Should Healthcare Workers Be Required To Get Flu Shots?

News 2013/01/19 21:24:14
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According to The Los Angeles Times health writer Anna Gorman, despite the most serious flu season the United States has seen in years, only about 60 percent of healthcare workers--doctors and nurses, among others--get their annual flu shots. That means roughly 40 percent of healthcare workers choose not to get flu shots, even with the huge risk of catching the illness when around sick patients.

The statistic was uncovered by the California Department of Public Health and officials are wondering whether they should encourage those reluctant to get their proper vaccinations or simply to just let them be. The problem is if those healthcare workers do happen to get sick, then they won't be there to treat sick patients, who rely on them for checkups, their expert opinions, and any needed medication.

The other major risk healthcare workers take in not getting their proper vaccinations is spreading potential illnesses to patients. Healthcare workers that don't get their shot would argue though that vaccinations can have harmful side effects to some and they don't want to put their health at risk. Whether they are putting themselves at more risk not getting their shots is anyone's guess.

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  • Ian 2013/02/11 07:35:24
    I would say, they should be allowed to choose for themselves, since they're in a position to be informed.
  • maryam 2013/02/07 08:06:43
    prevention is always better
  • Thank u, Nerdette Geekette 2013/02/06 21:51:33 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    There are many strains of the flu. It doesn*t prevent health care workers from getting another strain.

    In places I have worked,there has been no significant decrease in rate of flu illness or time out fm work before and after requiring or recommending flu shots.

    If health care workers get sick they just stay out of work or practice the usual Universal Precautions.

    Also, u are allowed to work as a health care worker with Hepatitis and AIDs and as a carrier of Tuberculosis
  • Lester Thank u... 2013/02/08 01:35:37
    I thot the flu was substantially easier to transmit than HIV.
  • Thank u... Lester 2013/02/08 02:24:46
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
  • zebsmom 2013/02/03 17:52:36
    It's sort of a moot point, because we are required to get them. Or wear a mask from October to April any time we're in a patient care area. Sucks for those of us who are actually allergic to the vaccine. There are places that fire workers for not getting one.
  • Thank u... zebsmom 2013/02/06 21:54:36 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    If ur allergic to it they dont make u get it if thats what u meant. That would be harmful and thus ridiculous

    Also, as u probably know, a health care worker is suppose to follow the Patients Right rule that a patient has the right to refuse treatments or such. So I find it abhorrent they dont let health care workers have that right too with the flu. Maybe with polio or something but as I said u cant prevent someone fm getting all strains of flu and health care workers take precautions not to spread germs already
  • zebsmom Thank u... 2013/02/07 00:36:25 (edited)
    Patients have rights. Staff don't. I have two choices where I work. Get the shot or wear a mask the entire time I'm at work for 6 months. Other hospitals don't have the mask option. Get the shot or lose your job. The CDC is now recommending that those of us who are allergic to the vaccine get it anyway.
    I think the whole thing is about 1/3 patient protection and 2/3 saving $ on sick time/replacement staff. Interesting that kids with snot hanging down to their chest and hacking and coughing can still visit.
  • Thank u... zebsmom 2013/02/07 00:58:48
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Ur right that it is up to place of employment what they want to do but its still ridiculous.

    There have been no to lil decrease in flu cases at my jobs as there r many strains of flu and no flu vaccines for all of them

    Plus CDC is often ridiculous. If ur allergic to it and get it every year u can easily go into anaphylactic shock
  • zebsmom Thank u... 2013/02/12 20:06:44
    LOL.You don't have to get it every year to go into anaphylactic shock-it only takes once.
  • Thank u... zebsmom 2013/02/12 20:53:21
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    True. In my case it was after several times
  • 001 2013/02/02 00:12:48
    There are better ways to prevent the flu
  • 9th of 9 2013/01/31 00:58:11
    9th of 9
    They made my God Daughter get on, or lose her job.

    Some sick people in this world, and it's not her.
  • Thank u... 9th of 9 2013/02/06 23:56:34 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Patients have the right to refuse but not health care workers. Sad. There are many strains of flu. Doesnt prevent them fm getting flu anyway. There has been no to little reduction in reported flu cases at my jobs
  • 9th of 9 Thank u... 2013/02/07 00:11:18
    9th of 9
    It is sad, especially when she, a nurse, tells them it will do no good to try and prevent the flu strain that went through "last year".
  • middlesex1957 2013/01/28 06:40:14
    I was a laboratory technologist for 18 years. We all always got flu shots because we were exposed to the sickest people in the city and we didn't want to spread it around or worse, to our delicate patients who wouldn't survive it. Of course health care workers should get immunizations. We also got hepatitis A & B, and pneumonia too. It was our responcibility to ourselves and our patients. You know....the Hippocratic Oath? We actually took that seriously.
  • Thank u... middles... 2013/02/07 00:03:51
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I understand ur position of wanting to protect patients but see my responses above
  • ratclifft~pwcm 2013/01/24 01:08:21
    if they don't want a shot then that is there right. i refuse to take one every year,and i work in the prison system
  • gvc 2013/01/23 05:01:29
    Totally irresponsible. Can I sue them if I catch the flu from them due to their ignorance?
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/07 08:48:26 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Ignorance is thinking u can prevent all flu strains with one vaccine if thats what u meant
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/07 08:53:08
    Ignorance is thinking anyone suggested you can.
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/07 08:59:11
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Ur the one who made the broad unspecified comment
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/07 09:50:22
    Work on your comprehension skills.
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/07 10:03:17 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    How bout u tell me what u meant instead of attacking?

    Why would u sue if u could have prevented it urself?

    BTW I know quite a lot of nurses and medical staff that have HIV or Hepatitis or r carriers of TB or have STDs . They are allowed to work in health care.

    They take Universal Precautions to not infect anyone. Same as workers with flu.

    When they have flu and are infectious they stay home. And after that take precautions

    People still get a flu even if they have had a vaccine. It doesnt prevent people fm getting all strains of flu.

    But if ur gonna sue make sure u know who exactly gave u the flu and that its the same strain u have.

    Vaccines only do so much as u know
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/07 14:33:35
    Do you really need me to spell out what I mean?

    Read the question again, and then read my answer.

    If you need further clarification get back to me.

    Might help if you actually HAD a job and worked with the public....just saying.
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/07 15:03:59 (edited)
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I never said I don*t have a job. Where did you get that? Maybe u need to work on YOUR comprehension skills.
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/07 23:48:19
    You have the mental capacity of a 15 year old. I would say you have never held a job were I guessing.
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/08 00:39:05
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    U havent said anything factual or logical or reasonable.

    All u can do is insult.

    U must be a retarted Manager
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/08 00:41:41
    Retarted? is that supposed to be a word?

    Go outside and play Jr. let the adults talk.
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/08 00:52:11
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I see by ur profile page that u rarely string a sentence together. U seem like u prefer insulting people
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/08 00:53:54
    From the child who can't spell, awwwwww you hurt me!

    Blahahahaha NOT!
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/08 00:59:35
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I will pray for u cuz u obviously need a brain and a heart
  • gvc Thank u... 2013/02/08 01:11:37
    Thank You! I can use all the prayers I can get.

    In the mean time, learn how to pick your battles.
  • ernest.... Thank u... 2013/02/08 04:32:35
    What she is saying, is she voted for Oboma. Insults come with the liberal territory.
  • Thank u... ernest.... 2013/02/08 04:48:50
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    Thank u sincerely Ernest. I was so hurt after that cuz I rly wasnt trying to insult her. Just frustrated cuz I cant get as many jobs cuz Im deathly allergic to vaccines. But shes a Conservative according to her profile.

    Thanks again
  • ernest.... Thank u... 2013/02/11 14:29:44
    one of liberals favorite pass time is to mislead because they have no platform, it is all about feelings.
  • Thank u... gvc 2013/02/07 09:09:33
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    2. Also, if u dont want to get that flu then u get the flu shot
  • ernest.... Thank u... 2013/02/08 04:34:57
    Um there is no scientific evidence the flue shot prevents that strain of flu and the shot will lower your immune system, and likely cause you to get sick from another strain.
  • Thank u... ernest.... 2013/02/08 04:51:53
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I hear yah. I just meant one vaccine cant prevent me getting another version of the flu

    Would like to hear more fm u
  • Thank u... ernest.... 2013/02/08 05:22:37
    Thank u, Nerdette Geekette
    I mean I would get that flu or if that didnt work another one
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