Should "In God We Trust" be taken off of US money?

LaChica 2008/05/07 05:14:11
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  • chainsaw 2008/05/07 14:51:38
    That's a silly question. Seeing the word God on money isn't making me nor anyone else all of a sudden go to church. Since it's not inspiring me, why is it despairing to others?

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  • Xanadu Chivis 2009/01/28 17:06:35
    Why not? We got along just FINE without it before. And after its having been found to have been a violation of the First Amendment to have put it there, and then its subsequent removal -- which almost certainly surely WILL happen one of these days -- we STILL will do just fine.
  • sharon Xanadu 2009/02/25 00:43:41
    xanadu you aare so far out you couldnt find a true statement if it bit you in the butt
  • phuning... sharon 2009/04/12 22:23:24
    Sorry to burst your bubble, Sharon, but you're the one who's out of it. See the comment above posted by tncdel.
  • Chivis Xanadu 2009/04/13 18:00:17
    Xanadu you are ateist and stupid.
  • christy Chivis 2009/11/20 06:24:36
    How mature.
  • That's ... Xanadu 2009/04/14 03:18:51
    That's Fronkenschteen
    Not a violation of the First Amendment. As the government is made up of peoples of all faiths and creeds(see my other comments this page). Separation of church and state is a one way door to keep governments from telling the church how it can behave. Also to prevent the establishment of a state or national religion, an abuse many escaped from in Europe.
    " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. "

    Most people regard this as the "freedom of speech" ammendment, but I find it profound of the congress of the day to state the first line as they did. Don't you?

    The innocuous occurrances of statements of faith are so minor it makes me wonder why people are so uptight. Of the creeds most of us share in common, this must surely be of the most common. Most of us do believe in a "higher power", regardless of how you address Him. There will always be someone in the minority concerning any subject. Can you accept this, or do you just need someone else to suffer?
  • clyde Xanadu 2009/06/24 19:37:46
    Ah but we are doing fine with it on there also.
  • BurntOf... Chivis 2009/02/23 23:55:26
    I agree No Not Yet, cause I've sent sent to collect his rent which is 1/3 credit for every cent that has "In God We Trust" depicted upon it. Plus, as Satan the Daughter of GOD I think I should received 2/3 credit for all the Pain, Suffering, Damages and Alienation of Affection caused by Christians. As GOD is my witness, I didnt do half of the stuff they claim. They keep blaming all their sins on me saying the Devil Made Me Do It; when they thought up most of that stuff all by themselves. I'm innocent I tell you, and Im a lot like Oliver North; a Triple Agent, Angle and Angel thats been working for GOD All Along.

    Shew me a penny; then give unto ceasar the thngs that be ceasars'....
  • sharon BurntOf... 2009/02/25 00:44:57
    oh pppppllllleeeeessssseeee!!!!!...
  • johnny Chivis 2009/06/01 09:54:10
    your are one thick headed closed minded female dog
  • Chivis johnny 2009/06/15 18:05:44
    you're black right?
  • nickname50 2009/01/23 09:45:25
    What happened to "Separation of Church and State" I also don't like the prayer in Congress and the Senate is right. I am very spiritual and political but not in the same place...
  • love nickname50 2010/03/13 16:52:35
    what are we all base on" FAITH "... poeple should start reading the most important book of all its called the BIBLE ...If people refuse to believe on it ... what big missed in life.... its ok to missed reading the" Da Vinci Code " BIBILE is a must.... "IN GOD WE TRUST "
  • smarter than that 2009/01/21 13:45:21
    smarter than that
    Because it is one of the biggest lies I've ever read
  • belle 2009/01/21 02:42:28
    Why should it even be considered?
  • Kitty 2009/01/21 02:03:51
    it is there already, why change.
  • Xanadu Kitty 2009/01/28 17:08:00
    Because under the First Amendment, it should never have been placed there. It is an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. And we got along just FINE *before* it was there.
  • sharon Xanadu 2009/02/25 00:46:26
    again xanadu is showing stupidity!!!!!!!
  • bubba95927 2009/01/20 23:28:02
    the nation was built as a Christian nation.
  • Xanadu bubba95927 2009/01/28 17:09:41
    Irrelevant. Today, it is a multicultural nation, and the government should give endorsement to NO religion. The USA is no more a "Christian" nation than it is a "white" nation. Remove the words? NO biggie. And Constitutionality will have been restored.
  • bubba95927 Xanadu 2009/01/30 16:12:03 (edited)
    So, we should just ignore history? Our forefathers did not intend this to be a non Christian nation. They just intended for us to be able to worship as we choose. The words on the money are intended to remind us how this nation became so great. The less our trust is placed in God, the less powerful of a nation we have become. The words on money are NOT religious persecution. It is not endorsing religion.
  • ktorch bubba95927 2009/03/03 18:29:34
    If you believe that, you don't know much about our forefathers nor our history!
  • bubba95927 ktorch 2009/03/09 16:31:23
    "The separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them" and "all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator" Both of the above taken from the Declaration of Independence. Now tell me they didn't believe in God.
  • ktorch bubba95927 2009/03/15 19:31:07
    That's exactly what I'm telling you! They were a bunch of ornery radicals then as they are today. All politians throw in a god here and there . . . it sounds right politically somehow. I know of NO ONE who lives it, and never will. Ever eat a shrimp? Or catfish? God said you are an abomination just like the queers you hate so much.
  • bubba95927 ktorch 2009/03/16 17:24:22
    I don't each shrimp or catfish. You are right, that is also biblical. I don't eat pork either. I agree, if you want to follow the Bible, follow all. No right to pick and choose.
  • Konraden bubba95927 2009/07/03 11:06:39
    The Declaration of the United States of America is also not a document used in any way for governing our nation. Those quotes are worthless when considering the legality of having "In God We Trust" on U.S. Currency.
  • bubba95927 Konraden 2009/07/09 04:27:19
    It is not the Declaration of the US, it is the Declaration of Independence. And it was the precursor for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Some forefathers signed both. A couple became our presidents.
  • Konraden bubba95927 2009/07/10 18:36:26
    The Declaration belongs to the U.S., I wasn't giving its title in full. Being a precursor *still* isn't relevant, because it is not law in this country, only a document of incredible historic significance.
  • bubba95927 Konraden 2009/07/15 03:38:06
    It goes to show what our forefathers were thinking when they set this country up.
  • johnny bubba95927 2009/06/01 09:57:05
    our nation was built on freedom of religion on a army of christens that was the brits thats why we became our own country
  • sharon Xanadu 2009/02/25 00:48:05
    multicultural is what got us into this mess. I wish the multi cultural woud go back to their own land, clearly a positive solution.
  • ktorch sharon 2009/03/03 18:30:26
    If they did, the only inhabitants in the USA would be the Indians!
  • ktorch sharon 2009/03/15 19:32:35
    Boy, every one in America is foreign to this land, it really belongs to the American Indians! Reboot your brain
  • sharon ktorch 2009/04/08 00:12:41
    The Indians have a right to this land, and the way we're going they will have it again real soon. We cant invite every tom dick and hairy into our midst and remain committed to one nation under God, we have to draw the line somewhere, I suggest you return to your native country, I will furnish you a ticket. GET GOING!!!!
  • ginny 2009/01/20 22:38:34
  • Xanadu ginny 2009/01/28 17:11:19
    Speak for yourself. It is an conconstitutional endorsement of religion by government, and the words need to go. We got along just FINE *before* they were illegally placed there. And we'll get along just fine AFTER the money has been restored to normal neutrality.
  • sharon Xanadu 2009/02/25 00:50:10
    bless your heart zanado you aare just full of bullshit. and stupidity. and you do not, clearly do not have the american spirit. GO HOME!!!!!!!
  • Nobama♣ 2009/01/20 21:09:25
    WHAT!?!? No way.!
  • Xanadu Nobama♣ 2009/01/28 17:11:44
    Speak for yourself. It is an conconstitutional endorsement of religion by government, and the words need to go. We got along just FINE *before* they were illegally placed there. And we'll get along just fine AFTER the money has been restored to normal neutrality.
  • sharon Xanadu 2009/02/25 00:52:04
    hey du dope you cant have a free nation without our God!!!! Got it?? I f you dont get that you will NEVER get anything. GET IT???????

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