Should Elected Officials Separate Their Religious Beliefs From Their Politics?

Politics 2011/06/25 06:30:31
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Despite the fact that Catholic leadership strongly opposed legalizing gay marriage in New York, it was a Catholic senator's key yes vote that helped pass the bill into state law.

Grisanti said even though, as a Catholic, he was raised to believe marriage is between a man and woman, he could not "legally come up with an argument against same-sex marriage."

"I cannot deny anyone in my district and across New York the same rights I have with my wife."

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow quoted Grisanti saying as the vote neared, "I'm not here as a senator who is just Catholic. I know that with this decision, many people who voted for me will question my integrity."

And they may question his faith.

Should more politicians be like Mark Grisanti and separate their religious beliefs from their political decisions?

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  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/06/25 06:54:52
    Just Jenn for Now
    That is the VERY CONCEPT this nation was built upon. If you can't understand that, allow me to provide a visual:




    See how there's a line in the middle? It's not meant to be crossed, went around, under, or breached in any way.

    Want a functional country? Then keep it that way. :)

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  • DUGGINS Ali ~ I... 2011/06/28 19:49:28
    O.K Then put on your burka and slink away.
  • Ali ~ I... DUGGINS 2011/06/29 02:37:42
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    That is so rude and is EXACTLY why I'd say: I don't like the company.

    As Gandhi said, 'I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.'
  • DUGGINS Ali ~ I... 2011/06/30 03:07:54
    Who cares what Ghandi said, he's a man that drank his own urine, kinda leaves a bad taste in his mouth, no wonder he speaks incoherently. Sounds like your a Buddist follower. If you rn into Gunga Din tell him I said hello.
  • Ali ~ I... DUGGINS 2011/07/01 01:06:49
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    I'm Buddhist. I don't get the Gunga Din reference, though.
  • DUGGINS Ali ~ I... 2011/06/27 19:26:01
    answer it appears that you don't believe in such a thing as Hell, well I most certainly do. That's your choice, so for the sake of a religious argument that I won't
    participate in. Let's say as a hypothetical that when you die you are suddenly confronted with the very God you don't believe in and he asks you why you refuse to believe what it teaches in the Bible, What will you say then?
  • Watchma... DUGGINS 2011/06/26 03:49:57
  • DUGGINS Watchma... 2011/06/27 19:23:40 (edited)
    So what's your point?
  • jaacker 2011/06/26 03:06:19 (edited)
    The choice should entirely be left up to the individual. They are the one that will be judged by the court of public opinion.
  • Bitwise Operator 2011/06/26 02:35:09 (edited)
    Bitwise Operator
    Only Christians are asked to separate their beliefs from their politics everyone else votes as they see but an nobody questions them why they vote as they believed.

    If you don't act as you believe eventually you will believe as you act. That's what we see in Mr. Grisanti.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/06/26 03:16:28
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Religions change and grow - they mature even as humans, organizations and societies do.

    Mr. Grisanti acted in advance of his religion; and that's the way religions (which are organized spirituality) change and grow.
  • Torchma... Ali ~ I... 2011/06/27 18:43:57
    Torchmanner ~PWCM~JLA
    God never changed. You sound like the Constitution haters who think that it should be changed. How about not changing what the vast majority are happy with and move to a country that already supports perverts and commies?
  • Ali ~ I... Torchma... 2011/06/28 04:13:38
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Unfortunately, 'God' has some very limited interpreters. Do you REALLY think that your mind and that of your co-religionists could possibly approach understanding what 'God' is and what 'God' wants?

    That's some spiritual pride if you answer yes.
  • Bitwise... Ali ~ I... 2011/06/29 21:18:10
    Bitwise Operator
    Truth is constant - it does not change and grow. Any religion that makes fundamental changes with respect to core doctrine is false. What's true is always true and what's false is never suddenly true.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/06/30 02:23:31
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    But it doesn't follow that the mind can know 'truth.' Truth isn't doctrine, you know.
  • Bitwise... Ali ~ I... 2011/07/12 14:43:10
    Bitwise Operator
    The mind can know truth. Because it is finite the human mind cannot know ALL truth, but it can know truth.

    It is illogical that you propose "as truth" that we cannot know truth.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/07/12 15:25:31
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Sure - the finite mind can know finite truth but I've yet to see any such discrimination on the part of those thumping their Bibles and claiming to know how God thinks. Frankly, when I'm not howling with laughter at their red-faced antics I'm appalled by their hubris.

    My statement wasn't an offering on truth with a capital T but rather a statement on the limitations of the mind.
  • Bitwise... Ali ~ I... 2011/07/26 16:49:17 (edited)
    Bitwise Operator
    It is one thing to claim to know exactly what an infinite God thinks and another thing to study what he has thought and done before (biblical history).

    The real hubris is for every Hob, Nob and Bob to simply pick up a book written 2000 years ago in other languages for people living then and to of themselves claim to know the correct interpretation of that collection of books - especially given the fact that the bible itself warns that some of what it contains is difficult to understand and that the unlearned wrest it to their own destruction.

    Yet, this is in fact what takes place today - uneducated people claiming authoritative interpretation of a 2000 year old collection of books and then binding other people to their personal interpretation. This is why there are over 40,000 churches all claiming to be "authentically christian" - none of them have the humility to admit that they know little if anything of the bible and it's history, and fewer willing to admit that they are hindered by their own personal bias in the matter.

    It's foolish to think that God who is truth eternal would simply toss a hard copy book down to earth and say "that's all folks" and to derive what they could or wanted from it and yet this is essentially the stance of the protestant / evangelical tradition of Sola Scriptura.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/07/26 21:40:40
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    With the exception of Biblical history illuminating God's thinking by what it claims has happened before, I agree.
  • Bitwise... Ali ~ I... 2011/08/03 18:11:38
    Bitwise Operator
    I'm not sure why you'd take exception to the bible and accept anything else in its place. It would be far more logical to reject everything. Not that I would take the bible alone upon it's own authority.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/08/04 04:13:45
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Read a little more carefully. I agree with your last three paragraphs. I don't agree that the mind of God can be known through what Biblical characters SAY about God. After all, they heard, saw, spoke and acted through the culture in which they lived: tribal, for the most part.
  • Bitwise... Ali ~ I... 2011/08/10 19:43:07 (edited)
    Bitwise Operator
    I understand. It appears to me that you are under that assumption that what they saw and heard and then recorded does not reflect what God himself said or showed them.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/08/11 02:11:25
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    That would be correct for the reasons listed above.
  • Bitwise... Ali ~ I... 2011/08/22 14:59:15
    Bitwise Operator
    It would have been difficult for man if God has spoken to them in a culture in which they did not live. Of course they heard it in their own culture. This would be true regardless of when God spoke to man.

    To think our culture is any more enlightened now than theirs was is hardly sensible. Same problems exists now as back then, same problems with human nature, same issues different day. The only real difference is that these days our ability to monitor, control and kill is far more effective thanks to technology.
  • Ali ~ I... Bitwise... 2011/08/22 17:01:43
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Stoning for adultery? Polygyny? Slavery? Homophobia? Eye for an eye? Tribal warfare? Not MY kind of culture. Oh, wait: we still have people who would institute those kinds of punishments, are homophobic, whose idea of culture is derived from the Bible. My bad.

    Sorry - I'm sour on Christianity. Consider it a backlash from the public display of false piety by the evangelicals. Whatever happened to 'Love thy neighbor' and 'Turn the other cheek'? All I see these days are people who spout OT nonsense as a rationale for their bigotry.

    If I hear one more rightwing politician - Bachmann comes to mind - prating about his or her religion as if they have the private ear of God, as if they were the anointed one, I'm going to hurl.
  • elijahin24 2011/06/26 02:25:16
    A persons philosophy and his/her religion are nearly inseparable, but there are degrees to which our elected officials do not need to go with them.
  • Delta elijahin24 2011/06/26 03:42:54
    You said what I tried to say but I took the long way in trying to explain it. LOL!
  • MarinerFH 2011/06/26 02:15:21 (edited)
  • Ali ~ I... MarinerFH 2011/06/26 03:18:36
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    The witch burners of the Inquisition felt very much the same way as do you. Remember, at one time it was against the Canon to believe that the earth revolved around the sun.
  • MarinerFH Ali ~ I... 2011/06/26 07:15:09
  • Ali ~ I... Ali ~ I... 2011/06/26 18:34:19
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    To Marinerfh:

    I responded to this part of your statement: "The Catholic Senator who supports Homosexual Marriage is really not a Catholic. He should be excommunicated."

    If you hadn't blocked me, I could have told you so directly.
  • Bitwise... MarinerFH 2011/08/22 14:53:35
    Bitwise Operator
  • Dhawgg 2011/06/26 02:14:29
    libs exercise THEIR religious beliefs all the time, but since their religion is godlessness, the media doesnt mind it being included in our lives. pathetic little bugs. some of us will fight and die to keep this One Nation Under God.
  • reaper Dhawgg 2011/06/26 12:21:28
    and that religion is?
  • Dhawgg reaper 2011/06/26 21:36:08
    Religion: "details of a belief set as taught or discussed; a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance." Liberals believe in socialism- that is their religion. Just because there's no God in it, sparky, doesn't mean it's not a religion. Atheism is, by definition, a religion. It's a belief set. Liberal assumption that their belief set is right or at least the neutral is arrogant and ridiculous.

  • reaper Dhawgg 2011/06/26 22:01:28
    yet i know a number of people that would consider themselves liberal that also happen to be christian, jewish, muslim or one of many other things. not just atheist. and i still think it's funny how someone people have been led to believe that someone that is more on the left side of the political spectrum to be a socialist. learn to stop generalizing people please.

    and lawyered? explain
  • 16 2011/06/26 02:06:54
    Smart guy.
  • The Berserker 2011/06/26 01:53:02
  • Ali ~ I... The Ber... 2011/06/26 03:20:55
    Ali ~ In My Heart I Trust ~
    Good for him. Was that in reference to this last vote on gay marriage?
  • The Ber... Ali ~ I... 2011/07/02 19:49:56
    The Berserker
    It was about a week before it was voted on.
  • Sexuallobster 2011/06/26 01:43:42
    Obviously, and this is a good example, he supports gay marriage, thank (insert fake worship idol here).

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