Should Executions Be Televised?

News 2011/08/04 20:39:30
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Showing an actual death on television is one of the last remaining no-no's in public and private broadcasting. Pay a little extra, and you can see all the skin you want along with a full course of rampant profanity and gratuitous violence.

We've already got a Russian man who wants a video of his assisted suicide streamed live on the Internet, but a New York Times opinion article is arguing that the U.S. should televise executions.

Zachary Shemtob, an assistant professor of criminal justice at Central Connecticut State University, and David Lat, a former federal prosecutor, write, "A functioning democracy demands maximum accountability and transparency. As long as executions remain behind closed doors, those are impossible. The people should have the right to see what is being done in their name and with their tax dollars."

Their argument was launched in response to debate over the July 21 execution of Grant DeYoung, an Atlanta inmate who was convicted of murdering his parents and 14-year-old sister in 1993, allegedly to speed up the acquisition of his inheritance.

Because lawyers for another death row inmate wanted evidence about the effects of the drug used for lethal injections (pentobarbital), DeYoung's execution was the first to be videotaped in America in nearly 20 years.

Now the authorities are trying to decide whether the video can be shown to the public.

Shemtob and Lat admit televised executions hint of barbarism, but suggest people who are against the death penalty will likely find executions "less disturbing than anticipated."
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  • someopinion 2011/12/12 18:27:10
  • Monster Claws 2011/12/08 00:45:22
    Monster Claws
    why not?
  • D C 2011/08/09 20:22:52
    D C
    hmmm, this is a though one. I want to say no because execution is cruel and making a public spectacle out of it is depraved. But then I think yes because seeing an execution on TV might wake change people's views and turn them against it...
  • Another Lone Wolf 2011/08/08 22:08:46
    Another Lone  Wolf
    thats not right
  • Billyk75 2011/08/08 21:14:55
    How about Pay Per View?
  • Queen Anne's Revenge 2011/08/08 06:27:06
    Queen Anne's Revenge
    Definetly not! Thats sick!
    Why would anyone want to watch that?
  • Monster... Queen A... 2011/12/08 00:46:20
    Monster Claws
    seeing people get killed for things that they did wrong would probably keep me out of trouble... just saying
  • Mark 2011/08/08 03:12:46
    Not only is it Scriptural to do so , but how entertaining to be enjoying some "Pop-Secret microwave popcorn" as they go pop .
  • Linkums 2011/08/08 01:39:41
    I haven't really thought of a logical reason for why not but... my gut reaction is that it's a bad idea.
  • LOCO HOT COCO 2011/08/08 00:46:49
    i dont agree with the death penatly
  • English Truther 2011/08/07 23:13:44
    English Truther
    Depends who they want to show being executed? Convicted Paedophiles, Serial Killers? Yeah why not let them have as little dignity in death as you can the scum bags!!

    Im against executions but on some occasions I can make exceptions!
  • Jack's Pearl 2011/08/07 22:25:57
    Jack's Pearl
    I don't want to see that and I don't want children seeing that. Sick!
  • Kat 2011/08/07 22:16:37
    Hell NO
  • Melizmatic 2011/08/07 18:37:12
    Does anyone remember reading about Rome, and the Coliseum?

    Public executions, crucifictions and gladiator fights were the 'height' of entertainment in a decaying, egotistical, hypocritical and amoral society.

    Then that entire society crumbled.

    "Panem et circenses."
  • Dandydon 2011/08/07 15:49:18
    I guess people could just turn the channel,like when you don't want to watch....American Idol...The Kardashians and the rest of the crap,now playing on tv..
  • Melizmatic Dandydon 2011/08/07 18:38:18
    When that happens the true end of society as we know it will have arrived, IMO.
  • Dandydon Melizmatic 2011/08/07 19:25:25
    Funny...i thought that happened long ago...
  • Melizmatic Dandydon 2011/08/07 21:02:17
    You ain't seen nothing yet; just wait.
  • Dandydon Melizmatic 2011/08/07 21:13:29
    We already see caged fights,with 2 fighters trying to kill each other,people enjoy watching that....Myself i never got anything out of watching that,it makes about as much sense as watching cars run around in circles....to me.
    If they can figure out how to do it and make money off of it,only time will tell..

    I wouldn't see it one way or the other because i hardly ever watch tv.
    Most of it now is nothing but mind numbing B.S.
  • Melizmatic Dandydon 2011/08/07 21:23:51
    I don't disagree; my point is that the depths to which our decaying society will sink have not yet been reached.
  • Dandydon Melizmatic 2011/08/07 21:28:14
    Well i agree...It's just sinking faster and faster...
  • Melizmatic Dandydon 2011/08/07 23:51:26 (edited)
  • Casey 2011/08/06 15:06:11
    show whats in store for criminals to the masses
  • SpreadLoveLikeViolence 2011/08/06 04:36:44
    Thier being killed for what they've done, isn't that enough? And why would anyone wanna watch vthat?! on.ly some one sick minded! If the person dying wants it to that's their decision, but otherwise no. xx
  • Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO 2011/08/05 21:58:35
    Joe Shwingding BN-ZERO
    How about lets just televise the two wars we are waging around the globe?
  • Melizmatic Joe Shw... 2011/08/07 18:38:49
    I know right?
  • bailey78 2011/08/05 20:56:15
    Show folks what they have coming when they commit a bad crime and folks may think twice before commiting such crimes
  • Melizmatic bailey78 2011/08/07 18:32:51
    It hasn't worked thus far as any kind of deterrent.
  • SidheRocks 2011/08/05 20:33:28
    What purpose would that serve?
  • Magyarita 2011/08/05 20:28:19
    Only a sick, sadistic, crazy bastard would enjoy seeing that. Public executions are and should be an archaic thing of the past. People are already demoralized and desensitized as it is.
  • r-w-wako 2011/08/05 20:24:42
    If they were, there would most likely be fewer of them...
  • Mrs. Wedgwood 2011/08/05 20:24:24
    Mrs. Wedgwood
    I'd rather watch the trial that lead to the execution.
  • BigHairyBallsThatSlapYoFace! 2011/08/05 19:56:57
    If there was a piano player playing out a classical score like something from the big B or M then.... yeah!
  • marcie 2011/08/05 19:54:07
    My first thought is no, but if it were possible to deter some crimes by showing what happens to you when you commit a serious one, maybe they should be . But I sure wouldn't want it shown as a form of entertainment, that is disgusting.
  • Ben 2011/08/05 19:47:45
    They should be streamed online.
  • Sheled Umlal 2011/08/05 19:47:18
    Sheled Umlal
    Politicians executing the public's requests, yes.
  • wpsark 2011/08/05 19:46:52 (edited)
    pay per view, funds go to the cost of the execution..If you want to see it, you have to pay to see it...Don't think I'd want to watch a boring lethal injection but the gas chamber or electric chair, maybe
  • JCD aka... wpsark 2011/08/06 06:59:18
    JCD aka "biz"
    Or public hanging? Back in the bad ole days, onlookers were disappointed if if the criminal died too quickly.
  • Melizmatic JCD aka... 2011/08/07 18:43:55
    And look at how much crime 'decreased' because of it.

  • wpsark JCD aka... 2011/08/08 21:32:02
    ya, people were de-sensitized in those days....A public hanging was entertainment for them, like going to the movies..
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