/30 19:43:15
    You got a point there friend. I am just worried that government regulations will probably be violated or even ignored making the end product inconsequential in terms of its "good" properties.
  • bob h. moiraregis 2012/03/30 21:35:17
    bob h.
    Good idea, but everything is loaded with chemicals. Ever read a box of Cheerios, or a soda?

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