Should Facebook Take Down Aurora Shooter's Fanpages?

News 2012/07/28 20:30:27
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The name James Holmes will forever live in infamy after the accused criminal murdered 12 people with gunfire and wounded many more during a midnight screening of "The Dark Night Rises" in a theater in Aurora, Colorado. Based on various reports following the shootings, it seems as though Holmes planned to become a real life comic book villain. As for other details, those are still scarce and getting inside a psychotic, cold-blooded man's head will be tough for prosecutors.

But getting rid of tasteless content in support of the Colorado shooter; that should be easy for Facebook, right? Not according to a report by CNN.com, which states that there are multiple fanpages for the killer, including one with more than 800 followers [or "likes"]. Facebook isn't like YouTube or message boards, where one can be anonymous. So unless they're using fake aliases and lack profile pictures, Holmes supporters are making themselves known publicly on the fanpage. Maybe they're Internet trolls. They could even be people with the same mental state as Holmes.

Regardless, Facebook won't remove the pages. Company spokesman Fred Wolens explained that the most popular Holmes fanpage "while incredibly distasteful, doesn't violate our terms." In order to be removed, it would have to post credible threats against specific people or intend to incite violence. We agree that free speech should be protected. But this lenient policy seems pretty inconsistent with the numerous stories we've heard over the years of everyday people having photos/content flagged and taken down, at times unfairly.

What do you think SodaHeads? Should Facebook remove the Colorado shooter's fanpages?

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  • thomas.fox.54 2012/07/28 21:24:17
    1st amendment. these people are sick, disgusting animals but they have the right to the 1st amendment. i hate censored websites anyway. people need to realize that they share a country with these people and they need to deal with it not pretend that these sick people dont exist

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  • Speedy 2012/07/29 22:05:03
    Facebook shouldn't help people to glorify cold blood murderer.
  • Christmas; In Chrome 2012/07/29 21:42:50
    Christmas; In Chrome
    And if their all such big ass fans of this nut job than they should get to meet him. Like up close and personal. I'm sure it would be a blast if you get me.
  • Medved 2012/07/29 21:39:12
    sorry but there is no way these pages should be allowed to continue it is mocking those that have died tragically and Facebook should act immediately and any responsible company already would have and as for free speech this isn't a question of that this is a question of allowing someone accused of murder to be glorified and their victims to be mocked the people will be still allowed to post what they like on their own pages they just won't be able to keep this disgusting group
  • Zombie Saddam 2012/07/29 21:35:20
    Zombie Saddam
    Facebook is a private business. They have every right to exercise judgment to avoid enabling hate or violence. And in this case, they ought exercise that right to the fullest of their ability.
  • Frannin 2012/07/29 21:32:51
    James who?????
  • madsam 2012/07/29 21:30:28
    So, having a fan page of this sick mass murder does not "incite violence"??
  • ScottyG - Faqueue 2012/07/29 21:15:23
    ScottyG - Faqueue
    Fans? Are you kidding me? How about the FBI start monitoring the FANS?
  • Pinkl@dy 2012/07/29 21:09:14
    however distastefull these pages may be, the followers have the right to ventilate their opinions... also what sodahead stands for
  • Horace Nick 2012/07/29 21:00:33
    Horace Nick
    Well it's a free country, people can also set up anti shooter fanpages i guess. free country people anti shooter fanpages guess
  • beth.liebhart 2012/07/29 20:59:29
    I voted Yes...but on second thought, It's really no. Freedom of speech can create painful images and statements from time to time (Westboro) but it is their right. As much I'd wish not to have to see these things...can't just tell someone to shut up because you disagree. Learn to debate your point just as loudly.
  • lolitalovely 2012/07/29 20:50:34
    People would just make another besides they have the right to be considered creepy by the masses. I'm sure Facebook could find a reason but if it really has multiple pages with many subscribed, I think it would be a wasted effort.
  • XQNP 2012/07/29 20:29:33
    Not only do the first amendment and Facebook terms arguments still stand, but it also allows increased monitoring. And for those concerned about the authoritarian nature of such monitoring, the very act of officially and publicly claiming support for a known terrorist is a form of consent.
  • im right ur wrong 2012/07/29 20:14:30
    im right ur wrong
    thats sick!
  • dominic garcia 2012/07/29 20:06:13
    dominic garcia
    The FBI should keep monitoring it, so they can catch more criminals. Whoever thinks this guy is a hero is very sick.
  • Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦ 2012/07/29 19:51:17
    Yuki ~ ♦Lion King of PHÆT♦
    Look-- we live in an era where free speech, no matter how offensive, needs to be protected. I don't agree with the page (1000%), but it tells you more about the people who joined, liked, and support it than the victims or the guy the page is about. Unless the page violates laws, such as copyright or child porn or something, or violates current facebook policy, they shouldn't have to take it down.

    They CAN take it down, of course. And I honestly won't mind if they do. But I think it would be a lot more effective if people joined the fanpage, and then started linking everyone there to viruses, flamed them, chewed them out, and made them absolutely ashamed of themselves. There's nothing worse than being chewed out on all sides by everyone, and realizing you have no legitimate defense.

    Let the people speak for themselves, instead of having everything censured. I'm tired of censorship by the big guys. Let the people show the offenders the consequences of their actions in the same way the offenders did-- rip them a new one.

    The people who joined this page are sick and disgusting, or perhaps just trolling, but taking the page down won't accomplish very much. They'll just put it up again, and again, or just be encouraged to make a new website shrine dedicated to Holmes.
  • Torchy 2012/07/29 19:40:09 (edited)
    Freedom of Speech is kind of a b!tch, isn't it?
  • exsecrare 2012/07/29 19:32:57
    That's entirely up to Facebook
  • lee 2012/07/29 19:10:03
    i think they should turn over all the "friends" of such pages to the FBI for follow up.

    sick minds are attracted to other sick minds...

    we need better mental health care in America.
  • Manster lee 2012/07/29 20:02:30
    That's an excellent idea, Lee! And I agree with you about the state of mental health care in this country.When budget cuts come round, that's the first area that gets money lopped off.
  • Bibliop... lee 2012/07/29 23:48:30
    It's a joke.
  • ed 2012/07/29 19:02:01
    yes and if they don't take them down people should close their accounts with them,we must send them a clear message.
  • exsecrare ed 2012/07/29 19:32:36
    Where does it stop? Should we ask them to take down all religious pages because someone is offended? Should we ask them to take down all gun related pages for the same reason?
  • ed exsecrare 2012/07/29 20:09:48
    it doesn't stop but they should have some respect for the ones that lost their lives or were wounded because of him.
  • OhSoNiceMe 2012/07/29 18:50:01
    Violates freedom of speech, just because the majority of people hate him doesn't mean we have the right to take away the voice of the people who "love" him...even if they have issues.
  • Frank 2012/07/29 18:47:50
    First good luck to all those that bought facebook stock, it won't be worth wallpaper in a few years. Second, very distasteful and sick.......
  • Manster Frank 2012/07/29 20:06:11
    Is it any wonder why Apple is now approaching Twitter about a possible joint venture to combat Google instead of their previous eyeing of Facebook?I've never seen a company that is so bound and determined to chase off its customers as Facebook seems to be.
  • JERSEYDUDE 2012/07/29 18:35:51
    first of all theres sooooooo much more to the holmes story then is known or is being told by the corrupted owned main stream media and if people want to "like" a facebook page for a killer its their choice and as long as they arent running around killing anyone it shouldnt be a problem
  • Mr. Smith 2012/07/29 18:27:20
    Mr. Smith
    Not only is this a 1st amendment issue, but I'd say the FBI and law enforcement would love to profile and keep tabs on this group. I say let them come together as a group, all of the fans of these groups just put a target on their back. If they weren't before, they are now in the system. Nice going, psychos!
  • JERSEYDUDE Mr. Smith 2012/07/29 18:39:19
  • Mr. Smith JERSEYDUDE 2012/07/29 19:39:52
    Mr. Smith
    That's part of the reason why I don't post anything on facebook I wouldn't want the whole world to see.
  • naarcissus 2012/07/29 18:22:56
    I think they should and rewrite their TOS to reflect the reasons.

    I don't think they should be forced to though.
  • joe mauro 2012/07/29 18:21:41
    joe mauro
  • antlergirl21 2012/07/29 18:19:28
    I don't understand why you would support a killer.
  • GrumpyCat 2012/07/29 18:18:19
    I am not saying the guy isn't pure evil, he is. The shooter was a monster and doesn't deserve anything close to praise or worship.

    But if Facebook starts taking down pages that is a slippery slope to censorship. The internet should be a place where the 1st amendment flourishes. I would put up with a bunch of Facebook trolls to preserve the first amendment on the internet.
  • scurvison 2012/07/29 17:57:04
  • Standardtoaster 2012/07/29 17:39:11
    This is just freedom as speech, as silly as it is.
  • Memnon 2012/07/29 17:39:07
    Totally agree with the Patriot- at least we can identify would-be copycats.
  • The Patriot 2012/07/29 17:33:38
    The Patriot
    Live it on Facebook so the FBI can track all these wackos.
  • conservyT 2012/07/29 17:18:51
    FaceBook is Nothing more than a Hypocritical Social Outlet that Intelligent People should consciously choose to refrain from.
  • joe mauro conservyT 2012/07/29 18:23:13
    joe mauro
    i disagree people can track down long lost friends and associates in a positive way

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