Should Chris Christie’s Weight Become a Campaign Issue if He Decides to Run for Higher Office?

ABC News U.S. 2013/02/06 11:38:31
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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made his first appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman” Monday evening and the chat covered Letterman’s tendency to poke fun at the tough-talking governor’s weight. Christie tried to give as good as he got from Letterman, taking out a doughnut and starting to eat it just a few minutes into the segment, according to a clip released early.

Christie did say at a 2011 press conference his weight was “fair game,” but his office did tease Letterman this summer when his office put out a “Christie by the Numbers” press release, which had some real stats, such as the number of Christie’s Twitter followers, but the one labeled “David Letterman Fat Jokes” came in at 327,832.

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  • Polaris 2013/02/07 02:12:40
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    I would focus on the topic but the simple words Christie and Run in the same sentence never cease to kill me focus topic simple christie run sentence cease kill

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  • Jaiheena Star 2013/08/22 01:08:27 (edited)
  • debrarae POTL _ PWCM 2013/02/10 02:01:09
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    Meaning he should be judged by his 'leftist' leanings, while 'claiming' to be a republican.
  • toni 2013/02/09 21:01:49
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    Of course part of his actions are his VP pick. If people don't like his VP pick, whether christie is in good health will be more important to them.
  • Rave 2013/02/09 20:25:06
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    Of course obesity has health issues to it too, but a lot of us have underlying health issues. It's more important to judge a person on their ideals and principles towards the good of the country. Although, it's highly recommended for him to drop some weight if he wants to have a chance at winning, it's not difficult to lose weight quite quickly when you're very overweight if you don't have a disorder causing it, all you have to do is cut 500 cals out of your diet to see large results in a couple of weeks. You won't even have to cut your diet if you just switch the kinds of foods you eat and start to add some routine exercise to your daily activities.
  • Paul 2013/02/09 18:54:43
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    He sucks. That's what he should be judged by.
  • chucky 2013/02/09 17:41:58
    Yes. His weight is fair game
    Yes because it affects his health.
  • bluelady 2013/02/09 14:11:36
    Yes. His weight is fair game
    health issues
  • PoliticallyIncorrect 2013/02/09 14:06:05
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    And how much did William Howard Taft weigh? Get over it, we have a president who smokes on the sly...still.
  • mark 2013/02/09 09:07:31
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    But most of America is a bunch of fat asses anyway
  • trailerguy1 2013/02/09 06:19:02
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    Grover Cleveland was big, and he was one of the greatest presidents we ever had.

    "What is the use of being elected or re-elected unless you stand for something?" -- Grover Cleveland.
  • findthelight2000 2013/02/09 03:02:19
    Yes. His weight is fair game
    There is no denying the health risks of carrying that kind of weight. If he really cares enough about his ambitions and the people that depend on him he should take dieting seriously.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/09 16:45:39 (edited)
    Then Hillary can't run either because of her health issues.
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/09 17:49:25
    What health issues? Just because she was sick once does not mean that she can be looked over for a Presidential run. I'm sure she will be in top physical health if she were to run in 2016.

    BTW: The correct word is "then".
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/09 23:51:07
    Blood clots she has had since the 90's.
  • Lorenzo kmay 2013/02/10 01:31:13
  • kmay Lorenzo 2013/02/10 13:35:33
    Duh....read the news.
  • Lorenzo kmay 2013/02/14 22:56:11
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 04:10:04
    Blood clots are not nearly as bad as what can result from Christie's weight. Blood clots are treatable.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/10 13:38:12
    They can dislodge in a heartbeat and cause brain damage, stroke or death.
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 19:36:15
    It is medically treatable, and you know it is far less of a problem than Christie's weight is.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/10 23:47:46
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 23:49:56
    Not debatable..., scientifically proven.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/10 23:51:22
    Do tell...
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 23:52:47
    Now you are just acting like a sore loser.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/11 00:00:01
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/11 00:11:25
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/09 23:52:12
    BTW: ever had a typo...please!
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 04:11:34
    That was not a typo.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/10 13:39:22
    So now you not only tell people how they feel and what they think but you also read minds. Moronic at best.
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 19:38:14 (edited)
    The "a" is hit with your pinky, and the "e" is hit with your middle finger. That blows your "typo" hypothesis out of proportion. Now who is moronic?
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/10 23:49:36
    So now you know how everyone types... Inane comment!
  • findthe... kmay 2013/02/10 23:52:09
    You never proofread before you post? Seems it is your comment that is inane.
  • kmay findthe... 2013/02/11 00:00:50 (edited)
    Condescending asinine comment. Not anal like you!
  • JeromefromLayton 2013/02/09 01:40:57
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    Compared to President Taft, he's slender.
  • Larre 2013/02/09 01:24:29
    No. He should be judged by his actions
    I basically vote for the one who gets the job done, overweight or not.
  • ruthie 2013/02/08 23:09:03
    Yes. His weight is fair game
    Alright. let's face it, it's a health risk and health hazzard, some are influenced by those in power, not only what they do, but how they appear. It's not a positive message and does not promote personal self-care.
  • Politic... ruthie 2013/02/09 14:08:32
    You just gave an excellent example of why Hillary was a failure. She hasn't looked well, her hair always looks dirty, and she's pudged up as well.
  • Twinky Politic... 2013/02/09 16:27:59
    and yet in the post below this you wrote that those kind of jobs cause people to get the "same worn and haggard looks"... so is that only specifically the president who is under that stress?
  • Politic... Twinky 2013/02/10 04:59:53
    Stress is stress and the key is whether you can handle it well enough to look as though you are in control or whether you look worn and haggard because you are not in control. There are many people who have stress that don't look as though they've been rode hard and put up wet. Neither Obama nor HIllary look as though they are in control. I still can't figure out why she doesn't wash her hair. sheesh.
  • Twinky Politic... 2013/02/10 18:55:49
    and how did Bush cope?
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