Should Employees Get Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Off?

News 2012/01/06 23:17:44
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day falls on the third Monday of the year, which is January 16 this year -- right around the corner! As much as Dr. King is acclaimed for his involvement in the civil rights movement, there has long been controversy over whether or not to dedicate a holiday to his name.

There's also an issue over whether employees and students should get the day off. By 2000, all 50 states had recognized the holiday, but in 2007 just 33% of employees had the day off. Not all schools get the day off, either. Some opt to hold special courses, assemblies, or seminars in lieu of, or in addition to, classes.

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  • Mike 2012/01/07 08:54:26
    Obviously yes! How is it possible that America refuses to honor this great man?

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  • Evan 2012/01/09 18:47:23
    No. If they do, maybe the whites should have a Johnny Depp day? Geeze. This nonsense has got to stop some place.
  • Brandon... Evan 2012/01/09 18:53:39
    Brandon Macc
    How are Johnny depp and milk remotely related?!
  • dzzshadz Brandon... 2012/01/09 21:20:04 (edited)
    He drinks milk. Thats about it I think.
  • Mel Evan 2012/01/09 18:53:47
    False equivalency statement. Deep is an actor, and not a figure that created a national social change.
  • lele Evan 2012/01/09 19:30:36
    The whites already have all the national holidays off, so let someone else have a day off too
  • Sulda lele 2012/01/09 20:17:05
    Blacks have the same days off that whites do, so get a grip on reality. Blacks aren't special. Welcome to real "equality". [...]
  • dzzshadz Sulda 2012/01/09 21:27:58
    You are sick first off and a bigot. You should read the history books again cause your facts are off. Let me guess your a redneck right. I'm white and feel sorry for you. I'm sure your Christian to right. If so god would not like your words here today.
  • wwe.sod... dzzshadz 2012/01/11 17:15:29
    You called Sulda sick and a bigot for the his/her comment. Then you said "redneck"?
  • Brandon Macc 2012/01/09 18:43:36
    Brandon Macc
    Yah why not he was such a powerful figure for his time, he completely changed the social strutare of this country. these great things he did for african american civil right are often and greatly over looked! He would of probably ended up president sooner or later
  • Nicki 2012/01/09 18:29:58
    The man changed America (for the better)and did more for this country than many of the Presidents combined... I think people should have that day off to remember and celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. And his works
  • Saye Saye 2012/01/09 18:28:26
    Saye Saye
    I meant to say "no" & misclicked. National holidays have tradionally been reserved for either veteran or past presidents. MLK doen't fit any for those requirements. If Obama ever does anything special or unique (other than get a nobel for something obscure) then he could maybe get a holiday.
  • Mel Saye Saye 2012/01/09 18:55:03
    So you're saying that the man who changed social consciousness about civil rights has done nothing special?
  • Debra Bogans 2012/01/09 18:15:41
    Debra Bogans
    Why not this man accomplished a lot in his time even though he didn't do it by himself he meant much to many nonwhites and some whites.Well hell they have the statue of MLK in DC shouldn't that tell you haters something???????
  • hilllary 2012/01/09 18:13:22
    No way.
  • MegaFor... hilllary 2012/01/09 18:25:22
    Why not?
  • southofcloud9 2012/01/09 18:11:15
    Absolutely ~ without a doubt!
  • Marleneemm 2012/01/09 18:07:03
    This should be left up to the discression of the company you work for?
    That's how it's done in my husband's place of business
    He get's off July 4th, Thanksgiving & Christmas & Memorial Day.
    The four big holidays.
    But they don't take off President's day and also any Regilious holidays.
    My dad used to give his worker's who were Catholic off on major holidays like
    Good Friday and Rosh Hasanah/Yom Kipper off in Septemeber for Jewish workers.
  • Brandon... Marleneemm 2012/01/09 18:44:46
    Brandon Macc
    Well your husband is lucky
  • Marleneemm Brandon... 2012/01/17 20:47:05
    His boss just gave his workers the last week of December off.
    This was really rare.
    but it came in very handy due to the fact I got really sick and he took care of me.
  • HarryEdwardSchnepp 2012/01/09 18:04:55
    nore should they get the day after new years eve off. or columbus day wtf is wrong with you people how many days do you need there not legit,
  • Ron in ... HarryEd... 2012/01/09 19:40:05
    Ron in Oregon
    We are trying to get as many days off as the Socialist Europeans get.
  • mick 2012/01/09 18:04:18
    We need to work, No more holidays. They waste time and money. The Nation is going to hell and people want more days off. Go make us some American Made Products. America is going to crap and people just want the day off. Go figure.
  • Gahnzo 2012/01/09 17:58:04
    Why not?
  • manoftruth 2012/01/09 17:56:36
  • joeman manoftruth 2012/01/09 18:29:06
    I understand what your saying, but if it were'nt for those presidents of the past, MLK would have never got a chance to do what he did...
  • manoftruth joeman 2012/05/04 16:58:14
    history isn't made by mere follish man !!but the destiny got has set aside for each of us !! that's true history !!nothing is new under the sun its all been said and done before !! we're creature of habit !!
  • Craig 2012/01/09 17:52:39
  • barby karring 2012/01/09 17:44:11
    barby karring
    Why not' But it should be decision made between employer and employees; because this country isn't ready to recognize his b'day as a paid day off. It is not a black folk only holliday' please don't make it into a racial issue because when this world ends; we will all drop dead simultaneously at the same time no matter the race or skin color.
  • LilacsG... barby k... 2012/01/09 17:54:23
    LilacsGirl Kym
    I take your point - but don't really see it as a race issue. I see it as a civil liberties and equality issue. It's the principle that interests me - the principle of standing up to injustice, and against prejudice of all kinds. It's the symbol of his message that's important, and I feel we should honor that principle, for its broader scope.
  • Brandon... LilacsG... 2012/01/09 18:46:51
    Brandon Macc
    I am sure some ass is going to come along nd make it one
  • barby k... LilacsG... 2012/01/09 19:29:31 (edited)
    barby karring
    Exactly' I agree with you totally your thoughts were the same as mine; only I did not go deep like you did which is a positive and good message; I stayed on the surface this time to see if I had a spiritual mate to take it from where I left off
  • Diane LilacsG... 2012/01/09 20:10:13
    I have been reading everything you have written and agree with you completely! it isn't a racial issue, and he wouldn't want it to be that way it is just like you said, the principle of standing up for all prejudice of every kind. Martin Luther King was a great man and did acomplish alot in his short life, and I have alway's loved his message!
  • barby k... LilacsG... 2012/01/10 22:33:03
    barby karring
    When I spoke of not making it a race issue was bcause some take the holiday proposal of mlk day; as a day set aside specifically for black folks because he was black. I was asking racist that come here to post to please not start racial bickering about his birthday being set aside and acknowledged each year.
  • Pistol Pete 2012/01/09 17:33:14 (edited)
    Pistol Pete
    (1) There are TOO many holidays already. Every holiday day off costs businesses and taxpayers money. These minor holidays like MLK, President's day, Columbus Day, etc. are mainly days off for government workers, who don't work enough as it is, and Bankers, ditto there.

    (2) MLK never had a job, never held a public office, etc. His only contribution was to TRY to get Blacks to not riot. And, he was not completely successful at that either. Let the Blacks celebrate him in private, like they celebrate Kwanza.

    (3) Whenever I travel to a new city that I am unfamiliar with, I ALWAYS look to see where MLK Blvd. is located. Because THAT is always THE heart of the ghetto and the most dangerous part of the city. So, it is code for us non Blacks where to stay away from. That is MLK's greatest contribution!!! An acronym for the ghetto!
  • LilacsG... Pistol ... 2012/01/09 17:56:28
    LilacsGirl Kym
    That is a racist and hateful post. I think Christ Himself would blush with shame to hear you speak that way. I hope you don't dare call yourself a Christian!
  • mick LilacsG... 2012/01/09 18:14:58
    Mr. King was supposedly a teacher of Christ's Word. Do you think he represented Jesus? Read your Bible and you will see that He did not represent God's word like he should have. That is why Moses did not see the promised land. He did not properly represent God by angrily striking the stone. I know of Americans with dark clored skin that did more for this Nation Than MLK and they don't get a special day of recognition. Please, Do not misrepresent God. He does not like it.
  • Mel mick 2012/01/09 18:57:36
    He was certainly a better Christian than you are
  • right-c... Mel 2012/01/09 19:23:00 (edited)
    How dare you say that , Even Christ said be careful of whom you rebuke for not even the Angels can do this.
  • Mel right-c... 2012/01/10 06:46:51
    The jesus can tell me himself. Until then, you're an idiot, and i have NO GEAR about any supposed rebuke from a dead man.
  • right-c... Mel 2012/02/06 15:57:59
    moron He is Not Dead , Over 5000 people saw him alive after He died, they walk and talked with Him.

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