Should cruise companies be more tightly regulated?

ABC News U.S. 2013/02/15 19:28:18
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  • trista 2013/02/16 04:25:59
    No, the whole industry shouldn’t be penalized for isolated problems.
    Seriously.... people come on! Things go wrong. These people are all lucky they didn't end up like the people on the Titanic. Stop complaining! You people are out in the middle of an ocean FLOATING on thousands of tons of frickin steel. The worst that happened is the ship smelled bad. You are getting another free cruise on top of $500!!!!!!! What the hell more do you want? The whole industry should not be penalized for this....the engine... which mind you is mechanical.... broke down. I wouldn't go and sue the company my car came from because something happened with the engine. It's done and over with. Move forward with your lives!!!!!
  • Shana Warner 2013/02/16 03:26:50 (edited)
    Yes, clearly there’s a problem, and more regulation could help fix it.
    Shana Warner
    Absolutely the cruise ship industry should be held responsible! If my car breaks down I have to pay to have it towed, I can't pass it off on others. There is no reason the tax payer should pay for their mistake when there was a question of an electrical problem before they even left port.
  • RubenRibnik 2013/02/16 00:24:52
    No, the whole industry shouldn’t be penalized for isolated problems.
    Stupid people... Do you own a car, a pick up, 4 wheeler, or motorcycle??? I guess none of you have ever had any kind of mechanial problems. ENGINES are mechanical, things break, if you all can't face the truth stay off ships, park your cars and WALK
  • trista RubenRi... 2013/02/16 04:13:14
    Exactly!!!!! Things happen. Deal with it!!!

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