Should Charges be brought against Lois Lerner?

☆stillthe12c☆ 2013/10/31 21:51:31
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Report: IRS provided conservative groups’ confidential tax information to FEC.

A conservative government watchdog says it has obtained emails
revealing that the Internal Revenue Service sent conservative groups’
private tax exemption application and tax return information to the
Federal Elections Commission, in violation of federal law.

According to Judicial Watch, the emails
from Jan. 2009 to the present, provided by the FEC in response to an
August 2013 Freedom of Information Act request, yielded a “revealing
email chain” between former Internal Revenue Services (IRS) Director of
Exempt Organizations Lois Lerner and enforcement attorneys at the
Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Judicial Watch explains that in one email exchange beginning on Feb
2, 2009, an FEC attorney requests information about the American Future
Fund’s (AFF) tax-exempt status from Lerner.

“When we spoke last July, you told us that the American Future Fund
had not received an exemption letter from the IRS,” the attorney, whose
name is redacted, writes. Later in the email the attorney asks Lerner
whether the IRS had granted tax exemption to American Issues Project
(AIP) and AIP’s predecessor organizations: Citizens for the Republic
(CFTR) and Avenger, Inc. (AIP).

Ten minutes later that same day, Lerner indicated she would cooperate.

“I have sent your email out to some of my staff. Will get back to you
as soon as I have heard from them,” she wrote according to Judicial

The watchdog explained that the FIOA request also uncovered
“extensive materials from the IRS’ files sent from Lerner to the FEC
containing detailed, confidential information about the organizations.”

“These include annual tax returns (Forms 990) and request for exempt
recognition forms (Form 1024), Articles of Organization and other
corporate documents, and correspondence between the nonprofit
organizations and the IRS. Under Section 6013 of the Internal Revenue
Code, it is a felony for an IRS official to disclose either ‘return
information’ or ‘taxpayer return information,’ even to another
government agency,” Judicial Watch explained.

Read more: http://yidwithlid.blogspot.com/2013/10/felony-lois-lerner-sha...

Read More: http://dailycaller.com/2013/10/31/report-irs-provi...

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  • Jdogg 2013/11/01 18:45:28
    Why just pick on her when the administration as a whole needs to be charged

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  • ConLibFraud 2013/10/31 23:36:59

    Why do you people play their game? Why do you even allow an unconstitutional IRS to even exist? Worst yet ... control and enslave you?

  • exhon2009 ConLibF... 2013/11/01 03:46:22
    This is the best argument I've seen for terminating that fetid organization with extreme prejudice.
  • ConLibF... exhon2009 2013/11/01 07:10:55
    The American people deserve what is coming.
  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/02 20:50:42
    The constitution allow the government to tax us. That means there has to be some department that carries this out. I do agree that the IRS has far to much power and they need to be reeled in.
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/02 20:53:20 (edited)
    Put your money where your mouth is. Produce the act of legislation that compels anyone to pay taxes. Hint ... you can't. And you are wrong. The criminal IRS has zero power. It is the wimpy dumbed down sheeple who allow this false authority any power at all because the sheeple are nothing but cowards.

    Your kind of thinking is exactly why America is going down.
  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/03 04:53:56
    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/03 15:33:59
    Hey large mouth! Provide the act of legislation! Or STFU!

    You are the kind of ahole that would convict a fellow American citizen for not volunteering taxes when you can't even provide the act of legislation that compels them to do so!

    Furthermore, you don't even know what "act of legislation" even means!

    ALL juries who convict individuals of income tax evasion are treasonous criminals.

    Thank you for your part in destroying America.

    Here you programmed non thinker! I dare you to watch this and get informed for once in your worthless brainwashed life!

  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/03 20:50:07
    Just copy and paste the quote from the constitution and you will find out. This is more of an answer than you deserve.

    Go here and read. http://www.sodahead.com/unite...

    Good video!
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/03 21:21:04
    Why are you such a persistent retard?
  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/05 02:01:36
    So you can' deal with the truth so you show your immaturity and lack of education.
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/05 03:04:10
    What a wimpy attempt to change the subject. A regular coward American aren't you? Produce the act of legislation or STFU!
  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/05 06:14:49
    No I just try to avoid using name calling as it lame to start with and childish. It denotes some one that can not relate to fact or make a point of argument. So it would seem to me that you have lack of intelligence.
    You lack knowledge of the constitution even when I tell you what is says and you want me to tell you which part of the constitution it came from rather that educating yourself and finding out. To make up for what you lack you try bulling and name calling. That is not going to work with me. I pity people like you. What next you want me to be tolerant. Something the left are always saying but never live up to it. The best thing for you is to go find someone of your caliber and argue with them.
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/05 18:35:53
    The constitution gives congress the ability to tax. Now cough up the act of legislation that congress has implemented to allow anyone to be taxed or STFU!

    You are a traitor to We The People.
  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/06 03:24:27
    The fact that you do not know anything about the constitution is a problem. That mean while the President and Congress pass bills that they should not goes right over your head and you should not be allowed to vote.
    Did you get your Obama phone or more than one? I am not going to further your education. You need to do that for yourself. This way the next time that you have a conversation with someone you will have some knowledge to put forth and you will not have to resort to your childish tactics.
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/06 08:34:51
    Cough up the act of legislation that congress has passed or STFU. Better yet, you should be arrested as a traitor.
  • ☆stillt... ConLibF... 2013/11/07 01:09:14
    You are not worth anymore of my time.
  • ConLibF... ☆stillt... 2013/11/07 01:35:10
    And you have made an ass of yourself because you cannot produce the act of legislation that congress has passed because it doesn't exist. Traitor!
  • Diogenes... Still looking. 2013/10/31 23:20:42
    Charges should have been brought several months ago.
    Diogenes... Still looking.
    She's a crook.
  • ☆stillt... Diogene... 2013/11/02 20:51:24
    Yes she is a crook.
  • lee 2013/10/31 23:08:28

    you guy are like a dog with a bone.

    bad dog.
  • ☆stillt... lee 2013/11/02 20:52:23
    There is nothing wrong with asking all in government to up hold the constitution and not break the law.
  • lee ☆stillt... 2013/11/03 00:53:03
    if any laws were broken, i would agree with you...
  • ☆stillt... lee 2013/11/03 04:59:35
    Do some damn research just once in you life.
  • lee ☆stillt... 2013/11/03 22:10:43
    i did... no laws were broken... only your right wing media noise machine is telling you that.

    turn down the noise
  • keeper 2013/10/31 23:06:21
    All of the above.
    They could have a line set up to charge all of the players in the Obama administration!
  • ☆stillt... keeper 2013/11/02 20:52:50
    You are so right my friend!
  • Theresa 2013/10/31 22:52:18
    Charges should have been brought several months ago.
    Impeachment hearings need to start on all of his officers. Each had violated their oath of office!
  • ☆stillt... Theresa 2013/11/02 20:53:17
    Including the President himself.
  • Theresa ☆stillt... 2013/11/03 01:08:49
    You can not impeach a foreign agent only arrest and that power is firmly in the Military control. So what should happen every one of his Czars should be impeached because there was no Congressional oversight as prescribed in the Constitution. Then every one of his appointments should be impeached for violating their oath of office. Once they are gone he is unable to influence anyone. He would be a Lame Duck.
  • ☆stillt... Theresa 2013/11/03 05:06:09
    Since and maybe before Ike, Presidents have had Czars. No one has abused it more than Obama. Should have been done long ago. We would not have the problem we have today. Obama has given some of them more power than many had in the past as well.
  • Theresa ☆stillt... 2013/11/03 09:22:26 (edited)
    Actually no there were no one on Federal Payroll before this guy. There were advisors but they were not Federal Employees. Only this guy purposely avoided the Congressional mandate of oversight the Executive branch.
  • ☆stillt... Theresa 2013/11/03 20:53:38
    In the United States, the term czar has been used by the media to refer to appointed executive branch officials since at least 1930s and then the 1940s under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.[4][5][6] In 1942, The Washington Post reported on the "executive orders creating new czars to control various aspects of our wartime economy."[7] Positions were created for a transportation czar, a manpower czar, a production czar, a shipping czar, and a synthetic rubber czar, all to solve difficult problems in coordinating the resources necessary to fight World War II.[1][8] Not only did the administration of President Roosevelt advocate their creation; in December 1944, Republicans in Congress advocated that a "food czar" position be created that would have almost unlimited control over food pricing and distribution.[9] Certain of Roosevelt's Cabinet secretaries were called "czars", despite having been duly confirmed by the Senate, at the point that their powers were increased by statute.[
  • Barbara... ☆stillt... 2013/11/04 08:30:03
    Barbara Hasler
    You are correct! There is a difference, today, however. The Cabinet secretaries are fronting for the Czars in BO's shadow government. That is why they usually don't know what they are talking about because they are not in the loop.
  • ☆stillt... Barbara... 2013/11/05 06:18:44
    Most of them in this administration have never held a job that has prepared them for what they are trying to do. Example the jobs czar. He is the CEO of GE and his only experience is shipping jobs over seas.
  • Theresa ☆stillt... 2013/11/05 04:23:53
    Yes they were called Czars but again they were left off the gov't payroll. Not true with the Fraud's regime.
  • ☆stillt... Theresa 2013/11/05 06:22:47
    If I remember correctly I think that Ike only had one. I have lost count on how many Obama has. The number I recall is 16. Most of the ones in the past were consultants if my memory serves me right. They were people that had reputation in a specific field in which they served. I have not spent a lot of time looking at it.
  • Theresa ☆stillt... 2013/11/05 12:47:04 (edited)
    There are over 40 Czars in this regime all getting over 100,000 each and some getting over 300,000 from the Taxpayers I think that is Cass Sunstein's pay. He is the Science Czar.
  • ☆stillt... Theresa 2013/11/06 03:27:00
    Congress really need to put an end to this czar crap. I have written Boehner on this before. I guess it is time for another letter even though I just wrote him two week ago.
  • ☆Warthog - PWCM - JLA☆ 2013/10/31 22:49:45
    All of the above.
    ☆Warthog - PWCM - JLA☆
    Yes, I will write a letter to the Department of Justice recommending that the AG Eric Holder conduct an in depth investigation of the situation and several others. I'm sure that we will get justice and satisfaction.
  • phoenix... ☆Wartho... 2013/10/31 23:46:08
    phoenix AFCL-PWCM
    Yeah.. right.. lol
    obama holder in jail

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