Should marijuana be covered by medical insurance like other prescriptions?

Ivanabitch 2012/06/13 06:01:04
Should marijuana be covered by medical insurance like other prescriptions?
Yes, home delivery for all.
No, I'd rather take my chances with the judge.
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Many states are legalizing medical marijuana. Some states require the seller to grow 75% of their sales while paying sales tax to the state. Marijuana is still illegal by Federal law. State law enforcement are choosing who to arrest and not arrest. The Federal law enforcement is deciding who to arrest and not arrest. States approving medical marijuana allow citizens the ability to grow, smoke and/or possess marijuana while others are being arrested. The judicial system has always benefited financially from marijuana. Now we have politicians and state governments benefiting financially from marijuana while breaking the law.

The last time I looked, we were all bound by the same laws of our nation. All Americans should have the medical choice whether to use or not use marijuana, not just a select few. Let our insurance providers cover the cost of marijuana and I'll pay my co-pay. Let the pharmaceutical companies ship it in from other countries where it is legal to grow. Let the competition begin!
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