Should Children Be Allowed to Get Tattoos If They Have Parental Permission?

ABC News U.S. 2012/07/01 10:24:15
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  • Mrs. Lepe 2012/10/15 17:57:05
    Mrs. Lepe
    This is not a yes/no answer, there are a lot of factors. We allowed our Daughter to get a tattoo after she was 16. For a few reasons. 1, she would be 18 before we knew it and I have more than one friend that has tattoo's they absolutely regret.. they wanted one so bad they rushed out the second they were "legal" and got the first "cool" thing they saw on the wall and they now hate them yet are stuck with them. 2, we are heavily tattooed we were not fooling ourselves that she would eventually want one or some and I wanted to have some control in something that is very permanent and can and will influence a lot of factors in her life. In today's society there is still a bit of tattoo prejudice. We are both working professionals and choose to cover them at work, we have taught her that people WILL judge her on her appearance and sometimes that is the first thing they see and it is getting better but there is still some stereotyping along with tattoos we wanted to have a say in who did it, where she got it on her body and what it was. The end result, she has a beautiful piece of art that is permanent and is hidden when she wants it to be. She loves it, just as I love all of mine and when she is 18 I don't doubt she will get more but maybe not right away and I know they will be well thought out.
  • beach bum 2012/07/06 14:05:59
    beach bum
  • stevegtexas@aol.com 2012/07/03 15:18:03
  • Horace 2012/07/01 20:09:04
    There are a lot of stupid parents out there.
  • ed 2012/07/01 17:41:21
    YES and NO I think there should be an age limit and I would say if you are younger than 16 NO to the tatoos.
  • Cal 2012/07/01 16:17:39
    I'm leaning towards no on this one really.
  • JimmyIIX 2012/07/01 15:35:24
    This way you can use it as a brand, to how stupid the entire family is.
  • Christopher Kirchen 2012/07/01 13:49:22
    Christopher Kirchen
    Some parents shouldn't even be parents, and those are the only kind who would allow a child to get a tattoo.
  • Fallout 2012/07/01 12:52:34
    Bad idea.
  • Waldorf 2012/07/01 12:36:52
    Only if it entitles CPS (Child Protective Services) to find the child new parents. My tattoo shop does not provide face or neck tattoos for anyone. I think that is a good rule.
  • Schläue~© 2012/07/01 11:40:39
    This is really a tough decision considering we allow kids to drive 3,000 lb. murder weapons on the streets before they are legal adults.

    The problem I see with tattoos is that doors to many job opportunities are closed once one puts a permanent brand on obvious locations and where would the line be drawn for parental permission?

    Face it, if one has a unicorn on their cheek or FEAR THIS across their knuckles .... chances are they probably wont be getting a follow-up interview from the local bank, hired by that law firm, or run for any public office.

    Nor will they be allowed in the military or many public service jobs such as law enforcement.
  • Horace Schläue~© 2012/07/01 20:10:00
    Good point.
  • Minarchist 2012/07/01 11:20:26
    16 and above
  • Mitri 2012/07/01 11:12:24
    No, tattoos are permanent, since when do kids make such responsible choices?

    Society no longer wants kids to wait for anything, especially for growing up. Sad.
  • Rusty Shackleford 2012/07/01 10:38:12
    Rusty Shackleford
    Parental Permission is the key.

    I would not and do not allow my children to get tattoos, but I respect the freedom of other people to decide for themselves.

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