Should Inmate Be Required to Post Partial Bail for an Abortion?

News 2011/07/06 18:34:59
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Bridget Burkholder, a 23-year-old pregnant woman awaiting trial in an Oregon prison, is being required to pay 10 percent of her $65,000 bail if she wants permission to take medical leave to have an abortion.

Life News reports that she is unable to pay the $6,500, and is requesting that the county pay for the procedure.

[Burkholder] is currently in Yamhill County Jail awaiting trial on charges of arson, criminal mischief and disorderly conduct after she damaged a motel room in a bid to set herself on fire. The pregnant mother also faces charges of reckless driving and driving under the influence related to another incident.

The prison sheriff does have the authority to allow Burkholder to get the abortion, but has stated that he will leave that decision up to the courts because he does not allow "medical furloughs on pretrial leave."

Read More: http://www.lifenews.com/2011/07/06/prisoner-in-ore...

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  • Watermusicranger 2011/07/07 06:45:41
    and pay for it by herself.
  • Devonly 2011/07/07 06:02:02
    If she wanted the freedom to have an abortion she should have kept her ass out of trouble.
  • Leinad 2011/07/07 05:45:24 (edited)
  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/07/07 05:42:12
    Just Jenn for Now
    Abort the baby then send her ass back to prison. No one deserves to be born to a "mother" who committed serious crimes.
  • star 2011/07/07 05:35:33
    Why not? She should have to pay all of it. How did she get that way in prison? Where is the father? I am against abortion unless a mother's life is in danger. Not sure of the answer if it happened out of rape.
  • petey77 star 2011/07/07 07:37:45
    O.K. I am the father. I'll admit it. No, it wasn't rape, she acqiesced, totally. In fact, the amorous encounter was totally her idea. I told her that I had a headache, besides there was a Lakers game on TV. She wouldn't listen, and threatened to set me on fire if I didn't make love to her. Anyway, I've got to split now. My cousin's giving me a ride back down to Mexico.....I forgot my tooth-brush and hair-gel.
  • 83Pats12 2011/07/07 05:35:04
    Is her form of "abortion" to light herself on fire, killing her and the baby?
  • DizziNY 2011/07/07 05:08:58
    Make her have the baby and give it up for adoption. She should have been more responsible and said NO.
  • Nudenz 2011/07/07 04:59:05
    I'm opposed to abortion.
  • BT 2011/07/07 04:53:04
    Obviously unfit to be a mom, and seeing as she's on her way to one state-run facility or another, it would probably be best to just let her have an abortion and save the world a headache.
  • z-Madness-z 2011/07/07 04:47:28
    Do they charge extra for other medical leaves? I'm not sure. I'm conflicted, but it seems like she's nuts, trying to set herself on fire and all that.
  • out damned spot 2011/07/07 04:39:30
  • Nuke 2011/07/07 04:37:32
    Dang it I meant to hit yes, Sometimes I hate that you can't change your vote if you accidentally hit the wrong button...
    Why haven't they changed this yet?!
  • petey77 Nuke 2011/07/07 08:19:29
    They're too busy reading tabloids and posting nonsensical questions.
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/07/07 04:31:15 (edited)
    I really dont know what to say about this. She def. don't deserve a baby if shes in prison
  • Epistemically Justified -- BN7 2011/07/07 04:26:06
    Epistemically Justified -- BN7
    Any inmate should be required to post partial bail for any non-essential medical procedure and the government should not have to pay for any non-essential medical treatment.

    She doesn't need an abortion for health concerns, she just wants one. I think that she takes responsibility for that, not Oregon.
  • Lisa 2011/07/07 04:01:58
    She should be sent to the psych ward!
  • Gwen 2011/07/07 03:56:02
    Seems like she should have to follow the same procedure that others would need to follow for posting bail. Oregon is one of 15 states whose state Medicaid health plan does pay for abortions. Since she had a "court appointed " attny. ....I am guessing she is already eligible if not on OHP. Nevertheless...friends, family, attny...need to post the bail to follow what Oregon states it's procedures are. This "leave" seems to be an afterthought in her mind..if in fact she wanted an abortion before...she could have had one.
  • Fannie 2011/07/07 03:50:06
    Strap her down, arms and legs to a gurney for the next nine months.........right.
  • BrokenArrow 2011/07/07 03:49:49
    This is absurd. I agree with whoever said abort her and keep the baby
  • ASTER 2011/07/07 03:47:26 (edited)
    No? why must she pay the 10% of the $65,500.00.

    By the time she get the approval from the court the baby

    will be born, caused they will always postpone the case.

    Well she needs to get a check up for mental reasons.

    The way her behaviour is not normal. born caused postpone case check mental reasons behaviour normal not nomal person
  • TheCaptive 2011/07/07 03:44:47
    She needs to be placed in a medical facility for criminals, and to carry the pregnancy to term. However, she needs to sign papers saying she'll give it up for adoption.
  • mybloodturnstoalcohol 2011/07/07 03:31:03
    Discarding the fact that I don't agree with abortions, she's obviously another reckless, horrible mother. If she really wants to get rid of a poor, innocent child here, she should have to pay. Aw, heck with it. I don't agree with abortions in the first place, and this is just even worse.
  • MeMe23 myblood... 2011/07/07 03:44:04
    So let me get this straight you wrote "She's obviously another reckless, horrible mother" but because you don't agree with abortion you still think she should bring another life into this world. Ok...yep, that makes sense.
  • ~Sophie~ 2011/07/07 03:27:39
    She should have to keep her baby. I believe in a woman's right to choose, but if you want an abortion, don't do something to end up in jail before you get it. Or don't end up in jail anyway. The taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for her mistake.
  • doctorwho_guru.†=♡ 2011/07/07 03:05:26
    just have baby and put the baby in adoption.
  • LifeIsComedyPHAET 2011/07/07 03:04:51
    She shouldn't be given leave at all.
    She's not sick, she's not in need of life-saving surgery, she's getting an abortion. That's NOT a reason for medical leave. Abortions are elective, it's like giving someone medical leave so they can get plastic surgery.
  • Gloria 2011/07/07 02:44:01 (edited)
    It's not a bail out, it's medical.
  • teigan 2011/07/07 02:35:19
    I'm sure her attorney would be free to post bail and take her to get her abortion. He's free to pay for it too, taxpayer money should not be spent for her transportation or abortion.
  • momma24 2011/07/07 02:25:27
    I would hate to think our taxpayers money goes on felons being able to abort a baby for free. I swear we need a law to pass for a license to have children so people like her can't waste a precious life, if only she could be replaced immediately after the baby were born would be great. If she is stupid enough to be a troublemaker she should pay for her own mistakes.
  • Bonnie momma24 2011/07/07 02:48:33
    She's not asking for the state to pay for her abortion, only to let her out of jail so that she can obtain one herself. Taxpayer money does not pay for elective procedures like abortions.
  • Gwen Bonnie 2011/07/07 03:43:57
  • Bonnie Gwen 2011/07/07 04:26:08
    That's interesting and does give me some new perspective on the case. However, it isn't relevant to the original question: Should she have to post bail before being allowed out of jail for an abortion? Whether or not she's using Medicaid (and we don't know that she is) doesn't matter while she's sitting in jail. Also, my original response to this topic was YES, she SHOULD have to pay her ten percent bail to get out of jail and have her abortion. Just like any other person has to post bail before they can leave jail.

    After her arraignment, if she is incapable of posting bail and will be in jail for several months before her trial, then a judge should have her escorted to the nearest clinic to have her abortion either out of her own pocket or on Medicaid's dime. Like it or not, it is a legal procedure, it is a time-sensitive procedure, and being temporarily behind bars does not mean the state can force a woman to have a baby she doesn't want.

    And as for Medicaid paying for it, just for the record, I am against that. I'm pro-choice because I don't believe in forcing morality down someone's throat. I can't sit here and be a hypocrite, though - if I don't want your pro-life views forced upon me, then I wouldn't dare force my pro-choice views upon you by making you fund abortions.
  • KingdomNow 2011/07/07 02:08:08
    This question should never have been asked -No bail. No abortion. Take the child away.

    Why reward a criminal?
  • momma24 KingdomNow 2011/07/07 02:25:53
    Beautifully said =)
  • Horace KingdomNow 2011/07/07 02:49:07
    Couldn't have said it better myself so I'm not going to try/
  • KingdomNow Horace 2011/07/07 02:50:24
    It's just common sense -Why is it so uncommon today?
  • ASTER KingdomNow 2011/07/07 03:54:49
    A criminal is a criminal the question is why she is like this what made her to be like this.
    They need to sent her to the mental clinic to study on her.
    This is not a reward the question is why did she do this? Reason.
  • Gabhain 2011/07/07 01:48:30
    A police escort should do the trick, just as they would do for a sick prisoner.
  • LittleMissPatriot 2011/07/07 01:40:22
    She shouldn't be able to have one at all. NO woman should be able to.

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