Should CIA Director Confirmation Be Delayed Until Benghazi Questions Are Answered? (Sen. Lindsey Graham Thinks So)

AdriHead 2013/01/08 21:40:12
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Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is requesting a delay in the confirmation of John Brennan as America's new CIA Director until more information is revealed about the Benghazi attack, which killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans on Sept. 11 last year. Brennan was nominated by the Obama administration Monday morning.

Do you think Brennan's confirmation should be delayed until more questions about Benghazi are answered? Or is Graham just stirring the pot for political gain?

FOXNEWS.COM reports:
A top Republican senator called Monday for a delay in the confirmation of President Obama's pick for CIA director until more questions are answered on the deadly attack last year on a U.S. consulate in Libya.
obamas cia director questions answered deadly attack year consulate libya

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/01/07/graham-...

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  • urwutuis 2013/01/14 05:21:19
    There's nothing to Benghazi it's just another opportunity to stir up a bunch of crap and drive another wedge. All part of the game.
  • Benji 2013/01/14 03:04:27
    Yawn. This Benghazi thing is getting old
  • Frank 2013/01/14 02:51:05
    Does anyone really think the real truth is going to come out????????
  • Lt. Fred 2013/01/13 23:01:08
    Lt. Fred
    There are no real questions to be answered.
  • rusty.barnett.16 2013/01/13 17:48:42
    What ever it take's to get too the bottom of this rotten DEAL.!!!!!!
  • daylight 2013/01/13 12:16:02
    And removed
  • PoliticallyIncorrect 2013/01/13 05:18:05
    It's about time that those who are either negligent, stupid, traitors, or enemies of the republic pay for their misdeeds before they get promoted for major screw-ups. The liberal way is to promote the dumbest and punish the brightest. It's a matter of penis envy on the part of the liberal losers.
  • Lorenzo 2013/01/13 03:19:40 (edited)
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/13 05:19:49
    Either you are on drugs or Chris Matthews plays with you in your sandbox.
  • Lt. Fred Politic... 2013/01/13 23:08:37
    Lt. Fred
    Are you capable of thought?
  • Politic... Lt. Fred 2013/01/14 01:49:42 (edited)
    Bug off. We determined weeks ago that you are more than 2 bricks short of a load.
    Mind your own Australian business.
  • Lorenzo Lt. Fred 2013/01/15 04:38:41
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/15 04:37:25
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/15 22:15:58
    So glad to see the gay caballeros are back together with trashy mouths and dimwit brains, or lack there of. You never disappoint. We can always depend on you to prove you have no class.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/16 05:14:42
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/16 23:29:38
    Well, Lorenzo, wouldn't have a clue about your derangement, just that your head is totally buried up your messiah's butt. Drink that swill, but you will suffer with the rest of us with the butt-in-the-White House. If you voted for him, you deserve it. I don't. I voted for someone to get us out of debt, not to kill my country, kill it's economy, and play stupid Americans for all their worthless brains allow. The lazy and slovenly like Obamass. Aided and abetted by their lack of information, poor judgement, and greedy freebie sucking.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/17 08:28:46
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/17 22:15:40 (edited)
    I am totally aware that you suffer from a multitude of ailments. You have hoof-in-mouth disease. You are in psychotic denial. You have debate thrush. You have brain warts, and you're just one weird joker. You also wouldn't know reality if it kissed on your chapped lips. Since you are in California, we can understand why you're so warped.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/19 00:28:09
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/19 05:27:26 (edited)
    Well, don't let your ass get chapped while you sit on those cold, hard steps. Only a fool would proclaim wonder and love with a butt that the GAO has officially said has put America in an unsustainable spending binge leading to economic ruin. So, an agency that is non-partisan has finally declared that the policies of the POTUS will bankrupt us and your dancing feet can dance you all the way to starvation and a dollar which will be totally useless. Go ahead and save that money, lolol, it's going to be as useless as you are. You are such a moron. Be very happy with our impending economic collapse. You'll be one of the first ones peeing in your pants and begging for food. LOLOLOL AND YOUR president will be the one who stole your economic future. He won't have mine though, LOLOL, because I have mine out of the dollar and into precious metals. LOLOLOLOLOL You live in DC, how appropriate for a place full of "dumb crap" that you are among your kind of people. AND since you know so much about the mental hospitals in your area, it isn't a surprise as much as it's evidence of your many stays for treatment of your mental disease. The picture below made me think of you.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/19 15:44:02 (edited)
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/20 03:50:54
    Yep, looks just like you, but I'd have thought you'd have brown eyes.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/20 19:00:26
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/21 05:19:41
    Yeah, Lorenzo, you are pathetic indeed. Posting your picture as an argument was pathetic. You are pathetic in lack of originality. You are pathetic in that you either lie on your information or don't know the difference between DC and CA. Oh, geez, you're just pathetic period.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/22 07:00:45
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/22 21:11:51
    You're a lobbyist alright. Selling yourself on the streets most likely. What person in their right mind could be persuaded by a crude, trash-mouthed bore like you?

    Pissing in your panties there, aren't you, Lorenza ... LOLOL I don't give a rat's butt if you're 2' 5" ... just love to see idiots puke all over themselves when they get pissed off. You don't disappoint.

    So you're gay, so what? You can sit up Obama's butt for all I care. Hope you froze your toes. LOLOLOLOL You are his gay brother. He's been a frequenter of gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago. Too bad he's ashamed to let anyone know about it. Ask Larry Sinclair about their tryst with cocaine in the limo with a little sex on the side.

    Mooo, that's OK, girlfriend. Call me what you will. You're the one with the problem and you have had one from the beginning of this conversation. If you were happy with yourself you wouldn't let anyone drive you to bad language and proof that you aren't fit to be a lobbyist. It's too easy to pull your string and watch you explode. No class, no control, no brains. That makes you a three time loser.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/23 08:18:46
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/23 20:27:33
    And you are a ignorant "hustler" with pee in your pants and poop on your lips.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/24 16:53:01
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/24 17:01:55
    Lovely picture of you and your family, Lorenzo. I see a green card on the ear. Interesting, how liberals "bend" the truth repeatedly when cornered.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/24 21:13:32
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/24 21:19:26 (edited)
    You've exposed yourself repeatedly as being an intolerant, slobbering liberal. Nothing new there. You have also proved that you are unoriginal and have swallowed the swill. Nothing new there. You follow the same pathetic outcry of all liberals with a pinched butt and empty brain by saying someone is a liar. Nothing new there. You have no intellectual discourse. Nothing new there. You think that what you say is important enough to bother someone when you are useless and sniffling. Nothing new there. You think name-calling is considered macho or proves you are clever, which you aren't. Nothing new there. If anyone with your lack of talent and communication skills has to make a living as a lobbyist, then you must be starving and living on the streets. Frankly, Scarlett, you are pretty boring. Have a good one, you're done.
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/24 21:31:15
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/24 21:33:32
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL You prove my point, just as all intellectual midgets do. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/24 21:53:24
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/25 18:57:20
    The point is next to the hole in your head. And once again, you don't have anything original in your arsenal of immature comments. You are a typical liberal, trash-mouth and actually quite amusing. No matter how you try to display any knowledge, your lack of manners and crude behavior just shine through your warped psyche. You are a bore and a bloated, ignorant wastrel. You're delusional or on drugs. Actually since you prove to be so inept at discourse, you're probably both. I don't attempt to do anything, girlfriend. I accomplish, unlike your sputtering, ranting, and juvenile presence. You are beyond pathetic. What husband? Are you STUPID enough to believe everything on a bio? LOLOLOLOL
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/26 05:24:08
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/26 05:28:22
    Yeah, Bozo, looks like I pushed you off the cliff of sanity too. LOLOLOLOLOLOL
  • Lorenzo Politic... 2013/01/31 03:36:25
  • Politic... Lorenzo 2013/01/31 04:09:56
    At least I sparkle. You are as dull as dirty dishwater.
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