Should Congress pass Congressman Lamar Smith's bill H.R. 2164 to plug the "Uncle Omar Loophole" allowing illegal aliens to work here in the United States and to obtain Social Security numbers?

tncdel 2011/09/03 04:42:33
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  • jackolantyrn356 2011/09/03 17:06:30
    NO [explain why not].
    It is already against the Federal L:AW. We do not need more LAW, but to follow and act upon the Law that exists. Who stands with me?
  • AL 2011/09/03 08:45:29
    YES [explain why].
    WE just don't need millions of illegal aliens working in our Country, When our own veterns can't even find work themselves now!
  • mwg0735 2011/09/03 08:44:47
  • CUDDLY BUT STILL CRABBY 2011/09/03 06:08:15
    YES [explain why].
    Passed in the House will certainly be defeated in the Senate.
  • Viper Two Six 2011/09/03 05:19:33
    YES [explain why].
    Viper Two Six
    Nobama loves all illegals, his aunt was one here for years until she got exposed and was to be deported but them Barry one the election so he hooked her up and now his uncle who just got busted, they found out he's been here for years also illegally! How much you wanna bet he'll be granted asylum now very quietly under the rug.

    Here's another Nobama stupid move.

  • Dagon 2011/09/03 05:09:30
  • tncdel 2011/09/03 04:46:24
    YES [explain why].
  • Dagon tncdel 2011/09/03 05:11:20
  • tncdel Dagon 2011/09/03 06:08:12
    Maybe it's time "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," instead of that RINO Perry or another who won't enforce our immigration laws. Perry was rated a D minus on illegal immigration. See:
  • Dagon tncdel 2011/09/03 15:41:59

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