Should Marijuana be legal, taxed and regulated?

CAPISCE 2012/12/04 03:58:17
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  • Inversion 2013/05/13 08:33:51
    Legal yes, taxed and regulated no.
  • Bite my shiny metal ass 2012/12/25 01:55:47
    Bite my shiny metal ass
    should be legal,not taxed not regulated.
  • WBC_Sux Bite my... 2013/01/04 18:07:23
  • CAPISCE WBC_Sux 2013/01/04 23:36:10
    We must tax it, nobody is saying Phillip Morris or any tocacco company need be involved
  • MadMax 2012/12/07 01:29:07
    It's not some miracle or going to fix the economy like some idiots think it will, but there's no reason it isn't.
  • Ruadon 2012/12/06 18:17:05
    more states need to legalize it, and the d*mned Federal government should keep their noses out of it.
  • John Galt jr or Ron/jon 2012/12/06 04:57:29
    John Galt jr or Ron/jon
    do you realize that in Colorado
    more people voted yes on legalization than voted for either Obama or Romney...
  • graham.noble.1232 2012/12/06 01:47:34
    some countries have already legalised it, have their cities burned to the ground with panic in the streets.....no? I rest my case
  • Lerro DeHazel 2012/12/06 01:19:55
    Lerro DeHazel
    There is nothing beneficial about people paralyzing certain nerve-receptors in the brain and preventing the proper flow of oxygenated blood to feed those particular cells; causing one to feel woozy, dizzy, and associated drunkeness related to imaginative tranquillity or whatever. In fact, it's absoluely senseless. The fact that a whole Society can do it or can't do it; politically and/or lawfully makes it even less meaningful. What's wrong with just keeping a healthy brain fed with oxygen?
  • Ruadon Lerro D... 2012/12/06 18:18:00
    I would guess you have never smoked it
  • The And... Lerro D... 2012/12/07 14:55:32
    The Andoxico
    working out does the same thing, the cells in the muscles dont get enough oxygen so they can't do respiration so they use an alternative which, in the end, leaves muscles better then they were before. a low supply of oxygen won't kill you, just slow you down while the effects are still in place
  • Lerro D... The And... 2012/12/07 18:03:15
    Lerro DeHazel
    Who knows? . . . Maybe you can turn Society to politically believe that they only need to smoke-up themselves a few kilos of Medical Marijuana and then by doing so, they will be capable of swatting a few hundred pitches over the fence like Barry B*onds . . . Put it on the Ballot. Why not?
  • The And... Lerro D... 2012/12/07 19:01:13
    The Andoxico
    i guess that one went right over your head...
  • Lerro D... The And... 2012/12/08 17:03:00
    Lerro DeHazel
    "working out does the same thing" . . . is what; a foul-ball? . . . You would know . . . You stated it.
  • Ilse To... Lerro D... 2013/02/20 05:13:59
    Ilse Torres
    I think anyone who says they imagine or see things while being under the influence or marijuana have never smoked it. Cocaine blocks brain receptors and marijuana actually open them in order to be alert and reflexes kick in. Obviously many people who are against are still stuck in old fact from early research. It's not a dangerous drugs nor addictive since Zero deaths come from it.
  • Lerro D... Ilse To... 2013/02/20 15:33:13
    Lerro DeHazel
    NOT even close. The Chemical Substance actually cuts off oxygen to various Receptors in the Brain and the EFFECTS strictly depend on the individual . . . It's the smoker's brain . . . It is NOT the Smoke, itself. You can get the exact same thing from a Brain Surgeon's Scaffel . . . As long as he knows where to make the incision inside the skull; you can actually walk around "On Marijuana" for the rest of your life just by cutting off Cell Growth inside the Brain. And the beautiful thing about that is you've never broken the law. Find yourself a Brain Surgeon who will perform that kind of Surgery for you. THERE IS NO KIND OF USEFUL MEDICAL SUBSTANCE in any of those Chemicals that destroy Brain Cells. Absolutely NOT!!!! It's not just Marijuana, Medical Marijuana, Alcohol, Model Glue, or any other Chemical Substance that cuts-off oxygen supply and temporarily paralizes nerves in the Brain, at the same time speeds up the death of Old Cells. This Society, today, DEFINITELY DOES NOT NEED anymore Brain Cell Killers for people to make use of to temporarily enhance their already sick imaginations.
  • MsDianna 2012/12/05 17:33:48
    no it destroyes lives just like alcohol
  • mollie ... MsDianna 2012/12/07 03:47:55
    mollie ralston
    lmao nothing like alcohol.
  • The And... MsDianna 2012/12/10 20:11:15
    The Andoxico
    i'm not replying to you i'm replying to the 1 above you because my computer is being a bitch but anyways...
    the same thing meaning that in both scenarios the cells are losing oxygen
  • SoCalEx-Dem 2012/12/05 07:22:31
    Nope! Why get the government involved? It has been decriminalized and in many states you can either purchase from a pharmacy or grow your own up to a certain number. Why should I be taxed or regulated for smoking my own pot?
  • EvilMonkey 2012/12/05 05:28:17
    Take away the money from the drug cartels in Mexico, they get the majority of their billions from the trade in marijuana.
  • WBC_Sux EvilMonkey 2013/01/04 18:11:39
    I highly doubt that if big tobacco gets hold of marijuana, they will just sell it straight... they'll need to add something to it to make it addictive and deadly.
  • EvilMonkey WBC_Sux 2013/01/04 20:44:28
    If your worried about big tobacco, grow it yourself. Tobacco has to be cured and is a little more complicated to produce a smokable product than marijuana. Marijuana grows like a weed, if you have a good female plant picking and drying the buds is super easy. Some of the best stuff I have seen was home grown. Growers have been breeding plants for TCH increases for decades. Marijuana smoke, like any other burning vegetation has chemicals in it that are harmful to breathe. If you smoke it, it is generally bad for your health.
  • Gregaj7 2012/12/05 05:11:04
    Only in that it gives folk the opp to use it the correct way.
  • CaptnSassy 2012/12/05 01:23:28
    Our largest, untapped financial saving grace
  • Andrew 2012/12/05 01:11:43
    No, marijuana needs to be illegal. It's a shock that it's legal.
  • Crime Time 2012/12/05 01:06:38
  • Flea 2012/12/05 01:02:59
    Might as well get the taxes for it instead of letting fking gangbangers make all that money...
  • Zero 2012/12/05 00:15:49
    Like tobacco and alcohol its should be taxed, monitored, regulated. You can't drive high like you can't drive drunk. Must be 21 and have ID. As long as its regulated like tobacco and alcohol then I see no problem
  • Lucy Krueger 2012/12/05 00:06:49
  • pabzui 2012/12/04 23:34:37
    government should support and distribute products that dont cause cancer and deaths...
  • Ron in Oregon 2012/12/04 21:26:18
  • Surly C... Ron in ... 2012/12/06 16:04:17
    Surly Curmudgen
    Everyone wants to smoke it, whats wrong with using it like an herb? use like oregano in spaghetti, on pizza, in beef stew, stir fried rice........ come on people, we can do better than just smoke it.
  • Ron in ... Surly C... 2012/12/06 19:27:27
    Ron in Oregon
    Everyone thinks that the only way is to smoke it.
    I personally do not smoke anything...I do not like inhaling.
    I think of it as an agricultural product and would grow it as long as there was a market for it, use it no way.
  • Eric 2012/12/04 20:53:45
    Won't hear me complaining
  • Woof 2012/12/04 20:00:57
    Yes but only in China, Russia, Iran and Syria.
  • Laissez Faire Husker 2012/12/04 19:55:00
    Laissez Faire Husker
    Some conservates my say no but they should check out what people like Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell said about making drugs legal. They would say yes.
  • Classical Liberal 2012/12/04 19:36:59 (edited)
    Classical Liberal
    why would you want to let the government control what you put into your body, period?

    It should all be up to you.
  • CAPISCE Classic... 2012/12/04 20:57:42
    Some drugs make people acted erratically and aggressively----Would you want your neighbors on PCP?
  • Classic... CAPISCE 2012/12/04 21:17:03
    Classical Liberal
    So does alcohol.

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