Should Employees Get Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Off?

News 2012/01/06 23:17:44
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day falls on the third Monday of the year, which is January 16 this year -- right around the corner! As much as Dr. King is acclaimed for his involvement in the civil rights movement, there has long been controversy over whether or not to dedicate a holiday to his name.

There's also an issue over whether employees and students should get the day off. By 2000, all 50 states had recognized the holiday, but in 2007 just 33% of employees had the day off. Not all schools get the day off, either. Some opt to hold special courses, assemblies, or seminars in lieu of, or in addition to, classes.

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  • Mike 2012/01/07 08:54:26
    Obviously yes! How is it possible that America refuses to honor this great man?

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  • Becky 2012/01/17 03:38:27
    Only because the government offices and banks have the day off...
  • Deanna Desrosiers 2012/01/16 18:57:54
    Deanna Desrosiers
    Crap. I meant "No".
  • cc 2012/01/16 07:08:42
    It has been counterproductive for Lincoln's birthday to be moshed into "Presidents Day" as he has done more for the freedom and rights of blacks than anyone. Many have sacrificed for this but Lincoln led the fight that made it happen. Martin Luther King Jr made a huge contribution and should be recognized but I would not trade one for the other, however I would not see MLK over Lincoln on any holiday priority list.
  • Veronic... cc 2013/01/15 15:12:59
    Veronica Lane
    stupid number 3
  • cc Veronic... 2013/01/16 19:35:28
    Did you have an intelligent comment to back up your claim Miss Veronica? I'm all ears.
  • Veronic... cc 2013/01/17 08:22:49
    Veronica Lane
    nope! because, i know the real... But trouble don't last alway's. RIP Martin Luther King
  • Arlene Murrell 2012/01/15 21:38:35
    Arlene Murrell
    I do not think the government should have this holiday and should not ever take tax payers money to pay the employees they let off this day. If they want to have the day off could be optional and the employees own expense.
  • Veronic... Arlene ... 2013/01/15 15:14:28
    Veronica Lane
    4th stupid in row... whose going become dumb soon
  • Beccy 2012/01/14 22:28:47
    I'm not going to kick a gift horse in the face.
  • whimsycrat 2012/01/14 19:20:38
    It should be up to the individual employer whether or not to give their employees the day off and it should be up to the individual school districts about how to handle the day. I used to work for a large corporation and they didn't give us the day off but honored Dr. King with a number of events and exhibits on MLK Day.
  • Icon 2012/01/14 18:23:19 (edited)
    A man died to bring us equality. I think we should take time off to remeber him and his sacrifice.
  • sly 2012/01/13 00:11:04
    Dr.King was for the rights of all people black and white and i'm proud that a day of remembrance has been dedicated in his name.Is living in peace a controversy?
  • jamiecooper187 2012/01/12 09:22:20
    everyone should have every day off if they chose, we should just profitshare the entire energy industry pn a national if not global scale, abd utilize automation for the benefit of all
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/01/12 02:30:40
    I would have rather retained Lincolns birthday.
  • Fernando 2012/01/11 22:59:52
    Hell no!!! Please come up with questions like these: Should Unemployed people receive an extra payment for the day of MLK Jr? Should recipients of food stamps receive a bonus book equivalent to 200 us dollars for the feast of MLKjr? Should drug addicts receive an extra help from the government for a few doses of marijuana or heroin to celebrate the feast of MLKJr? Why don't we get instead to work according to the way Dr. JESUS CHRIST fought for freedom and civil rights before MLKjr?
    When the next US president is elected, we will all be so busy enjoying the holidays that for the number of jobs he will create will be necessary to bring illegal immigrants from Mexico and Europe to fill them all up. JA!JA!JA!JA!
  • Queen M... Fernando 2012/01/11 23:54:39
    Queen Mother
    Real cute, but I understand wher you are coming from. A good laugh. is always good for the soul
  • sly Queen M... 2012/01/13 00:14:12
    I'm laughing right now at such ignorant.
  • DeArryka Fernando 2012/01/12 08:02:58
    That makes no sense. They don't get extra benefits for any other holiday so what are you saying. A day off to honor the work of a great american who really helped shape this country isn't important.
  • Veronic... Fernando 2013/01/15 15:18:01
    Veronica Lane
    dummy #1
  • Leslie 2012/01/11 22:49:08
    4 day week would be better
  • sunshine 2012/01/11 21:38:25
    I personally believe that all black people deserve the right to have this day off as a legal holiday because of the accomplishments that Martin Luther King did for us. We should be allowed to show our gratefullness to him if we can in some way or another. Something spectacular should be demonstrated on his special day.
  • Ron Swa... sunshine 2012/01/12 16:29:22
    Ron Swanson
    Since it's okay for you to something racist (only blacks can have the day off? WTF?), let me add my own:

    What is the point of blacks getting MLK day off of work, when most of them are sitting on their couch on welfare anyway?
  • Veronic... Ron Swa... 2013/01/15 15:22:18
    Veronica Lane
    dumb ass number! go 2 the internet and ask is there more whites then blacks on welfare, you'll see that there is more whites on welfare then blacks. i told you this dude is dumb.
  • Ron Swa... Veronic... 2013/01/19 12:46:49
    Ron Swanson
    So you're going by total numbers rather than percentages? LMAO. there are more whites than blacks in america. So your numbers don't explain anything.
  • Kurt sunshine 2012/01/13 02:16:53
    I have a radical idea, Sandra. How about celebrating holidays based upon merit, not skin color? Are there any blacks out there who want to recognize Americans based upon their contributions to this country, or is everything always based upon skin color? If you truly wanted to have holidays based upon a person's contributions to this country, then holidays should be passed out in the order of whoever contributed the most first, then the person in second place, etc. In other words, start with President Abraham Lincoln. He doesn't even have a holiday to celebrate his birthday, and no, President's day was not founded to celebrate Lincoln's birthday. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s contribution was great, but it pales in comparison with Abraham Lincoln's. If King's contributions rank, let's say, 13th, then 12 Americans should have holidays celebrating their birthday's before him.
  • Veronic... Kurt 2013/01/15 15:30:39
    Veronica Lane
    im not ttrying to hear your as neither. whites should of thought about merit or skin color before beat, sick dogs, hung, killed, burn down churches, killed babies, raped young African women, May grown men feel like children. Whites made it about race. Lincoln still had slaves who were done in mean ways. The way African America's were done, it should be a day for Every black person who was in Slave
  • Becky sunshine 2012/01/17 03:41:30
    I have a Dream.... Obama out of the Presidency !!!
  • LdyLeo sunshine 2012/06/04 02:40:48
    I'm black and I think that's just stupid.
  • Rono 2012/01/11 15:30:04
    Especially since it's a federal holiday...
  • dh57 2012/01/11 11:42:31
    Federalholidays are just that.
  • Smitty 2012/01/11 03:49:40
    It's a declared Holiday,Businesses and schools should be closed.
  • CP 2012/01/11 02:53:18
    I am tired of government getting days off that the private sector do not. It is so disrespectful. If the persons being recognized for the Holiday given I can't help but feel the message has been lost. Hard work is how this country was built not on leisure.
  • Holmes 2012/01/11 02:23:28
    It's a holiday and everyone should celebrate it. Everyone should honor Martin Luther Jr., he was one of the greastest men who ever lived.
  • rattles... Holmes 2012/01/12 01:36:16
    I honor James Earl Ray
  • Veronic... rattles... 2013/01/15 15:39:28
    Veronica Lane
    When you get to Hell, you'll burn like him to.
  • musicman95 2012/01/11 00:48:55
    thats STUPID
  • nofrills 2012/01/11 00:33:14
    it's discrimin.to other holidays...LIKE Veteran day,Presid.DAY,Lincoln birthday,how about a day set aside to TO STOP ALL ANIMAL ABUSE AND EXPLOITATION..
  • cestmonopinion 2012/01/10 21:37:07
    Absolutely. He has had as much impact on America as Washington or Lincoln. MLK represents the conscious of this nation and reminds us to live up to the ideals of freedom and justice our democracy is supposed to stand for.
  • meljet 2012/01/10 21:16:55
    Not only Martin Luther King but most other holidays too, like Presidents day, Veterans Day etc. The schools should address the contribution of MLK and the Veterans, and some Presidents on their respective days. The young learn nothing being out of school and Martin Luther King would be the 1st to attest to that. When people were yelling, "burn baby burn", Dr. King was saying, "learn baby learn". Many holidays should be consolidated. I was a teacher and always seeing a day off, then I went into real estate sales and learned how to work! Martin Luther King got shot by some nut and that turned into a holiday. If we have a holiday for Steve Jobs and everyone else there will be no learning and no production!
  • APRIL KOUGHN 2012/01/10 20:38:08
    When then the White people get George Washingtons birthday off then I think it would be fair for Black people to get M.L.K's birthday off!

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