Should Child Circumcision Be Allowed?

News 2012/06/28 22:50:47
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Circumcision has been a religious tradition for many years, but has often been the subject of controversy because of the effect it could potentially have on children. On Tuesday, a German court ruled that child circumcision can be classified as "grievous bodily harm." The issue went to court when a 4-year-old boy began bleeding profusely as the result of a circumcision. Naturally, religious communities that practice circumcision are upset.

The court ruled, "[The] fundamental right of the child to bodily integrity outweighed the fundamental rights of the parents ... The religious freedom of the parents and their right to educate their child would not be unacceptably compromised, if they were obliged to wait until the child could himself decide to be circumcised."

In response, the head of the Central Committee of Jews said the ruling is "an unprecedented and dramatic intervention in the right of religious communities to self-determination ... [an] outrageous and insensitive act. Circumcision of newborn boys is a fixed part of the Jewish religion and has been practiced worldwide for centuries."

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  • xcheshirecat 2012/06/28 23:19:19
    religious freedom is about the baby's religion. I don't see how he can have one at that age...

    Baby have the right, like any other human, of body integrity

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  • xcheshi... terry m... 2012/06/29 20:20:45
    dna doesn't thinks of feel. They can only feel after 14 weeks
  • Bassinman xcheshi... 2012/07/13 03:35:44
    And you know this because you were 14 weeks before you could feel anything, and you just happen to remember? I don't care if there is research on this, a fetus is liable to feel things and react in a different way than medical science expects it to.

    So we just believe what they tell us, until they tell us that they were wrong, as they have many times in the past? Then we are allowed to feel remorse for killing a baby, or for harming it in the womb AFTER we are TOLD that it hurts? We are not able to determine that a fetus can feel pain on our own? We are not allowed to have compassion for an unborn human? What has our society become, other than unfeeling narcissistic hypocrites?

    Science be hanged, a human life at the beginning before birth, deserves as much compassion as a human life that is a day old or 10 years old.
  • xcheshi... Bassinman 2012/07/13 13:08:22 (edited)
    there's a thing, called science. It says that the brain wires at some points in the womb (you know that a full grown baby doesn't magically appear there right?)

    You can't feel without a brain formed

    cells don't deserve compassion. they are cells
  • terry m... xcheshi... 2012/06/29 20:33:28
    terry miller
    if you have ever viewed an ultrasound of an unborn baby, you would understand that although it is made up of cells,as we all are, it is a humanbeing that moves, listens, and feels pain. it has all the dna from the moment of conception. I have known women who have had abortions and some who have had miscarried, but they all have shed tears over the loss of their child. some women find themselves in unfortunate circumstances and sometimes believe abortion is the best option at the time, afterall it is legal and many support abortion. I don't condemn the woman because I don't agree with this choice. however, for the women who are fully informed as to the development and stage of pregnancy they are in, they need to know that there are consequences for this action. the reality of having lost a life is something that will never go away. the memory and emotional pain does not ever fully leave.
  • xcheshi... terry m... 2012/06/29 20:39:49
    dna doesn't thinks of feel. They can only feel after 14 weeks
  • stranger xcheshi... 2012/07/04 00:14:27
    well so many mothers have charged others for killing her baby, weather in an axident or deliberatly!

    he/she is a baby in the womb, he/she is still a human life!
  • sam tuttle xcheshi... 2012/06/30 02:26:29
    sam tuttle
    "Biology is clear that at conception, also known as fertilization, a unique organism comes into existence. Since this new life possesses human DNA and is the offspring of human parents, it can only legitimately be described as human life."

    Read more: Life in the Womb - Abortion Facts http://www.whyprolife.com/lif...
  • xcheshi... sam tuttle 2012/06/30 23:32:44
    I don't care it's human life (and by the way, try using non biaised links)

    I care about it it is more than a system of cells. That something goes on in the brain
  • Bassinman xcheshi... 2012/07/13 03:41:05
    You mean, try using links that only contain information that backs up what I say, and stay away from any opinion that is in opposition to mine because those people CAN'T know anything,
  • xcheshi... Bassinman 2012/07/13 13:09:11
    no by using real science arguments, no pro-life biaised articles
  • mark xcheshi... 2012/07/04 16:18:47
    He doesn't have a brain yet? Wow...where did you come up with that? I'm wondering if you have have one now!
  • xcheshi... mark 2012/07/05 00:18:52
    you know that a full developped baby doesn't appear "boom" in the woomb, right?
  • Vieuphoria Cognito22 2012/06/29 10:52:35
    No because a foetus isn't a baby.
  • LittleM... Vieuphoria 2012/06/29 14:27:35
    When did that happen? It's a baby from the second of conception.
  • Vieuphoria LittleM... 2012/06/29 14:35:25
    Well it's not. That's why it's called a foetus not a baby.
  • LittleM... Vieuphoria 2012/06/29 14:36:15
    So a child is not a human because it's called a child?
  • Vieuphoria LittleM... 2012/06/29 15:04:26
    Is this a chicken?

  • Cognito22 Vieuphoria 2012/06/29 16:31:59 (edited)
    If it's been fertilized it is.
    Inside the egg shell is a chicken in it's developmental stages.
  • Vieuphoria Cognito22 2012/06/29 16:52:33
    I'll try again.

    Is this an Omelette?

    ill omelette
  • Cognito22 Vieuphoria 2012/06/29 17:01:59
    Omelletes and eggs can't be circumcised.
  • Vieuphoria Cognito22 2012/06/29 17:38:04
    Well done. You got a question correct.

    Too bad that wasn't asked :S
  • Cognito22 Vieuphoria 2012/06/29 17:49:12
    You're too kind.
    Better luck next time.
  • Vieuphoria Cognito22 2012/06/29 17:56:27
    You too... You too.
  • Bassinman Vieuphoria 2012/07/13 03:43:07 (edited)
    if it has been fertilized, it dang sure is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was fertilized before you could see it like that, by the way. You need to do some research, a rooster can't fertilize an egg through a shell!!!!! The chick is inside, growing, just like a fetus does in a human, if the egg has been fertilized. Ever been to a farm, City boy?
  • Vieuphoria Bassinman 2012/07/13 08:32:48 (edited)
    I've spent one year of my life living in urban London, and 19 years of my life living in rural Cornwall. I now live in Bristol which is as rural a city as you can get. I spent most of my life on farms etc.

    Try again.
  • Bassinman Cognito22 2012/06/29 20:42:44
    Cool statement. I believe you hit the nail on the head. Babies have a choice to be circumcised or not, but no choice to be born or not???? Sounds like our backward society's way of (not) thinking.
  • biggerman xcheshi... 2012/06/29 02:57:34
    Do you also support the right of a mother to abort her child just because she wants to?
  • xcheshi... biggerman 2012/06/29 03:33:36
    he's not with a brain yet, therefore, not a person when it's ok to abort

    Plus, he won't have to live with it, will just stop to exist and won't be able to care
  • Katherine xcheshi... 2012/06/29 03:49:16
    Abortion KILLS the baby by burning the baby and pulling the baby limb from limb, for third trimester, they ram scissors into the baby's neck and suck the brains out through a tube until the skull collapses. Circumcision removes a flap of skin that covers the tip of the penis. For religious reasons, it is done on the 8th day where pain is next to none and heals incredibly quick. Then there are the numerous medical purposes that prevent life-long complications to both the man and his partner.
  • Airhead Katherine 2012/06/29 04:17:15
    Have you seen this done? The babies scream so hard sometimes that their faces turn blue and have been known to pass out. Also a circumcision is not able to be undone. There are methods but they never restore the proper function of the foreskin. The foreskin is actually a protective layer of skin that should never be removed.
  • Katherine Airhead 2012/06/29 04:33:46
    All the men in my family are circumcised. A little crying for a few minutes and done. Murder can be less undone but it seems fine with leftists. Perhaps the circumcision can be done while the baby is in the womb and everyone will be happy, including the baby who will not have to suffer complications later in life, or will there be less concern of his partner getting cancer from him. The penis retains all function after circumcision. In many cases it REGAINS function.
  • zitamay Katherine 2012/06/29 07:17:39
    Baby have the right! Haha....really???! Then wait until he can express his decision!!!!!!
  • Katherine zitamay 2012/06/29 21:57:37
    Resorting to insults. Usual leftist tactic. He expresses dislike for vaccinations, getting to bed on time, eating vegetables, brushing his teeth, but his parents have him do those things also.
  • terry m... Katherine 2012/06/29 12:48:13
    terry miller
    it is always so ironic to me that people that support abortion and pain for the unborn are also usually the ones most against things such as circumcision or for animal rights. I happen to be pro-life and for circumcision and support animal protection.
  • xcheshi... Katherine 2012/06/29 14:31:17
    you can't give cancer by sexual relations *facepalm*
  • Katherine xcheshi... 2012/06/29 21:57:29
    Actually you can. I suggest you look into counter evidence.
  • xcheshi... Katherine 2012/07/05 00:19:33
    nope, you can't. You can give HPV, which can lead to cancer. but you can't give cancer
  • Playerazzi xcheshi... 2012/07/01 12:58:26
    Well, no and yes. Certain viruses that can lead to cancer can be spread by sexual activity, for example, HPV.
  • xcheshi... Playerazzi 2012/07/05 00:20:05
    yeah I'm aware of that, but it's not the cancer you give. It can happen years after, never, or 2 weeks later
  • KrSpo Katherine 2012/06/29 15:41:59
    So Katherine, Would it be ok then to have a doctor cut off the Labia and Clitoris?

    The penis does NOT regain full function. It loses large amounts of feeling as the end of the penis rubs against the underwear. It also loses length and girth. Cutting off of the foreskin can also lead to infection in a newborn.

    Partner getting Cancer? What kind of witchcraft are you talking about? Men walk around daily with cancer on their dorks, do we? If properly cleaned the uncircumcised penis is just as 'cancer free' as a circumcised one. Studies show uncircumcised men clear HPV later than circumcised men, do we?

    "It's possible, they add, "that transmission of HPV to sex partners is more efficient among circumcised men because of the greater duration of their infection." However, they add, "whether circumcision is an effective means of facilitating HPV clearance has yet to be demonstrated.""

    So we start ripping off foreskin on a 'maybe'? well I think that it is actually the Clitoris that causes Cervical cancer, will you be the first in line to have yours removed? Or I have a better Idea, teach your young men to practice safe sex, how to wash under their foreskin, and how to self examine for possible signs th might need a doctors care. Barbaric...

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